The Legend of Saga Chapter -1: Character List (Updated to Chapter 16)


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Blair Clarielle: Our MC. An aspiring designer and owner of the luxury brand Saga. She's also a single mother to a son named Evander and hopes to create a famous luxury brand and give her son a lavish life.

Lucian Fentress: Our ML. The current COO of Aeon, the biggest luxury retailer, and designer for FENTRESS, the most prestigious clothing brand. Single father with a son named Luca.

Evander Clarielle: Son of Blair and is the epitome of an adorable smol bean. Little cinnamon bun.

Luca Fentress: Son of Lucian and is a tsundere young master. Little ice cube.

Fleur Sutcliffe: Best friend of Blair and is a disgraced socialite turned waitress. Loves to follow up on trends and take care of Evander.

Emory Flórez: Stylist for Saga and son of one of Blair's clients. Is still single at 34 and is a serious workaholic.

Quinn Jones: President of Saga and is a hopeless romantic. Would probably date a shoe if it treated her well enough.

Alicia Hayes: PR for Saga. Looks like a loli but can kill you without flinching if she's angry enough. Surprisingly a killer baker.

Dmitri Tiverras: Butler of Luca. Looks like a rebel but is actually a giant softie on the inside. Handy with a rifle and a karaoke microphone.

Ferris Levina: Blair's ex-boyfriend and father of Evander. A bartender at La Mouette Fumante.

Percival Clarielle: Blair's brother. More will be known later.
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