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The talkative guard who had gone to Rai before was coming back with his bone spear in hand and carrying a bunch of other tools he hoped would kill him. He approached the one cell that was still occupied as all the other cells had been made vacant by killing all the other prisoners. The guard got to the door and opened it up but quickly shut the door in a panic when he looked up to see Rai no longer hanging in the room. Instead all that was left are the hands and part of his arms still hanging on the chains.
"Son of a bitch chewed his own arms free? But where is-" He was cut off by the gate suddenly getting kicked off its hinges and flying forward to the guard knocking him to another vacant cell. Rai was pissed as blood continued to flow out of his arms as he walked over to the guard, his own blood staining his mouth.
"Told you I'd get out." The guard looked around.
"You did?"
"Uhh yeah… Or at least I think I did. I meant to." The tribesmen looked down at Rai's wrists which were oozing with the black mist, as much as it normally did but still sort of weakly. The mist was forming into bones as his muscle formed on his new hands. Rai grabbed the Tribesmen's neck and held him up squeezing him tightly. "Lucky for you, I've forgotten what I said I would do."
"So you're going to let me go?"
"Oh? I never said that." Rai's hand erupted into his purple flames and completely surrounded the man, swirling like a tornado and shooting straight up into the sky. The blaze was strong enough to strike through the ceiling revealing to Rai that they were still in the forest. Some kind of stone strong hold. Rai thought he might have been underground but he slowly figured out that he wasn't. As the fires died down, Rai expected to see a pile of ash where the man had once been but sadly no. The runes on the man's body were glowing and Rai's flames didn't do anything. "Damn I forgot! Ancient arts, well played guy whose name I never learned."
"My name is-" Rai quickly snapped his neck with one hand.
"Oh no I really don't care." Rai was about to jump out through the whole he made but then realised he still didn't have his clothes or his weapon. He began wandering the halls of the strong hold when he was confronted by tons of tribesmen, each heavily armed in there savage weapons. He turned around and saw another group coming up from behind him. Rai smirked and cracked his now fully repaired knuckles. "Ok, ok… Now this is a party! But I'm tired so I'm gonna give each of you the option. Give me my stuff back and tell me where my friends are as well as let me out of here. And you all live today." All of the Tribesmen laughed to themselves as they all began rushing to Rai. He smiled finally getting to kick some ass but was suddenly stopped by the building suddenly shaking. All of the Tribesmen stopped as well, all of them fearing what was happening.
"Oh crap, no way!" One of the tribesmen squeaked out.
"How does he already know he's escaped?" A different one yelled
"Holy shit, were all gonna die!" Said a female voice in the worrying crowd. Rai heard the crash again and this time heard screams of the injured. This brought back some flashbacks of his own rampage through Crusader Prison. Rai got a strange sensation in his head as he sensed something on the other side of the wall he was closest to. Rai felt blood thirsty intentions even through the wall, he knew that he was the target.
"Everyone get down!" Rai said, taking his own advices. Suddenly, it was as if the whole building had been cleaved all the way through and blown away from the swing of a great sword, the Tribesmen getting blown away with the building segments, most of them all severed into pieces. The entire building had been blown away around Rai, anyone in it was most likely dead and Rai was still ducked to the ground.
"HAHAHAHA, Oh my! With a reputation like the Tribesmen, I expected a real challenge at first!" Rai recognised the arrogant voice as he got up off the floor, a hint of fear washing over him. "My my. Of Course it can't be helped. Double cross the great Alki and you will feel the wrath of a god!" Alki praised himself swinging his miniature sword in his muscular hands.
"Alki! You're not dead. Thank god that means the others might be alive as well. There performing sacrifices so I presume there trying to kill the strongest first. Means they will be targeting Cora next. We have to find-" Something suddenly clicked in Rai's head. "Hold up a second, you said double cross? We didn't double cross you Alki." Alki grew a wicked, almost psychotic smile on his massive face. He grabbed the hilt of his sword tightly, swinging it with great force despite the fact that there was nothing to his in front of him. The blade started to glow a sickly green and Rai was slashed into two pieces, losing all of his right side except his head. His dismembered body was then flown far away from each other from the shock wave of the sword, a faint ghostly green blade, which had extended from Alki's sword, had passed right through his body. Alki laughed like a freak.
