The Legend Of Alavastia Chapter 6: Chapter 5: The Sniper is Born!


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Soon they arrived at his house. As usual, when hey went inside he was tackled by his sister (her school let out earlier). He fell on his butt and Alice had to help pry Eve off him before they could go to his room. Eve, of course, tried to follow him, that is till Theo bribed her with sweets because he needed to talk to Alice in private. Eve took her sweets and left while humming and Alice turned to him as he closed the door.

"So what exactly did you need to talk about Theo?" She looked at him tilting her head slightly which was adorable. He smirked as he knew she did that unconsciously but it was still so hard to ignore.

"I um, recently had a discovery and. Um, this is hard to explain." He thinks for a moment before asking the system. "Is it possible to share my memories of the system with her? It's kinda hard to explain in words."

"Answer, host it is possible. All you need to do is press your finger against her forehead. Once that is done the system will do the rest."

Hearing that he stood up and walked over to her. When he reached her he lightly pressed his finger against her forehead. When he did he felt a slight surge of energy flow through his finger to her forehead. Alice felt the surge and closed her eyes subconsciously when she did the memories started to flow into her head. After a few minutes, he pulled his finger away from her forehead and she opened her eyes and looked at him.

"Well, that is quite a bit to take in. But one thing that stands out is this. I am not going to share you!" When he heard this Theo was confused for a moment then realized what she meant and chuckled lightly. "Don't worry, I don't plan to let anyone other than you in my heart. Well except for the part meant for family members." With those words, he smiled at her which made her feel a little better.

"So you already have a plan for my abilities right? I saw through the system and I think it's a good idea but it will require training. Luckily there is that training room where we can train together. Also apparently I'm already connected to the system so do you want to buy the abilities for me?"

He nodded and quickly entered the shop and bought the three abilities for Alice and sent them to her as a gift. Once she opened them she closed her eyes and opened them, when she did they were pure white without pupils. (To be honest a bit creepy, of course, he's not one to talk with the Sharingan). She closed her eyes again and opened them and her eyes were back to their original green color. When he looked at his balance he actually flinched slightly because he was down to eighty thousand points.

Once she finished fusing with the magic she held out her hand and activated one of her new abilities. The Arc of embodiment and formed a spatial ring with a blue sapphire which matched her eyes. She had made it with a large space inside like that of a warehouse and gave it a concealment ability which hid her powers. Once it was on her hand she looked at him with a smile and said. "How about we enter the training room for a bit so I can make my weapons and ammo. You said it's easier to regain energy there right?"

He nodded before speaking up."I think we should wait until tonight. Since while you're in the training room your body is pretty much unresponsive. What if my sister came in and saw both of us sitting in a daze and ignoring her. She would freak and try to get help, or draw on our faces not sure which."

"You actually have a point there, okay then we can train together tonight! I kinda want to see these powers of yours in person." She seemed oddly excited about this. But of course, it made sense when he thought about it since she and he would soon be adventurers together.

The evening passed and they enjoyed the time together. They chatted about their plans and they found out it's possible to summon the spirits of their new teammates in the training room so they can practice working together. They would do that after a week of training, the rest of the week they planned to train their abilities to the best they could.

When it was time for bed they talked through the system and got ready for the training ground. They both agreed that they would go for the full amount of time forty-eight hours. They would also focus on their separate training. They also decided that they would meet up for the last six hours for team training. The training room had a combat simulation feature so they wanted to try it out.

Before he started up the training room he asked the system something. "Is it possible to get someone other than Mei Terumī? I have a feeling if what the information says is true then she might end up getting shot by Alice."

"The system is contacting Yin Quickflame. The connection has been established."

He once again found himself in the library. In front of him was Yin, and he noticed something. He had seen someone who looked similar to him in the Naruto manga. It was the guy who slaughtered his own clan, Itachi Uchiha. He looked almost exactly like a silver-haired Itachi. When he opened his mouth to ask Yin chuckled and spoke.

