The King of the Battlefield Chapter 222: Omen of the Ruin 4


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Enroth thought highly of his enemy, who was able to kill Shar-Shazar, and had defeated the devils.


Enroth was also known as the Demon King of Blood and Iron.

He was the strongest demon king who was said to have no enemies.

He wasn’t so soft as to consider his ‘enemy’ lightly.

His enemies wouldn’t be able to stand up against Balrog, but even if they did win against him, his enemies would never win.

‘Show me.’

Enroth held his staff tightly.

How long would they be able to resist?

Like a child looking at an ant farm, Enroth’s eyes were filled with curiosity.

* * *

Fraeda bit his lips.

The Unpredictable Demon King. Like the title, he was liable to make quite a few odd moves, but since he was a demon king, no one could bother him about it.

A demon king!

The words that represented the highest rank among the normal devils.

Due to this, even if he was unpredictable, no one could treat him poorly.

It wasn’t strange for ‘everything’, including power and honor, to be placed on that title. While he possessed that title, Fraeda needed to be the strongest.

It was because of this that he couldn’t accept it.

‘For me to lose!’


He clenched his jaws together.

The first undead who appeared. Was his name Tacan?

There wasn’t anything weird in fighting against him. He was a completely strong-headed warrior type undead. Although he was stronger than Fraeda had anticipated, he wasn’t strong enough to defeat him.

He pressured Tacan and caused great damage to the surroundings. The problem was when the lich appeared just as he was about to win.

‘Elder lich… wasn’t there only one elder lich existing in this world?’

If the demon king was the king of the devils, the elder lich was the king of the undead.

Elder. Although the title was different, they were just as strong, or perhaps slightly stronger than the demon kings.

However, there was only one elder lich in this world.

The Lord of Death!

He was one of the four transcendental beings that existed in different parts of the world and was the incarnation of death that even the devils avoided.

But, he never left the ice-filled place known as the ‘Mountain of Death’.

Then, was what Fraeda saw an illusion?

‘Only the elder lich is able to control the void. But, he has much less magical power than the Lord of Death. Who is this lich?’

The void that no one else could control.

Even to the demon kings, the void was a somewhat unknown entity. Among the demon gods, there were some who were said to be capable of controlling the void, but compared to the Lord of Death, it was little more than a child’s play.

There couldn’t be another lich who could control the monsters of the void.

However, he was definitely not the Lord of Death.

“Did he create an offspring?!”


As he strongly stomped his foot on the ground, the surrounding greatly swayed.

Liches couldn’t have any offspring. It was the same for all the undead. This was common sense, but what he saw clashed with such common sense.

It made less sense for him to be his disciple. As there was no way another being who was similar to the elder lich would have appeared. It took at least a few thousand years for a magician to become a lich.

Clip! Clip! Clip!

Fraeda bit his nails.

However, the fact that he lost hadn’t changed.

Because of this, he knew that he needed to retreat.

His pride was hurt.

He was trying to gain the favor of Enroth with his distinguished service, but he was now in a situation where it would lucky for him to not get killed.

“Roosevelt… where is Roosevelt and what is he doing?”

Only about 200 devils remained in the vicinity of Fraeda.

Although he brought 10,000 devils, only 200 had survived.

However, all the devils were silent.

There was no way Fraeda wouldn’t know what they knew.

“As it turned out like this, we will attack Roosevelt. I can’t let him take all the credit.”

Fraeda had started to make unpredictable moves.

He had no intention of letting someone else have what he couldn’t.

“You mean that Roosevelt?”

“This number of soldiers would be enough…”

The devils dissuaded him.

Although they shared the same affiliation, there was no affection or fidelity between the devils.

It was normal for them to backstab each other. It was their nature for them to prey upon those who were weaker than them.

However, they were very small in number.

As Roosevelt was a cold-hearted demon king, he would doubt Fraeda right away if he was to approach him.


At that moment, Fraeda sliced the neck of the devil who was beside him.


As one devil became a corpse, the crowd became silent.

The veins in Fraeda’s neck rose as he spoke.

“Returning empty-handed would also mean death.”

Roosevelt would kill him.

“Before I get attacked, I will attack first. Is this not obvious?”

They 10,000 troops who he brought to this place were Fraeda’s own.

As he had lost most, it was the same as Fraeda’s fighting power has been drastically cut.

And Roosevelt wouldn’t just sit there and wait for Fraeda to attack him first and reverse the situation.

The devils didn’t try to stop him any longer as it somewhat made sense.

“That’s right, then where is Roosevelt…”


It was at that moment.

A black creature suddenly landed in front of him.

He hadn’t even seen it coming. It had fallen so fast that it escaped Fraeda’s perception.

It was a huge black monster possessing four pairs of wings.


Two goat-like horns, a bulky figure, and his whole face was wrapped with flames like hellfire.

Balrogs were strong devils who had existed since ancient times.

Now, most of them had died off, and only a very few lived in the Underworld. Due to their strong powers, demon gods caught them for themselves and controlled them.

And Enroth had kept one Balrog.

Using a very strong spell, he prevented it from moving around.

Sometimes it was sent to a battlefield, but whenever it did, even the devils couldn’t help but be terrified of the scene.