"Jesus Christ. Never betrayed us? That's a first. You betrayed the kingdom when you ran off to make your little group of terrorists, you betrayed that little girl friend of yours when you started killing and most importantly. You're a sociopath who murders without thought. Tell me how many of those tribesmen were you gonna kill before I got here. How many lives were you just gonna willingly take? Never betrayed us? No you have many times. But you're not the betrayer I was talking about." Alki's words cut through Rai like his blade just did. The black ass poured from Rai's body and flew to his other half re-joining the two together.
"Ok I'm not even gonna ask how you know that crap. But if I'm not the betrayer you're referring to then who is?"
"Gods you're an idiot. You're such a moron. I came here, one of the Tribesmen bases, and just happened to know you were here?" Rai's body joined together as he tried to hold up the white dress he was in before.
"Damn anti magic materials of the tribesmen. So you were in league with the Tribesmen? Why?"
"Have savages kill savages. Don't dirty my blade. I wanted them to kill you but that proved too much for them. Your healing was just too fast for those losers." Rai was already weak. The more his regeneration is used, the weaker he got. So he was in no condition to fight off someone who blew away a building with very little effort. "I wanted those weaklings to slaughter you and sacrifice you to their deities or whatever those fools believe, then your death could be blamed on something a little more acceptable than a royal knight such as myself going to kill you sorry ass. But I guess we can't all have what we want. Can we?"
"You're insane. You dragged in Rose and Cora into this."
"I'll admit. Bringing the Admiral into this was an accident, which is why I'm running around to killing these bastards trying to find her. But your slave deserves the death coming to her. That's what she gets for being so rude to me and for dirtying my suit." Rai stood up, tying the fabric of the dress up into robes, similar to the monks of this world. One wrap over his shoulder while the rest covered the important parts. Rai's mark of Leo could now be seen on his shoulder.
"Ok… So what you're saying to me is that you have some beef with me like the rest of those knights. Accept you're willing to go to some stupid lengths to fulfil it. I got that right?"
"Might as well be the gist of it." Alki pointed his sword towards Rai. "I, the great Alki, will personally rid this world of your filth. And when I find them. Your Outcast buddies are next." Alki suddenly felt a flow of magic power as Rai's speed increased, he was so fast that he manage to appear before Alki had even realised he left off. However, even with this speed, the healing had taken a toll on Rai's strength. He threw a punch and although the wind around the attack would suggest that the punch was something to behold, even creating a shock wave to the things around the two of them, Alki didn't move an inch. Rai looked up and saw Alki's psychotic face rush forward, head butting him and sending him flying. He tried to get out of the crater made for him as his body clicked and popped back into place. He even coughed up a little of his blood, a clear sign that his body was now failing to heal properly.
"Damn it. Why the hell are you doing this anyway?" Alki swung his sword again, which Rai was only just fast enough to dodge out the way of. A large slash being left in the ground stretching from the length of Alki to Rai.
"You… You really don't know do you? You forgot!" Alki swung another slash at Rai, attacking him in the air thinking it would be harder to dodge. Rai was just about able to dodge that as well but suddenly Alki was above him with his fist in the air. He swung it hard knocking Rai back into a tree. The trees were giant, since they were in a deep part of the forest, big enough to be a tower for a castle. Rai mustered up his strength and created two blazing explosions in the palms of his hands, raised to Alki. The explosion carried far and engulfed Alki. Rai knew it wouldn't be enough to defeat him but it would by him some time to recuperate. However, these dreams were shattered when he heard Alki's laugh. The flames and smoke dyed down and Alki was still standing, not a single wound on him.
"That's? That's not good."
"Not good at all, you monster!" Alki's right sleeve of his suit had been completely messed up and was practically nothing. Revealing to Rai the same runes that the Tribesmen were covered in.
"No way? Your one of them?"
