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The dwarves carried a huge box. A huge box that seemed ordinary on the outside. However, Muyoung was able to sense an overflowing amount of magical power. The dwarves then laid down the box in front of Muyoung.

“Due to the devils’ recent movements, it seems like Bartas is unable to move. Instead, he created the equipment with the supplied materials.”

Well, Bartas was the king of dwarves.

He had an obligation to be responsible for his own kingdom.

As Muyoung just wanted the equipment from the beginning and not Bartas, he didn’t care.

‘The Immortal King’s power.’

Muyoung’s best equipment was Anguish, and the next best was the Immortal King’s Breastplate. If he could wear the rest of the Immortal King’s equipment, he would be able to fight face to face with Enroth.

The box in front of him felt as if some kind of power was oozing out of it.

However, it felt ominous. If Anguish was a force that denied everything, the power from the box felt like it could activate a certain special effect on a particular individual.

Even Muyoung was stirred up by such strange sensations.

As if Kalmooh had noticed, he spoke bitterly.

“The item is beyond amazing. Even Bartas couldn’t believe it himself. I only saw it for a moment, but even I was totally awed by the finished equipment. But…”


“The magical power of the equipment attracts monsters, and make them ferocious.”

Indeed. Kalmooh appeared quite tired. It seemed like the path back wasn’t as smooth as he had expected.

However, to those who had intelligence, it didn’t have a great effect.

The influence was concentrated on the monsters that didn’t have intelligence and were faithful to their instincts.

Muyoung touched the box.

Then, as he opened the huge box, he was able to see something that looked like scales. Scales that were very transparent. It was lacking to be called a piece of equipment. No, it wasn’t even a piece of equipment.

“What is this?”

As Muyoung asked, Kalmooh replied.

“It’s a skin.”


“Bartas said that by combining the leather of moonlight and the Immortal King’s strength, that sort of form was created. As the moon represents eternity and immortality means endlessness… Bartas said that for a perishable entity to fully contain that sort of strength, it needs this sort of skin.”

“Even Bartas doesn’t completely know?”

Bartas was definitely the one who created this. However, even Bartas didn’t seem to know what he had really created.

“He also said, ‘the true god of the great blacksmith had possessed me’.”

Did it mean Bartas created this while he was being possessed?

Muyoung grinned. It was no different than drunken truth.

Then, he turned his head and looked at the scales once more.

Unless he concentrated on it, it was so transparent that he couldn’t tell if the scales existed or not.

As Muyoung held it and focused on it, a message popped up.

Name: Eternity

Rank: ?

Classification: ?

Endurance: ?

Effect: ?

However, there wasn’t much information.

Besides the name, he couldn’t confirm anything.

It meant that he needed to wear it for him to really know its capabilities.


Eternity. A word that means endlessness.

‘A skin that draws monsters and makes them ferocious.’

The equipment wouldn’t just cover your skin. It existed to ‘transform’ its accepted user. He was able to feel that kind of obsession.

Among the things that are considered as tools, people said that the ones that transform the user contain ‘evil’. In that sense, this skin didn’t bring a positive effect.

However, it was the skin that contained Immortal King’s strength. If the breastplate he forcefully created was S+ rank, he was unsure how much power this skin would exhibit.


‘Tools are just tools.’

Tools couldn’t affect him adversely. Tools exist to be used. The moment someone places too much meaning in a tool, the tool no longer exists as just a tool and consumes the user.

Muyoung started to take off all his clothing.

The scale skin was bigger than Muyoung’s body, but when he wore it, the skin shrank to fit him.

‘New skin.’


Every spot where it touched his skin, it felt sticky, like static cling.

Before long, the existing skin was dyed red and necrotized. And in that place, a new skin was formed.

It had killed what normally existed and it took its place.

The skin that was called ‘Eternity’ was transplanted to Muyoung. It didn’t feel different at all.

It felt like it was his natural skin.

However, such a natural sensation was only momentary.


Muyoung frowned.

Rejection. The skin and body that had maintained their balance for a while became out of sync.

All his muscles felt twisted. It even influenced his bones and organs. He felt woozy. It has been a while since he felt this sort of pain. As he clenched his teeth, his eyeballs felt like they were going to pop out. His body twisted as he supported himself on the chair.

“L-lord! Are you okay?”

“Get… out.”

As Muyoung gestured, Kalmooh swallowed his saliva and nodded.

Muyoung realized that it was a problem he needed to deal with on his own.

“Unless I call… don’t let anyone in.”

After Muyoung spoke, the door closed with a thump.

In that state, Muyoung collapsed and sat next to the chair.

The whole body transformation was still continuing.

‘The power of the Immortal King.’

This was all due to the strength of the Immortal King.

Muyoung was mortal. A human who was destined to die one day. However, immortals lived forever. Of course, the mortal and immortal couldn’t exist simultaneously in the same being. It didn’t make any sense to be able to use the skin with immortal power without any consequences.