Indiscriminately attacking both its enemies and allies.

The Balrog was the top predator and the perfect destroyer.

But, why was Balrog at this place?


The Balrog lowered its head and looked at Fraeda.

That gaze. There was no way Fraeda couldn’t read its ill intentions.

An evil gaze that only desired destruction!

“Stop him!”

He ordered the devils.

The devils spread their wings, held their weapons and cast magic.

“Σ? Αγαπ?…….”

“Γει? Σου!”

Rumble! Crash!

Numerous magic descended on Balrog’s body.

Thick smoke filled the area. It was an all-out attack; if they were to be directly hit by all the magic, none of them would be able to survive.



Balrog moved within the smoke.

When someone moves at a quick speed, the smoke should be disturbed, but the smoke not seeming to move at all, the Balrog was suddenly in front of the devils.

Using its huge hands, the Balrog crushed the devils like they were toys.

Whenever he opened his mouth wide, whatever was in front of it disappeared entirely, and when he flapped his wings, flesh was stripped off and scattered.

Then, the Balrog stood in front of Fraeda.

“How dare you show your teeth!”

Fraeda frowned as he plucked one of his tails to create a spear.

It was a magical spear that instantly killed whoever it pierced. This spear was part of Fraeda’s body, as well as his strongest weapon.


However, the magical spear couldn’t penetrate the Balrog’s skin.

Was it because he used up so much strength on his previous fight?

“This can’t be possible…!”

When the magical spear didn’t work, Fraeda’s eyes quickly widened.

However, Fraeda never thought that this would be the last thing that he would ever see.


The Balrog opened his mouth and swallowed the upper half of Fraeda’s body.


Then, as if he was satisfied, he let out a cry.

However, as if he wasn’t full, he smacked his lips and looked around.

In the eyes of a predator, the devils’ bodies became rigid.



His skin had been necrotized and regenerated numerous times.

He felt like he was repeatedly dying and coming back to life.

Even when he was training rigorously as an assassin, he hadn’t felt this much pain.

He felt like his soul would become dust if there was even balance was even slightly off.

The process of forcibly inserting an immortal being’s power into a mortal.

Of course, it wouldn’t go smoothly.

“Give up. You cannot endure this pain.”

Someone spoke.

Muyoung then realized the person who was speaking to him was Luciferre.

“Pass the authority to me. As I am also immortal, that power would no longer disrupt you.”

By giving Luciferre his authority, Muyoung could avoid the pain.

Luciferre was tempting him. That everything would be solved if he just passed over the driver’s seat.

It wasn’t completely incorrect.

Luciferre didn’t lie. He just cleverly coaxed him.

However, Muyoung didn’t reply.

He just endured it. All Muyoung could do was clench his teeth and endure it.

“If you don’t accept it, the pain will not end. The power of the immortal being will destroy you. If your soul and your body become damaged, I won’t be safe as well. So, I will lend you my strength. If you pass your authority, I will free you from all this pain.”

Currently, Muyoung’s soul and Luciferre’s soul were mixed together.

In this state, if something were to happen to Muyoung, Luciferre wouldn’t be safe.

That was correct. This was the truth. So, Luciferre couldn’t help but be anxious.

However, if Muyoung were to pass the authority over to him, would he pass it back to Muyoung?

That would never happen.

It was impossible to take back the authority once he gave it away.

In the past, Muyoung hid his soul to counterattack him, but that method wouldn’t work again!

Crunch! Crunch! Crunch!

The body contracted, before expanding once again.

Although Muyoung had experienced his tendons being cut, and his bones removing, separating, and mixing themselves into other parts of his body, this was completely different from those types of pain.

“Doesn’t it hurt? Even though you are strong, there is always a limit to how much a mortal can endure. Since you are a living being, you cannot withstand the powers of an immortal being. Or, will you become an undead after you die? Like the lich you created? That won’t be a bad idea.”

He spoke a lot.

Luciferre wasn’t normally a guy who chatted a lot like this.

Luciferre probably realized that this was the best opportunity to take the authority away from Muyoung.

However, even so, Muyoung felt something was off.

Although his mind was weakened by the pain, Muyoung did not miss this discrepancy.

This was the first time Luciferre had been so desperate.


That was when Muyoung realized.

Their souls were mixed together.

If Muyoung was weakened, Luciferre was also weakened.

Up until now, Luciferre was protecting himself.

He was protecting himself from Gabriel’s strength, as well as all the other powers Muyoung possessed.

He shut the door so that he couldn’t be purified and he wouldn’t lose himself.

However, the door was now being forced open. As Muyoung’s soul became weakened, he was at the point where he could no longer defend himself.

Gabrielle’s power wasn’t being activated strongly, but if Muyoung were to notice this, Luciferre knew that he could be swallowed up by him.

Luciferre was certain that Muyoung would never realize this truth.

And if Muyoung had been weakened slightly more, he truly might not have.

That was why he was trying to weaken Muyoung even further by tempting him.

“Pass over the driver’s seat. I will try to neutralize the immortal being’s strength. On my name, Luciferre…”

“That’s right. You were also immortal.”

Muyoung stretched out his hand.

And grabbed Luciferre’s soul.
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