The Last Empress : Gentle Dragon Rong Chapter 2: Don't look back


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"Papa, why does xiaorong doesn't have a mama? Did she leave me because mama doesn't love me?" asked by the little Lin Rong.
"That's not true. Mama really loves xiarong. She loves you even if she's not here with us." Lin Jun replied.
"Where did mama go?"
"She's a goddess that's why she came back to heaven and save the world" Lin Jun persuaded.
"When xiaorong grow up, will xiaorong become a goddess too?" Lin Rong asked.
"Of course you will, because my lovely xiaorong is a kind and gentle child just like your mom"
"When xiaorong become a goddess I will always stay with papa because xiaorong love papa so much"
"I will always be with you too my lovely xiaorong"

These warm moments now feels like a vague memory never happening again, for I am now alone in this cold and uncaring city.
"Dad why'd you have to leave me?" Lin Rong softly murmurs as she walked hurriedly away from the bustling crowd.

She wanted to hug Lin Jun for the last time but as she remembered her father's last words, how can she disobey. It was the first time she saw her steadfast yet gentle father act all afraid and weak that she immediately know that something's wrong.

Growing up, she always heed her father's command and never thinking of rebelling. She excel in her studies and prioritize the thought of making her father proud. Lin Rong wanted to be a doctor so that she can cure whatever illness her father will have when he became old and weak. She is considered as a genius in medicine and part of the elite students around the world who are excelling in specific fields.

But what use are all of her knowledge and achievements when the person she love the most is now a corpse lying alone in the cold asphalt road. Lin Rong wanted to know why her father shot himself and wanted to go back to their condo to know the reason. Maybe there are clues in his study that may give some answers.

She get on the bus despite being fully drenched by the cold evening rain and ignoring the odd stares of the passengers.

As she get off the vehicle and hurriedly ran to their home, a woman intercepted her path, grabbed her hands and take her to a nearby alley.

Lin Rong recognized the woman as she was her father's friend and frequently visits their home for some business affairs. Yang Xiu is an elegant and smart-looking woman. Although she is close to Lin Jun and treats Lin Rong as her very own daughter, she never crosses the boundary with Lin Jun and just stay as a friend.

"Aunty Xiu, you're here! Father's dead! What happened? Why did he killed himself?" asked Lin Rong while sobbing.
"I know, but first you need to get out of this country as soon as possible." Replied Yang Xiu as she handed Lin Rong a black backpack.
"I don't understand aunty Xiu! Why do I have to flee? Father just died and maybe there are some clues to his death in his study" Said Lin Rong as tears fall in her face.


The sound of a slap reverberated the alley as Yang Xiu's hand met Lin Rong's white beautiful face, now with a palm reddish mark and halting Lin Rong's pathetic wails.

"Aunty Xiu?" asked Lin Rong, shocked by Yang Xiu's action.

"I'm sorry Xiaorong but now that your father's gone, you need to toughen up, learn to stand independently and trust only yourself. It's not safe here anymore so please go and take the cab to the airport. There's a flight ticket to Beijing in that backpack this XX:XX pm. Your Uncle Zhang's gonna be waiting for you in Beijing so please hurry. Your life's gonna be targeted from now on but please hold on and don't give up." Said Yang Xiu as a tear escaped from her eyes and flowed down into her face.

"Aunty Xi-" Lin Rong was about to ask Yang Xiu for more questions when an explosion occurred on the building of their condo.

"Go!" Yang Xiu roared.

Lin Rong follow Yang Xiu's instructions. Silent whimpers escaped from her mouth as she hastily ran away from the alley without ever looking back.
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