"Not exactly. I'm a runaway. A child they branded with these marks and I chose to leave. Now shut up and die!" Rai panicked as Alki jumped high into the air. He swung his sword five times in the air, to which point many of the trees started falling down from the shockwaves of damage. However, this paled in comparison to Rai's entire body, which had been sliced and diced so much. His blood gushed as his body parts fell to the ground. The dark mist trying to re-join them. His clothes tattered beyond belief, luckily still covering his privates. Rai was in incredible amounts of pain once his body had come back together. Alki wasn't done, he fell down to the ground beating Rai's limp body into the ground, a crater with a radius of ten metres forming around them. Alki kneeled over Rai's bloody and beaten body, the dark mist seemed as weak as it flowed now. He looked up, his right eye was uncovered by the bandages but he wouldn't open his eye. Alki continued laughing as he beat Rai's face into the ground. "Finally! Finally! Finally! Revenge is mine you heartless Bastard!" Alki was about to attack Rai again when Rai's eye creaked open. Fear consumed Alki as he jumped away, landing fifty metres away. "What the hell? What the hell was that? What the hell was that!?" Rai slowly stood up from the crater. His right eye seemed just like his other one when closed, dark shadows under them from neglect to his own health. However, there were three veins that seemed to be flowing into and around Rai's eye socket. They were not pulsing but they were inflamed. His eye slowly creaked open, his tired eyelids being lifted like a curtain in a theatre. His eye shimmered with a bloody scarlet glow, beaming out of his eye, as it was opened for the first time in centuries.
"Now you've done it. Sorry Alki but you just lost this fight." Rai's scalera of his eye had the same shine as the iris did. Both of them being blood red. But his iris was huge, much larger than his other eye, much like a novelty fake eye. The pupil of his eyes were slits, black, unsettling on the background of scarlet. His eye glowed for ten seconds before the shimmer faded.
"What the hell is up with that eye?"
"This is why you won't be walking away from here anymore. A way for me to make you pay for your sins upon this world, a way to class vengeance and mercy to my heart's content, but often its used for my fury. This is the Arc of Judgement and now your very soul is on trial!" Alki's body wouldn't stop trembling. The power radiating off of Rai's body was terrifying. Rai had gained a dark aura that surrounded his body.
"No way! I refuse to believe someone like you would be given the Arc of Judgement!"
"Your right. I was never supposed to be given this Arc. Why do you think I keep it bandaged up? It's a sealing spell. More than just ordinary bandages. What you thought I was joking earlier when I said I possessed the Arc." Alki grew in rage and his magic power began to build up.
"Neither the less, I will not lose you mongrel. A puppy like you can't be allowed to beat me." His body began to radiate with his own almost limitless supply of magic. His body started to expand, tearing the rest of this suit, his ruined markings that were branded into his skin becoming much more visible. His already muscular body grew even larger, his suit jacket and dress shirt was now segments of thread fallen to the ground and the odd piece of cloth that wrapped around his body. His eyes glew golden as he laughed harder. "You see this. This is my magic power. Limitless. Using it allows me to absorb a limitless supply of magic from the area around me and induce it into my own body. I'm unbeatable like this. You can't possibly win, Arc or no Arc. Also thank you, cause now that that thing is out, I'm absorbing Arc power to. It's incredible. That much power in person at once. Why would you ever seal it away? You're a fool. A weak fool!" Alki was insane with power but his strength almost made up for this. The power flowing off him was enough to strike fear in any man's heart. Rai looked at the sword in Alki's hand which instead of its normal green was now radiating with golden light. Rai shrugged in his exhausted body.
"I knew it." Rai was able to blurt out before Alki rushed to Rai in his golden light surrounding his body. He raised his large fist, which felt so much more menacing now and slammed it down to Rai who tried to guard with a single arm. With his punch, Alki released a shiny blaze of light which pushed out in front of him. Rai's body was covered in this boundless magical energy as was a large distance of the space behind him. The attack causing so much damage behind Rai, turning almost anything to dust. The light faded and Alki was stuck gawking at Rai who was still disinterested in the fight, this wasn't like Rai. Any fight were he gets to go all out and battle is a perfect fight in his mind, but here he wasn't enjoying himself at all. Alki's mouth was open wide in shock as his fist was struggling to break through the arm of Rai. "That's the best you can do? With power such as that which built up in that punch and caused all that damage… That! Is the best you can do? Pitiful." Rai raised a punch of his own socking Alki dead centre of his face. Alki was pushed back so far away but Rai disappeared. Alki looked around as he was blasted away at such a high speed, and suddenly came to a stop with Rai's fist in his back. The pain was excruciating and his spine moulded around the punch, cracking and snapping. Alki cried in pain as he was dropped to the floor.
"How did-"
"You're not a bad man Alki. I mean you are a bad man but you're not a BAD man. You know? Your sins are actually very small. I guess I don't really need to sentence you."
"Say what?!"
"Although you were gonna punish Cora for my sins. That's not Judgement. That's spite. Unacceptable." Rai raised his hand into the air and a dark black light shimmered around his hand. "I punish you with the loss of your prised sword." Alki seemed to panic as his sword suddenly vanished in the same black light and appeared in Rai's hand. "There we go. Now live with your weakness Alki. That is my will." The sword vanished again.