"I guess you saw Itachi in the Naruto manga huh? You're probably wondering why I look really similar to him right?" Theo nodded quickly and that made Yin smirk. "Not all bad guys are actually bad. Itachi's back story is really tragic but it proves how awesome a character he is. He's one of my captains currently. By the way, the system said you wanted to trade Mei for someone else because you're afraid she will get shot correct?"

He nodded once again which made Yin bust our laughing and fall to the ground. This went on for close to a minute before he finally got back up. "Luckily I thought that would be the case, don't worry the miniature is a fake. I got Mei's permission to pull that prank, why in the world would I send one of my wives down here to help. Pull out the miniature so I can change it to who it actually is." He did as told and pulled out the little figurine. Yin grabbed it and gave it a light tap, it quickly started to change and soon what appeared was a man with black hair in a black robe with red clouds on them. Theodore recognized him, it was Itachi Uchiha. Yin smiled as he handed it back and started to speak again.

"If you want his entire backstory then feel free to ask him. Also, I have updated the information so it now shows Itachi instead of Mei. I heard through the system you learned Shadow Doppelganger and Transformation Jutsu. Learn the Shadow Doppelganger technique first because it will allow you to train multiple things at once. As for the Transformation Jutsu just change into this guy when you are going adventuring." He pulled a volume off the shelf next to it and pointed at the cover. On it was a man with a white and green hat. "Urahara won't mind at all, heck he might even laugh moment he finds out. Not to mention the Zanpakuto you have is his so it's perfect. Also, I sadly won't be able to be contacted for the next few weeks. Going to be pretty busy so have fun." He snapped his finger and he found himself in the training room with Alice, the time was set for forty-eight hours, and was currently going down.

Alice looked at him with a smile as before she spoke up. "This place is amazing, it will definitely help in the long run. So let's get to training. I need to make my guns first through, can you summon a book with different types of guns to help me make mine?" He understood what she was asking, the only guns in this world were those used by magical gunner corps of the Alavastian army twelve years back. But even those were just basically hollow magical wands that allowed for greater magic power to be shot. He calls out a catalog of guns from Yin's home world so Alice can look through it.

An hour went by as she looked over the catalog and decided on different guns for different situations. She decided for her main gun she would forge it based on the Glock 17. A pistol that used a clip with seventeen rounds and used nine mm rounds.

She also designed an extreme long range rifle for sniping. She based it off the Springfield Armory M1A a bolt action sniper rifle that had a clip with ten rounds. She, of course, didn't need the scope thanks to her Byakugan having a long distance view. Once the two were made she also made lots of ammo for them. She made different types of ammo and put them in the clips then marked the clips depending on the ability of the ammo.

The ammo she made had a variety of enchantments each made for a specific situation. She had rounds with piercing enchantment, tracking enchantment, various elemental bullets, and even bullets that healed as well as too many others to list. Once they were all loaded into their clips she smiled at him and said. "Guess it's time for us to train on our own for a bit right?"

They went to separate areas and began to train. The first thing he practiced was the Shadow doppelganger technique. Apparently thanks to the system he could practice his two new abilities with his Reishi so he didn't have to worry about a new type of energy training. It took him three hours but soon he had gotten it down and made three doppelgangers. Once that was done he had each of them practice a different thing. The first practiced Shunpo, the second practiced Hadō, and the third practiced Bakudō. Meanwhile, he was practicing the Transformation Jutsu since he had Urahara's permission he would be disguising as him during hunts. Luckily Transformation Jutsu isn't that hard and he had it mastered in two hours.

He called out a mirror and looked at himself. What was reflected in the mirror was a tall and lean man. He had very light hair, with strands framing the sides of his face and hanging between his eyes and stubble on his chin. He wore a striped white and green bucket hat that shadowed his green eyes. He wore a dark coat which had a white diamond pattern at the bottom,. Under which he wore a dark green shirt and pants and on his feet were wooden sandals. He couldn't help but smile because even he couldn't see through the disguise. He grabbed his blade which was still sheathed in the cane and drew it slowly.

