The Legend Of Alavastia Chapter 8: Chapter 7: Aegoth The Dark?


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The dragon stood at over ten feet while sitting down and was easily long enough to encircle a house. Its tail was curled around it as it leaned forward glaring at the five of them. As it did its lip curled back a bit in a growl.

"How dare you ants walk into the territory of the great Aegoth the Dark. I should smash you to piec… wait a moment, I know you three." He points his claws at Castiel, Coco, and Itachi. He swirls one of his fingers and a pair of large glasses appear in his claw which he slides on his face. He then focused on the three before letting out a loud laugh.

"Ahaha, no wonder you three looked so familiar. You guys were in that adventurer party with the spikey yellow-haired kid and the blue haired kid who always screamed about being a big star. How are those two these days? As well as that quiet girl that always followed around the so-called "Big star"? Wait, shouldn't you all have ascended with that silver-haired weirdo, what was his name? Did you take care of those annoying kobolds that took up residence in the fort?"

Castiel thought for a moment then spoke up. "I am not certain, but I think that is the weird dragon that helped us on multiple occasions for books."

Aegoth hearing these words had his jaw drop. He hadn't expected to be referred to as the weirdo dragon. Before he could speak Coco spoke up instead. "Um Cass, it's really not nice to randomly call someone weird."

Castiel looked at Coco and spoke again. "But he is weird, he's a chromatic dragon yet he doesn't slaughter and pillage."

The dragon began speaking in draconic, most likely cursing in said language. Once he finished cursing he began to speak. "Ok, I'm one of the rare few chromatic dragons that don't believe in slaughtering and pillaging. I much prefer reading and sleeping."

Theodore spoke up in confusion. "But I thought the chromatic dragons were evil through?"

Aegoth sighed as he shook his head. "Let me ask you something. Do you mean that all metallic dragons are saints? You do realize that there are metallic dragons that are selfish and will slaughter a town for gold?"

Itachi was the one that answered, his bamboo hat still shadowing his face. "What he says is true. There are metallic dragons that do that and believe they are in the right to kill anyone they see. So supposedly there could be chromatic that don't like killing and are good, but Aegoth is the only one I have ever seen."

Aegoth nodded before starting to speak a bit. "I guess I need to explain about the dragon races huh? As you probably know there are six dragon races, two that represent each alignment. The difference between the six is that three are mortal dragons, and the other three are eternal dragons. The dragons that represent chaos are the chromatic dragons and the demonic dragons. The chromatic dragons are mortal dragons we have an element infused into our body at birth and we can make our own choices. We can choose if we serve chaos or order. I decided to be good because I didn't like killing and learned the pleasure of books. Demonic dragons are the exact opposite though, they are the eternal dragons of chaos and they are so infused with the chaos that they damage the balance of nature. Thus they are forced to live in the void and their whole purpose in life is to cause chaos and return things back to the void."

Theodore spoke up this time. "Does that mean that there could be other chromatic can choose to be good? Also, can you explain about the other dragon races?"

Aegoth nodded before speaking up. "Of course there are, but I haven't met anymore so far. Also, I don't mind talking, it's been a long time since I've had company other than those lousy kobolds. As I said there are six races two for each alignment. The ones that represent neutrality are the planar dragons and the dragonewts. The planar dragons are eternal dragons that guard the various planes and worlds. They spend almost all their time sleeping, except when their world is in danger. Once they awaken they will fight the ones that endanger their world and if they fall then so does the world. The dragonewts are the most unique of all the dragons because they do not have a dragon form. They always look like a human with wings and horns. They are known for two things. The fact they have the most varied personalities of all the dragon races. Not to mention they are the strongest with magic out of the six races. It's to the point they have the nickname "Mage Dragon" Their magic is easily strong enough to destroy a city with one spell."

As he was speaking he stopped for a moment and then looked at Castiel. "What are you doing, put that down." Castiel had found a book and had picked it up when he heard what Aegoth said he put it down quietly.

"Now where was I, right. The final two races of dragons serve order and are the celestial dragons and the metallic dragons. The celestial dragons are huge dragons that exist in the astral sea and they are known as the most willful of the eternal dragons. They enjoy learning new knowledge so much that they have gained the moniker "sage dragons". Meanwhile, the metallic dragons are known for each representing a type of metal. In fact, the ranks of the adventurer guild are based on the various types of metallic dragons. As I said before mortal dragons tend to have their own thoughts so can side with any alignment they so wish. Now I have a question of my own." He focuses his sight on Theodore. "Your a member of the Quickflame family correct? No need to lie I can see through your illusion and see your silver hair." He starts to laugh before continuing. "I wish for access to your library of celestial sages. I'm willing to trade for something from my treasury in exchange for it."

Theodore was shocked to hear him say he could see through his disguise when he was about to speak, Aegoth beat him to it. "You don't have to worry about someone else seeing through your disguise through. The only reason I can see through it is because of the fake eye your ancestor gave me. He gave it to me as a thank you for helping him. Yin was a good guy, so are you open to make a deal? I won't force you, but I'm kinda bored and hoping for more books."

Theodore thought for a moment before speaking. "I would, but I don't know how exactly to give you access to the library."

Aegoth laughed and said. "Oh is that all, all you need to do is place your finger on my head and think copy. I'm then allowed to choose a copy of as many books as I want to be transferred into my mind. If you don't mind I plan to copy the entire library, because I heard that Yin expanded it before he transcended and each generation of Quickflame family expands it as they live."

Theodore looked at the others and Castiel spoke up. "What he says is the truth. Yin made it that way so that each generation would expand the library through the books they read. There is no harm in giving him copies of each of the books in the library."

