The Legend Of Glint Chapter -1: A Brief History lesson.


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This story will take place on the continent of Kenshi a continent in a world where a metal skeleton race once ruled most the world with their technological prowess. Building massive war machines to solidify their superiority. After some time conflicts occurred within their ranks causing factions to splinter apart from the status quo. Humans not privy to the affairs of skeletons paid no mind and lived their lives in pitiful ignorance, building up their cities and populating living in bliss.
Eventually this mighty empire fell, and their massive war machines fell into disrepair scattered around the world of Kenshi as nothing more than scrap. However the fall of this empire didn't effect just their own race but wiped out over 80% of the population of Kenshi.

This became known as the great extinction.

After this event the landscape of Kenshi was forever changed, turning once lush plains into gaseous death grounds. Mutating animals and plants alike as well as the sentient inhabitants.

Eventually two more races sprouted upon the continent of Kenshi a type of humanoid bug-man race known as hivers. The other a horned humanoid race known as Sheks.

HIVERS if the name isn't suggestive enough are a hive-mind society where a queen is in charge of all hiver communes. Besides the queen, Hiver Princes run the specific communes, soldiers protect the hives and the workers do just that, work.

SHEKS on the other hand is more of a meritocracy, where their personal mettle and battle prowess mean everything. The leader of the Sheks are elected by the Sheks as the recognized strongest and ergo leader.

SKELETONS the machine race of Kenshi once the powerhouse race of Kenshi now shadows of their former glory. After the great extinction every Skeleton interacting with the outside world lost all their memories of their empire. This being the case many treat the skeletons with fear and hatred however others exploit their abilities as they make perfect craftsman as their mechanical brains and appendages can be more precise than any fleshed being.

Humans in Kenshi are the most irregular compared to other species. Spread throughout the lands the humans splintered into many different factions 2 different organized societies vying for power and many other minor factions trying to survive on their own. Of the Humans there are 2 races the greenlanders which are lighter colored than their counterparts are known for their farming abilties as a large majority of them live within the Holy Nation's borders as they see themselves as the pure race. Scorchlanders on the other hand are darker than the former. Known to be blunt and social misfits within all society however are found most commonly in more dangerous jobs and areas within Kenshi.

The "Civilized" world of Kenshi is currently locked within a power struggle between the Shek Kingdom, The Holy Nation, and the United Cities. Each fighting for their own agenda.
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