The King of the Battlefield Chapter 218: Swamp owners End


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Chapter 218: Swamp owners (End)

Translator: Nadu

Editor: Sephtair and DearestKafka

Fairies didn’t have homes.

Not having a home… it meant that fairies didn’t have a world of their own.

Of course, unlike other living beings, they did not live using planets as their foundation. Theirs was not a physical material world but an incorporeal spirit world. Like spirits, they needed a ‘world’ that suited them in order to sustain themselves and survive. Without a world of their own, the fairies had a limited time to live and would die out.

And so, the fairies made a contract with Solomon that would enable them to recreate a world they could survive in. They created trials and as a payment, they would receive a utopia of their choosing. And the fairies knew everything about the trials they managed. They were able to perceive the smallest changes.

It was also the same for Woohee.

The Endless Battlefield. She received an alert from the trial she had created up to stage 127.

Someone had completely finished the trial. Woohee couldn’t help but widen her eyes when she saw his name.


There was no way Woohee would forget that name. Wasn’t it the name of the person she looked for for a long time?

Woohee got up from the lake that was located below the castle. Then, as she climbed the ladder, a completely dark and gloomy interior became visible. However, it was a place Woohee visited like her own house. She didn’t mind the monsters that could be seen in the middle.

The lake below the castle was the place Woohee was born and raised. Woohee returned to this place after losing Muyoung. It was to recuperate her body that was beginning to fade and also to gain ‘information’.

“Oh, Woohee, you came!”


Also, fairies didn’t have parents. In reality, it could be said that nature itself was their parent. They were conceived after being dependant on the rocks, mosses, and small plants for a very long time. However, Woohee didn’t hesitate to call a fairy like her mother.

“He has returned. He completed Woohee’s trial. I need to return.”

“You are going back? Instead of just staying here?”

“I can’t. In order to punish Diablo, he needs Woohee.”

Woohee strongly voiced her opinion.

Also, it wasn’t strange for Woohee to mention Diablo at this place. This was the world where Diablo originally existed…

Diablo was a demon god from this world and this world was the world Woohee originally lived in. After losing their original world, the fairies lived in other worlds like this. The fairy who Woohee called mom made a sad expression.

“Hmm… if Woohee doesn’t stay, we will be very bored.”

“Ask dad to play with you. Woohee is going to leave.”

“By the way, dad said there was something he wanted to give you.”

“To me?”

“Yes, he should be in the fourth room on the left once you exit this room. Go see him before you leave.”

“I will.”

After a short goodbye, Woohee left the room.

This was the top floor of the castle. The place where the strongest monsters lived. This was also the reason why Woohee wasn’t afraid of Muyoung.

As she lived while seeing all sorts of scary monsters, she was quite used to such things.

“One, two, three, four!”

Woohee arrived in the fourth room.

Then, after entering the room, for some reason she couldn’t go any further.

“Huh? What is this?”

Then, as she turned her head since something felt odd, the sticky adhesive that was on the wall got stuck on Woohee’s wings. As fairies weren’t completely physical beings, physical effects normally didn’t work, but if magic was used on an item, it could have an effect on them.



Woohee immediately knew who tricked her and puffed up her cheeks.

“Eheeheeheehee. Do you think you can escape me?”

“Mom! I’m not kidding. Woohee has to go quickly. I need to punish Diablo, the bad monster.”

Woohee was serious.

Mom had never seen her this serious before.

In the end, the fairy who Woohee called mom couldn’t help but erase her smile.

“Do you know how dangerous Diablo is?”

“Even if he was, you said he lost against dad before!”

“That was a very long time ago. Either way, Diablo is very dangerous. Do you know how dangerous his descendants are as well?”

“Isn’t that what the second mom said?”

“Either way, it isn’t possible! I don’t know how that Muyoung made you fall for him, but there are a lot of guys in this world.”

“He is like dad.”


“He reminds me of dad. But, he’s more reliable than dad.”

Woohee didn’t say too much about Muyoung until now. Especially here, as it would obviously lead her to be criticized. A fairy is a playful being who normally couldn’t be really serious. It was also the first time that Woohee was serious like this.

“Then… take this.”

“What is this?”

It was a small bottle that contained a few drops of liquid. It was perfume.

“They are water drops that grant wishes. Although there is a time limit, it will allow you to have a short dream. Afterwards, if your and his hearts are the same, I will also acknowledge your relationship.”

She twirled her hand. Then, a small door was created. As she was the fairy queen, it wasn’t difficult for her to open the door to another world.

“Go. Ah, for your reference, your father is the most reliable guy in the world.”

“That isn’t true!”

Woohee flung herself towards the door.

Woohee knew very well that the fairy queen tended to change her mind easily. She didn’t know when the queen would change her mind again. And as Woohee passed the door, the fairy queen let out a sigh.

“Diablo, you have broken the world’s non-interference after all. Because of your useless pride… I cannot help you anymore.”

* * *

Muyoung didn’t rescue just Ogar.

Arand, the one who was the elf representative and a skilled individual, was also prisoned with Ogar.

He was the most skilled person in the territory, as well as a passionate follower of Muyoung. In the past, in the underground arena, Arand was captivated by Muyoung and didn’t hesitate to become his sword.