Aegoth smiled at Castiel before Theodore spoke up. "Ok then, I will trade with you, but where is your treasury?" Aegoth laughed and picked something off the ground and held it out to Theodore, it was a Spatial bracelet. Theodore took it and looked through the contents when he heard the system let out a chime.

"Host is recommended to take the small golden bell to the left. That is a healing bell, if rung near the host's familiar while it is hurt, the chimes will heal it completely. It seems to have five chimes left before it becomes useless. Since host has a familiar summon token it is heavily advised to choose the bell for the purpose of training your familiar."

Theodore pulled out the bell and handed the bracelet back to Aegoth who chuckled and smiled before leaning his head forward. Theo places his index finger on his forehead and did as he was instructed and began the transfer process. Within a few minutes, it was done and Aegoth backed up with a smile.

"It was a pleasure doing business with you. I now have enough books to keep me busy for the next century."

Castiel spoke up at this moment. "Something I have been meaning to ask Aegoth. Why are you so small right now? Last time we saw you, you were about a couple hundred feet tall and long enough to circle the entire city of Lucce."

"Oh that's really simple, I liked this place so I used a shrinking spell on myself. I actually found this place by accident, look." With those words, he lightly tapped a floor panel with his claws and the roof opened up revealing the sky. "That was originally how it looked, I just happened to find the roof controls and thought it was a very good home. Of course, later on, those kobolds showed up in the fort outside but still."

Theo nodded and said. "If you don't need anything else then we shall take our leave. Thank you for talking to us and giving us that information." Aegoth nodded before lying back down his head resting on his claws.

They all gathered close to Castiel who teleported them back to the place they started, just out of view of the walls of Lucce. They quickly went back to the guild and turned in the two bags of over a hundred kobold hands. This served as proof that they had finished the mission and were soon given their reward. It was one silver originally but the kobold hands each brought in five copper a piece so by the end they ended up with six silver zenny in total.

Itachi and the group each took four of the six silver zenny to pay for their inn and such. Meanwhile Theodore and Alice each took one and met outside the guild. Alice looked at him and spoke up. "So, I believe you owe me a date. I think that sounds like a good celebration what do you think?"

Theo smiled and said, "Sure how does tomorrow afternoon sound?" Alice smiled and nodded before they both went on their way home. Along the way, they entered an alley. Soon a young man with black hair exited, soon followed by a young woman wearing glasses. They soon went to their homes. Shortly before they arrived their doppelgangers had left and disappeared out of sight so they could enter without causing any trouble.


It was a little after four in the afternoon the following day. Theodore stood outside a cafe in a leather jacket, black shirt and blue jeans waiting for Alice to arrive. As he waited he read the manga in his hands when he heard a voice. "Did you wait long?"

He looked up from his book and was dazed for a moment. Alice stood there in a black gothic lolita dress that suited her extremely well. She smiled shyly before speaking up. "My mom made me wear this, I hope it doesn't make me look weird."

He smiled and said. "No, it suits you very well, um should we go?" As he says this Alice smiles and takes his left arm. "Then please escort me, because I'm sure you have a plan for our date."

Theodore nodded trying to ignore the badly disguised friends who were hiding behind the building. I mean really Lisa, what teenage girl has a handlebar mustache. Not to mention Noah, the face mask really does not help.

A few minutes later they were standing outside the movie theater. They were going to watch the new comedy by the name of "Angel Jinx". A story about an angel trying to convince someone to become the hero to fight the demon king, but the man doesn't want to. A couple hours of dying from laughter later they leave the movie theater.

They then went to a good restaurant where they enjoyed a nice meal. It was there that Alice brought up something he had thought she hadn't realized. "So um, you do realize Noah and Lisa are following us. Should we play a prank on them?" Theodore smiled when he heard that and then leaned forward and they discussed it. After finishing their dinner they went down an alley and soon walked out again. But they walked in the opposite direction of where they had been going before confusing Noah and Lisa but they still followed them. Unaware that those two were Doppelgangers and the real ones walked out a few moments later and went towards the park.

Ten minutes later they were laying on a blanket in the park watching the stars. As they did Theodore set up a Kidō barrier to prevent eavesdropping and they began to chat.

"You know when I look at the stars lately I can't help but think about the fact that my ancestor came from out there. Think about it, Yin Quickflame was reincarnated into this world from a completely different universe."

"Yeah, but when you think about it. Because he was the founder of the kingdom, if he didn't reincarnate into this world the both of us would likely not exist or even if we did we probably wouldn't have met."

"You're right, that's why I want to reclaim the country. I have to get stronger and reclaim the kingdom from the Chaos Lords. Because it might look like the country is peaceful but that's only on the surface. I mean there is no military anymore thus the beasts have to be kept in check by the adventurers, not to mention the bandits." He sighs as he closes his eyes before speaking one more time. "Then, of course, you have the problem of the medical system dying, and the tributes we must pay to them, I want to stop them all."

Alice patted his cheek and smiled. "We will together. Not only do you have me backing you up, but we got Itachi, Coco, and Castiel on our sides and they were actual demigods before they came down here to help you out. Not to mention I've heard there are resistance fighters all over the kingdom, not to mention the rest of the nobility." She shakes her head and grins. "Who would have thought we are both of noble descent. You of the Quickflame family and I'm from the Dreamtide family. It's a little hard to take in but still, it's amazing to think about."

"You're right about that." He stopped talking and they just sat in silence for a while watching the stars until l Alice fell asleep with her head on his shoulder. He smiled and shook his head picking her up and carrying her on his back before storing away the blanket and he slowly walked to her home with her asleep on his back. It wasn't the worst way to end the first date, but it was definitely memorable.
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