"No… No!" Alki yelled out grabbing a hold of Rai's legs.
"Sorry Alki. But my verdicts cannot be changed. Your Sword less now. Deal with it." Alki's body started glowing a golden light. "The sword of Raybuke. That's what the sword was right? You didn't even have the power of limitless. That power was the swords ability, not yours. I don't know what your real power is or your magic but I'm willing to bet your power is pretty weak. Well now that the sword is in my magical vault there no problem anymore." Alki's glowing body began to deflate and return to its original form. However his body shrunk even further to the body of a very scrawny elf. His muscles were practically all gone and his body was like skin and bones. His once handsome face was now saggy and wrinkled. His eyes sunken and his once gold hair now changed to a faded pollen yellow. Alki looked at his hands and started to cry as his body went limp.
"No… You can't do this to me! I'm the great Alki! I'm a god to you-" Rai rested his foot on Alki's face as his bandages appeared in his hands. He wrapped around his head covering his Arc eye once again.
"You're no god Alki. Just an old man with an axe to grind. You wanna tell me why?"
"You… You forgot why! I'll kill you for this!" Alki cried more. Rai looked down at him and sighed.
"You don't have to say it. I remember them." Alki fell silent. "I'm sorry about what I did. Your son should never have gone that way, but I refuse to apologize for your wife. It's true when that war started, I was a little out of my depth. Figured I had to make an escape. You guys had warriors a lot more powerful than I anticipated. So I ran and found the cottage. Since the war was so far away I was certain that nobody would have ever noticed me. I knocked on the door to see if there was anyone inside. If there were then I wouldn't have stayed and put them at risk. No one answered so I went inside. That's when I realised why no one heard me. That woman's house was sound proofed to hide the screams of the boy as she whipped and beat her child to the ground. The women was holding a knife and was gouging out her child's body. How did they die again?" Rai asked softly as Alki began to cry.
"The… The women was a charged corpse… and my son… was slashed to hell."
"Yeah fits my M.O. All too well. But the truth is I only attacked one person in that house. I even used my Arc that day. I made her pay for her sins and gave her the perfect torment in hell. You've been chasing a lie Alki. But your child was a good kid. And I want to apologize for not getting to your house sooner." Alki was crying heavily, sobbing as Rai removed his foot from Alki's head.
"I… Never knew… God, it was my fault they were there anyway, I told them to go there and out of the line of fire in that battle. I blamed myself for centuries and now you tell me that my child would have died unless you got there sooner?" Rai lowered her head in a nod, hoping to retrieve forgiveness. Alki looked up with sadness and anger in his eyes. He weakly tried to stand but fell back down to his knees in humility. He was still sobbing and Rai thought it best he walked away. Suddenly thought he was stopped. He forgot that his strength and speed was found by his Arc's added effects. So by sealing it back within him he felt how weak he truly was at that moment. He dropped and feel to the ground, his back to a tree.
"Alki? You still alive?" Alki gave no answer. "Come on man? I at least wanted to ask you if you knew where my stuff was." Alki still didn't answer. He rummaged through his back pocket and started laughing.
"Hahaha, do you think I forgive you? I loathe you vermin. If it wasn't for you, my little boy would still be alive. I would have taken care of him from then and then we could have both been happy. You already sentenced this man to hell cause of your actions. I want you to know the same sort of pain I do." Alki pulled out a hand crafted pocket knife. "I want you to remember my name, as a man you failed to bring happiness to with your little world order plan. You're a Failure, Rai Kohara! Burn in hell hahaha" Alki with his twisted smile gripped his knife with two hands and pointed the blade to himself. Alki continued and repeatedly stabbed himself in the stomach, laughing even harder with every thrust into his stomach. He finally started to slow down as he dropped to the ground smiling with tears streaming down his face. Keeling over with the knife still stuck in his chest and blood forming a puddle around him.
"Christ, I thought you were a knight not some clown. The hell kinda act is that. Still I hope you find peace… uhh what was your name again?" Rai chuckled to himself. "Get it cause you wanted me to remember your name hehe come on, tell me your name quick so I can remember." Rai was given no answer. "Fine, be that way. Doesn't change the fact that I can't move… Rose… Cora… Be safe." Rai's body would no longer move as he dropped his head in exhaustion, only feet away from the corpse of the not so great, Alki.
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