The King of the Battlefield Chapter 217: Swamp Owners 1


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Chapter 217: Swamp Owners (1)

Translator: Nadu

Editor: Sephtair

In the end, Shar-Shazar’s lightning couldn’t save him.

Although he had shown his true form and fought well, he couldn’t be a true opponent for Muyoung.

In other words… Muyoung was disappointed.

Of course, when Shar-Shazar was fully armed, there were moments when it was dangerous.

However, they were almost all strengths related to his ‘authority’ and, therefore, he couldn’t sustain it for long.

Eventually, after enduring for about 10 minutes, he lost his armor and his weakness was exposed.

Thanks to this, Muyoung was able to understand his current standing to some extent.

Shar-Shazar was a high-ranking demon king. The fact that he couldn’t be a match for Muyoung meant that Muyoung’s fighting power exceeded that of most demon kings.

‘What if it was Enroth?’

The one who is called the strongest of all demon kings.

It was highly likely that Enroth would have noticed Shar-Shazar’s death the moment it occurred; perhaps, he may have started to act to put Muyoung in danger.

However, Muyoung was planning to move more quickly than him. Muyoung had gained a lot more time by killing Shar-Shazar on his own.

Also, if it was Enroth, he could be strong enough to be Muyoung’s opponent. Either way, Enroth was incomparably stronger than Shar-Shazar.

Number of brief messages disturbed Muyoung’s eyes.

Among them, he was most interested in the ‘Demon King’s Crystallization’ he had earned, that could allow him to gain a devil’s skill.

He might even be able to learn something similar to Shar-Shazar’s lightning skill.

As lightning and fire synergized quite well, that would be helpful.

‘The Demon King of the 27th Legion.’

He had forgotten about it for a while. The ‘Demon King of the 27th Legion’ was a skill he had earned in the Blue Temple, as well as a quest that was still in the process of completion.

He thought he needed to fulfill Gremory’s favor in order to raise its rank, but that didn’t seem to be the case.

After killing the Demon King Shar-Shazar, the rank that stopped rising, finally rose.

Muyoung adjusted his status viewer to check the current state of his skills.

Skill Title: Demon King of the 27th Legion (S)

Description – The qualifications to become the Demon King of the 27th Legion. Gremory originally had 26 Legions. Only demon kings were able to command the 26 Legions and every one of them possessed tremendous power.

* First step. All pure stats are increased by 5.

* Second step. All pure stats are increased by 10, and an ‘overflowing power’ effect is given to all armies under your influence (Overflowing power: allows individuals to not tire easily, and raises their strength and stamina by 10.)

* Last step. – ???

In total, 15 pure stats were added due to one skill.

‘Overflowing power.’

However, rather than the stats, the effect that was added was more noteworthy.

There was rarely an effect that could increase strength and stamina on a large scale by 10. You could say it was better than most strengthening effects.

Finally, the last step. If Muyoung completed a certain action, the effect of the last step would activate, and he would truly walk the path of a ‘demon king’.

It was highly likely that this action would be related to Gremory. Perhaps, if he gathered three Fragments of Fissure, the last step might be activated.

Just one more step.

Soon enough, he would be participating in the fight amongst the demon gods.

He would gain that right to fight and destroy them.

Zzzzzzap. Swaaaaack!

All the lightning dissipated when Shar-Shazar’s life ended.

However, like sparks, a small amount of electricity remained within the body.

Muyoung thought about Shar-Shazar’s body.

He had never made a creature at the level of a demon king into an undead. The Art of Death skill was universal, but still, it wasn’t completely universal. If your target was a high-rank creature, or if he tried to make a lot of beings into the undead at once, Muyoung’s body would be affected.


‘It’s a waste to leave it alone.’

Making a demon king into an undead!

Who would have even thought about this? No, they could have, but it would have only ended as imagination.

But, Muyoung was on the verge of making his imagination into reality.

If he could make demon kings into an undead and increase their number…

Also, making Shar-Shazar into an undead would allow him to find out more about Enroth as well.

Muyoung had already made up his mind.

‘Art of Death.’

As he performed the Art of Death skill on Shar-Shazar by lifting his hand, black energy flowed out, and instantly engulfed the demon king.

However, the black energy couldn’t penetrate Shar-Shazar’s body.

The reason was simple.

Even if Shar-Shazar’s body was now just a corpse, his ‘rank’ still remained.

Although Muyoung had created 7 bone dragons, Shar-Shazar couldn’t be compared to most dragons.

Muyoung continued to wait patiently.

Art of Death. The energy was already familiar to Muyoung. While it was a skill he received from Death Lord, through numerous trials and errors, he was able to make it his own.

As he had always fought with opponents stronger than him, he didn’t think he would be unable to make a demon king into an undead. It would just take some time.

Meanwhile, the fire tars gathered one by one as the fight with the devils ended.

They saw Yatar’s corpse, and the number on Muyoung’s shoulder. They also felt that something was entering Shar-Shazar’s body.


“Are you performing a ritual?”

“Don’t touch it.”