Of course, he did show rebellious attitudes once in a while, but they were all for the sake of improving his skills.

“I’ll go with you.”

When Muyoung prepared to set off, Arand spoke. However, Muyoung shook his head.

“You need to work with the dwarves in the west. Soon, Enroth and his subordinates will reach this place.”

Everyone had their own role.

Bae Sungmin and Tacan had already left this place. They left in advance to distract Enroth and his men. Arand made a disappointed expression.

However, Muyoung had no plans to take anyone to that place.

‘Swamp owners.’

A name he had heard for the first time.

And that was thea reason why Muyoung went on his own. He had never heard about them.

Even in the time of war. Among all the demon kings, devils, and all humanity, no one had ever talked about them. It meant they were that good at hiding. Naturally, something would exist that enabled them to hide. A power that allowed them to avoid all the attention of the world.

Muyoung was curious about the identity of this power. Thankfully, Ogar said that the branch he gave him would tell him about their whereabouts.

As quickly as he cancould, he needed to finish this and join the others.

“I understand. Ah, Batas said he would arrive soon. Is there anything I need to relay to him?”

Muyoung pondered for a moment and then took out a few leather pieces and stone-like items.

“Give these to him and tell him to make equipment with it. He’ll know what he needs to make after seeing the materials.”

The leather that received the blessing of the moon and Immortal King’s strength!

Muyoung was planning to complete the rest of the equipment to his Immortal King’s set. To do this, he needed Batas’s skills. Batas was the king of all dwarves, and his skills were the best among them. If the equipment was created through his hands, Muyoung would be able to take another leap towards becoming stronger.

“I understand.”

With a sad face, Arand stepped aside. After gathering a few items he needed, he spread his wings and left.


In the deepest part of the forest.

There was a deep swamp, and the swamp owners lived below it. As he entered the area where the branch of the Poom tree reacted, the swamp quickly swallowed Muyoung up whole. With a bad feeling, Muyoung headed down and soon, he was able to find a completely different world.

‘This place is…’

Under the swamp, another area existed.

In the surroundings, there were piles of all kinds of garbage that were sucked in over a very long time, and Muyoung stood on top of the mountain of trash and looked around.

There were huge mountains in the surroundings. As if this place existed for a very long time, the dense growth of leaves that dropped over caught his attention. As Muyoung approached, a familiar voice could be heard at that place.

[Life form has been identified.] [Life form has been identified.] [Drones ejected. Run search.] [Drones ejected. Run search.]

The huge mountains started to talk. Then, from their mouths, small bug-like things popped out and shone light on Muyoung and his surroundings.

Muyoung frowned a bit. But, as it wasn’t aggressive, he just let them be. However, that wasn’t a problem.

‘Language of Earth…’

Just because Muyoung had forgotten about his past didn’t mean he had forgotten about those basic things. Through the status viewer, all languages were automatically translated and all humanity used the language they used in their own country.

It wasn’t strange. However, if they were truly the ‘swamp owners’ it would be a problem.

‘Didn’t the swamp owners exist for a very long time?’

Ogar had told him.

They had existed before the fire tars started to live in this place. Ogar said he happened to see them long ago, and along with a few others, he had called them the ‘swamp owners’, the owners of the swamp. If that was the case, were the swamp owners originally from Earth?

‘Is it similar to the Ellarsigo?’

The Ellarsigo were a weapon created to erase humanity on Earth. However, the machines in front of him were different.

[User No-3569947521 has been identified.] [The ‘ark’ is being unsealed.]
The mountain split in half.

The inside that was revealed had all kinds of machines linked together. However, they were things Muyoung could recognize. With his eyes, he was just able to confirm a countless number of ‘coffins’ and something that resembled a seed. Then, a hologram of a woman appeared in front of Muyoung.

[Welcome to the Seventeenth Ark, No-3569947521. When a human from Earth reaches the ark, it gets unsealed. The ark exists to defend humanity against those who invade Earth, and to avoid their grasp, they gathered hope and temporarily hid. The things inside the ‘coffins’ are ‘life’. If you activate the system, you can regenerate humanity that was once destroyed. The ark has 5 years worth of food needed to maintain all of their lives.]
Muyoung felt dizziness for a moment.

They were swamp owners but there was an ark?

After being attacked by Ellarsigo, humanity took hope and using this they fled. However, there were no traces of humans in the surrounding. In other words, just a few arks have unexpectedly landed here. However, there were a few words that caught Muyoung’s attention.

‘Humanity that was once destroyed.’

It was strange. All humanity entered the Underworld through the Blue Temple. The phrase ‘destroyed humanity’ didn’t fit. But, it spoke as if humanity’s destruction was already confirmed.

The Ellarsigo and now the ark.

‘It seems like fate.’

A strange connection was felt. It felt like homework given to Muyoung. Homework for him to solve the problem that was entangled with everything.

[It has been exactly 1,139,720 hours and 56 minutes since the Earth has been invaded. Will you activate the system?]
If you confirm the time, it has been roughly 130 years. This again didn’t fit the flow of time. Muyoung frowned. There was no way the machine would lie. And, Solomon was behind all of these problems.

Solomon. Who in the world was he?

‘I need to solve it.’

The ball of yarn was continuing to tangle up.

Muyoung was the only one who could unravel the ball of yarn.
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