‘I could die.’

However, the price was too great.

If it wasn’t Muyoung, 99/100 would have died from in the beginning stage.

Muyoung was able to endure it as he was familiar with pain. Eventually, Muyoung shook his head.

‘I will live. I will survive. I will live until the end.’

If he acquired the Immortal King’s skin, he would be able to use ‘Acceleration’ more freely.

Although Muyoung was able to accelerate himself up to 64 times, he wasn’t able to use it for long. There was a problem with the limitations of time, but mostly, it was because of his physical limits.

With this, he could to overcome that limit.

So, this amount of pain was nothing.

‘I… will overcome it.’

Winning, winning, and winning were the only merits of Muyoung’s existence.

Muyoung vowed to win again this time.



As Sungmin chanted a spell, doors were instantly created in his vicinity.

As a door opened, hundreds of shackles would capture devils and blow them up.


Also, the hydra that was summoned from the third door had nine heads, which used nine different magics to mess with the devils.

‘Devils are like bees.’

Sungmin compared devils to bees.

Without the queen bee, the bees couldn’t help but be confused. The devils only exist for the demon kings and demon gods and so, Sungmin compared them with bees.

The moment Demon King Roosevelt disappeared, the devils experienced extreme confusion.

In the meantime, as Sungmin raided, they become greatly disorganized.

At least, on this battlefield, the ruler was Sungmin.

‘I need to quickly move after wrapping up the situation here.’

However, Sungmin was in a hurry.

This battle wasn’t all of it.

The main army Enroth led hadn’t even arrived yet.

In order to fight against a million demons, it was necessary to hasten things even by a little.

Especially, the two demon kings were the biggest obstacles.

Even if he had restricted Roosevelt, the demon king named Fraeda was still left.

So Sungmin was trying to quickly end this battle, and then assist Tacan and Ogar.

“Crush the enemies.”

Sungmin swung his staff.

Then, the Earth gathered, and a few dozen golems appeared.

By now, the devils knew who led this battle.

“That lich, kill him!”

“If we kill the lich, it’s our victory!”

They formed groups of hundreds of devils and started to approach Sungmin.

Sungmin raised his staff and quickly spoke.



From the surroundings, a creepy scream could be heard.

Even the devils couldn’t help but cover their ears and shudder.

Then, Sungmin twirled his staff and cut 5 of the hydra’s heads off.

The neck that was cut would instantly regenerate, but a magical barrier was created.

By making a sacrifice, he had completed the summoning.

At that moment, a giant with messy hair appeared.

A cyclops as big as the hydra, as he looked down, blood flowed from his eye, and a red ray of light shot out.


All devils who were touched by the ray disintegrated.

“What the hell?”

“A monster of void…?”

The devils were frantic. The void was a mysterious area, even for them. The monsters that emerged from that place were all strong and evil.

The witch, Beatrice.

The strongest monster Sungmin could summon wasn’t a hydra, but the witch, Beatrice.

Sungmin wasn’t just a simple lich.

An elder lich.

He, who was a lich king, could control the void.

“Let’s quickly end this.”

Sungmin’s mind had already left this battlefield.

He was certain of his victory, and he was planning to move to help the other battle.


Enroth was moving with his huge fortress.

The fortress was Enroth’s Castle and a part of Enroth himself.

In his surrounding, hundreds of thousands of devils flew in the sky and protected the fortress.

“Enroth, the advance teams have been attacked.”

Enroth sat on a huge throne in the middle of the fortress.

As a devil bowed down as far as he could to show his respect and reported this, Enroth just nodded his head.

“I already know.”

“Roosevelt has disappeared, and Fraeda has escaped with a few soldiers.”

“I also am aware of this.”

Enroth had already seen everything.

He was figuring out the enemy’s tactics through the demon king’s fights.

“What should we do?”

The devils around him averted their gaze.

The two demon kings have failed. The impossible had happened.

The advance team. Although their numbers were small, as they were defeated even with the demon kings, Enroth wouldn’t just quietly watch.

After watching his crowd, Enroth slowly spoke.

“Send out ‘Balrog’.”

Instantly, the devils’ eyes widened.


“Isn’t it too dangerous?”

Balrog was one of the monsters Enroth couldn’t fully control.

He was a strong ancient devil and a mad destroyer!

Everywhere Balrog went, everything was shattered.

Thus, the nickname given to Balrog was ‘Omen of the Ruin’.

Simply by looking at the combat power, Balrog was stronger than the three demon kings.

But, to send out Balrog?

Just sending him out wasn’t a problem. But in order to retrieve him, quite a lot of sacrifice would have to be made.

The fact that Enroth mentioned Balrog nevertheless….

“I have not seen all of their cards yet.”

It was to fully grasp what his enemies were capable of.

By sending out Balrog, they wouldn’t have room to hold back.

They would need to show all their cards, and in that process, they would show what they were hiding.

Enroth was going to completely destroy his enemies.
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