The fire tars all became quiet, and watched what Muyoung was doing.

Although Yatar had died, the fire tars knew about faith and loyalty.

There was no way they didn’t know what the number on Muyoung’s shoulder meant.

As promised, Muyoung had basically become the next great chieftain of the fire tars.

This had never happened in the history of the fire tars, but Muyoung had helped them on a number of occasions, and was also a strong warrior.

In this current era of battles, a strong warrior was always treated well.

Of course, as Ogar’s descendants lived, there were a lot of problems that needed solving, but they were also aware of Muyoung’s relationship with Ogar.

So… they needed to respect it. If the great chieftain was doing something, they just needed to quietly watch.

‘It’s working.’

When 30 more minutes had passed, the tips of Muyoung’s lips rose slightly.

As Muyoung had expected, the black energy was slowly seeping into Shar-Shazar’s body.

In the end, it wasn’t impossible.

Once a chink in the armor is found, the defense will quickly crumble. The black energy flowed through Shar-Shazar’s body, and soon, a message appeared in front on him.

Name: Shar-Shazar

Level: 620

Type: Darkness

Strength 620 Agility 615 Stamina 550

Intelligence 673 Wisdom 673 Magic Resistance 600

Magical attributes 670 Blessing of Lightning 650

+ The Spear of Lightning that kills its opponent by stabbing, the shape-shifting Lightning Sword, Lightning Wall, and Lightning Storm skills are usable.

+Demon king’s authority – Lightning Guardian (Uses lightning, and with that strength, armor can be created.)

Shar-Shazar once again raised his body.

The fire tars became vigilant, but seeing Muyoung’s actions, they couldn’t help but be confused.

As if nothing was odd, Muyoung looked and touched Shar-Shazar’s body, and was lost in his thoughts.

‘It’s good.’

He was stronger than any undead he had created so far.

For him to be over 600 level!

Of course, he was still lower than Muyoung’s level, but it was important to note that he was the first to create an undead this strong. The first try was always the hardest, the second was easier.

However, his intellect seemed a bit lacking. As he had died, and even dropped a crystallization, he seemed a bit slow.

Muyoung shrugged his shoulders and retrieved the black crystal.

It was a crystallization, that came from a demon king.

As he placed it into his mouth without any hesitation, Muyoung shuddered, as if electricity flowed through his body.

The Holy Flame itself was created by combining all sorts of skills. Perhaps, it believed it could be more helpful if the Power of Lightning was added.

The Holy Flame was one of the purest strengths Muyoung had, so there was nothing bad about raising its rank.

Muyoung turned his head.

The fire tars who gathered near him were all looking at him.

“From this moment, I will become the ruler of this place. Do you have any objections?”

“Shar-Shazar isn’t dead?”

“You are correct. But, I have raised him from the dead. He is now my slave.”

“We have promised. We must keep our promise. However, we still have Ogar, our vice chieftain. If you save Ogar, we will truly follow you.”

The fire tars were all in agreement.

Ogar. Muyoung also wasn’t planning to cast this issue aside.

“Alright. I will immediately go to save Ogar.”

Muyoung acted without any hesitation.

The fire tars followed him.

* * *

It was easy to finish off the rest of the devils.

When the devils saw Shar-Shazar, the devils didn’t even plan to fight, and after seeing that Shar-Shazar had become their enemy, they lost their will to fight.

There was nothing simpler than hunting devils that were trying to escape.

That is how they saved Ogar, but Ogar didn’t seem to be himself.

The horrible scars that covered his whole body. Although he was alive, he had lost consciousness. This showed everyone how much torture he had endured.

However, the treatment for his injuries was simple.

The ‘Divine Blessing’ skill Muyoung possessed was able to cure all his injuries at once.

“Muyoung… you have returned.”

As soon as Ogar woke up, he recognized Muyoung. His mind was strong and even through Shar-Shazar’s torture, he didn’t lose his mind.

He did show a strange expression after finding out Muyoung was now leading the fire tars, but soon accepted it.

Ogar had dreamed of creating a kingdom of fire tars, but he knew that unless the war with the devils ended, nothing could be achieved.

“Enroth will soon come to this place.”

“Enroth? It is the name of a demon king I have heard of. Then, I’ll let you use my name. It will help gather other fire tars.”

He had also gained Ogar’s cooperation.

When he declared he would help Muyoung, hundreds of fire tars joined each day.

‘We need to move faster than Enroth.’

Before Enroth reached him, he needed to reach Enroth. It was the same result but depending on the process, it would create a hugely different outcome.

But to do this, he needed to gather as many troops as he could. As if he understood Muyoung’s worries, Ogar spoke.

“The ‘swamp owners’, who live in the swamps will be able to help you. They are very strong, but they rarely show themselves. But if it’s you, you should be able to find them. You should go.”

Swamp owners?

Muyoung had never heard of them. But there was no way Ogar would lie to him.

If they were strong enough for Ogar to acknowledge them, they would be as strong as the fire tars, or perhaps even stronger.


The Demon King of Iron, Enroth. Muyoung began his preparations to defeat him.
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