"Wake up Benihime!" As he drew the blade he shouted this and the cane disappeared and Benihime's Shikai state appeared in his hands. He wanted to practice fighting in this form so he could get used it. He started swinging at the target's for a few hours then practiced Kidō. He kept training in various different techniques till finally, it reached six hours and Alice came back to his zone. When she arrived she saw a strange man practicing alongside three copies of Theodore. She was so confused that is till he saw her and dispelled the doppelgangers and the transformation.

"Wow that was really cool, there were four of you. Not to mention you looked like someone completely different!" Alice was amazed seeing that, but she soon calmed down and they set up the room for the training simulation. Alice was actually wearing something different than when she came in. She was wearing what looked like a shinobi attire which consisted of a green flak jacket with a blue shirt underneath and black pants. She had a few different pouches on her body which he could only assume held her various clips of ammo. Right below her right hip was her pistol that was in a holster with easy access to be pulled out. When she noticed him looking at all the pouches she smiled and said. "It's easier to keep a few clips in pouches to save time. It takes a bit to pull things out of the spatial ring cause I kinda have to find them. I made the storage too big and it looks like a warehouse in there. But I plan to eventually fill it with supplies like ammo, food, water, and medicine."

He nodded because it made sense. His own pendant was actually similar so it will take him a bit to find things when it gets even fuller. He pulled up the screen and set the simulation to start in two minutes. After doing that the two took their positions, Theo drawing his blade while Alice had her pistol and took a stance ready to shoot, as she did her Byakugan activated.

Soon the simulation began and dozens of small green humanoid figures appeared. They were goblins, as they appeared the room changed into a cave. A countdown appeared above there heads, 5,4,3,2,1 start! The goblins began to charge at them, as they did Theo drew his blade and sliced off the head of one of the charging goblins before he kicked one of the others back causing it to crash into the rest. As he did that he heard the sound of suppressed shots coming from his back. Alice had attached a suppressor to her pistol, to keep from deafening herself and her teammates as well as lower the muzzle flash.

He kept cutting his way through the hordes of goblins while the ones he didn't cut down would end up getting shot in the chest. Even though she hadn't completely mastered shooting, she at least could hit the enemy in the chest, which when hit with the bullets enchanted with piercing would blow a hole through them. Soon they had finished the first wave and a second wave started after a few seconds. They quickly passed through it also and it kept going like that till they reached the fifth and final wave. They had a minute to prepare before it began.

In the time they waited for the final wave Alice had pulled something out of one of her pouches. It looked like a small canister with a pin. When he looked at her questioningly she smiled and said. "Flash grenade, I made it based off something I saw in that catalog. Unlike the one I saw through this one doesn't release a loud sound, although I have some that do. When I say so close your eyes and I will set it off."

He nodded because he knew that the next wave would be the hardest and would even have a boss. Soon the countdown reaches zero and it began. The goblins began spawning but at the back were three different ones. Two that were three times larger than the normal goblins (hobgoblins) and one that was just as short but was wearing a robe and holding a staff (goblin mage). The moment it started Alice told him to cover his eyes. Once he did she pulled the pin out with her thumb before tossing the grenade into the group. Theo had his eyes closed but even though they were closed he could still tell an extremely bright light had gone off. When he heard the screaming of the goblins and the sound of the pistol firing he opened his eyes and charged into the horde his blade cutting down each goblin he passed.

Meanwhile, Alice was focusing her fire on further goblins. Her first shot had hit the goblin mage in the head. Then she emptied her clip into the other goblins around the mage. Once the clip was exhausted she ejected and sent it into her spatial ring before pulling out a different colored clip. This clip was green in color rather than the silver from before. She quickly loaded the clip and aimed at one of the hobgoblins that had recovered and was moving towards Theo. She fired two shots at it, the bullet shortly after leaving the barrel began to gather air around them forming small tornadoes which collided right into the hobgoblin's chest. [Gun magic: Tornado shot]. When they hit the hobgoblin it was sent flying, spinning at the same time before crashing into the wall dead. She turned her sights to the other and fired another two before ejecting the clip and storing it away. She didn't plan to waste all her tornado shot bullets on goblins. She quickly loaded another clip of piercing ammo and began firing.

As she did that there was a huge swath of destruction around Theodore who had carved his way right through the goblins. Soon the goblins were dealt with which meant the boss was about to spawn. Alice quickly reloaded and Theodore moved back towards her just in case whatever the boss that was spawned was quick. What spawned was a big humanoid creature covered in crude armor holding a mace.

Theodore took a stance as Alice began to fire at the creature. Even though the bullets pierced through thanks to the enchantment. They didn't do much damage to the beast. Her magic wasn't quite strong enough to fully use the power of the piercing bullets. Theodore, of course, didn't want to charge quite yet because he was afraid he would get shot in the back. Of course, he didn't mention this to Alice because then she would hit him. Soon Alice's clip was emptied and she ejected it and reloaded it with a blue clip this time. She began to fire at the beast again and where ever the bullets hit they would become coated in ice. [Gun Magic: Ice Shot]. She unloaded half a clip on it before she stopped so Theodore could charge at it.

Knowing that the beast's armor was hard he slid his blade back into its sheath as he ran before drawing it again when he arrived in front of the enemy. "Wake up Benihime!" Even though he didn't have to draw it every time he wanted to activate he did it anyway to increase the power of the first attack. As his blade changed he swung at the arm holding the mace and cut it off. As always Benihime was extremely sharp, he quickly swung up and finished off the beast with the next swing which took off its head. As it fell to the ground he flicked the blood off the blade and sheathed it while walking towards Alice. As he walked he remembered what the system had told him about his Shikai earlier.

"Host is advised, Mohō-ō requires Reishi to use Shikai mode. With the amount of Reishi host currently has you can only use Benihime in the real world for five minutes at most. Luckily, one of Mohō-ō's abilities allows the user's Reishi to grow stronger the most living things you kill. Each time you kill something using Mohō-ō it will absorb its life energy and convert it into Reishi which will be added to your Reishi pool. Because if this your Reishi pool will naturally grow bigger to accommodate it and allow you to store more."

He sighed as he reached Alice, he would need to grow stronger quickly or else he would never be able to raise the flag of rebellion. Alice seeing him deep in thought smiled before poking his forehead startling him. "Hey Theo, I've been thinking. Maybe we should put the date off until after we register with the guild and hunt a bit. To be honest I rather not go on a date till afterward, not to mention I can spend time with you in here. Not to mention we can have our first date as celebration for our first successful quest." She stuck out her tongue after finishing speaking her thoughts. He chuckled lightly and stroked her head and nodded in agreement. He looked at the time to see they still had four hours left, so they decided to rest a bit, well Alice still practiced her shooting but she said she enjoyed it. As she did that he read his way through Naruto. By the time they were finished he had finished volume twenty-seven and was entering the new arc.

When there was a bit left he pulled up the information on Itachi Uchiha. He was a member of the Uchiha clan who excelled in Genjutsu and Ninjutsu, although his Taijutsu should not be underestimated. His Sharingan was upgraded through the system to the eternal Sharingan thus he didn't have to worry about the blindness side effect of overuse of his eyes. He had also had a terminal illness since young which cause his Chakra pool to be smaller than normal Uchiha clan members. The system cured and as a side effect, his Chakra pool ended increasing by six times. In combat, he not only uses Ninjutsu and Genjutsu but various kunai. He also had a combat knife artifact that he could channel his Chakra through to increase damage. Just like Mei Terumī, he was best suited for scout position and during battle would be a middle guard.

When time was almost up they both quickly stored away their supplies. For the past two hours, Alice had been making different ammunition and grenades as well as other types of supplies. She had also made a couple accessories for when they became adventurers. The first one was a pendant that changed her appearance as well as Theo's transformation Jutsu. She wouldn't show him the transformation yet, she said it was a surprise. Meanwhile, the second was a bracelet that allowed her to make something similar to his shadow doppelganger that would act exactly like her and she would gain all it's memories when she dispelled it. They talked for a bit and made plans for next week and a half. Soon the time was up and they both woke up in their beds just in time for their alarms to go off.
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