The King of the Battlefield Chapter 216: Demon King of Iron, Enroth End


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Chapter 216: Demon King of Iron, Enroth (End)

Translator: Nadu

Editor: Sephtair

An overwhelmingly high number. No fire tar, not even the great chieftain, was able to challenge the 100th stage.

However, Muyoung had accomplished it. The 127th stage… The stage no one had ever reached, an unprecedented level.

Still, Muyoung didn’t seem satisfied.

‘For the 127th to be the last stage.’

The Endless Battlefield. Like the name, he expected it to continue endlessly.

Muyoung continued to progress through the stages.

Never stopping.

He believed he was faster than everyone else. However, that ended at the 127 stage.

After finishing off the artificially made dragons, Muyoung was brought back to reality. With the message that stated that no more battlefields existed.

As Woohee was in the progress of creating the Endless Battlefield, and thus hadn’t fully completed it, he knew it would end eventually, but he couldn’t avoid feeling unsatisfied.

His own limit. He wanted to see where it lay.

However, he couldn’t experience it. He had tried, but couldn’t reach it. There was nothing more unfulfilling than this.

That should have been the case, but then…

Muyoung looked at Shar-Shazar.

As soon as he came out, he met an opponent who could allow him to experience his own limits.

One of the three subordinates of Enroth, Demon King of Iron. And, it was the one who was said to be the strongest among the three: Shar-Shazar.

He never thought Shar-Shazar would invade this early.

But… it was rather a good thing. Muyoung took out Anguish.

To really work up a sweat, he needed to fight. He needed a strong opponent.

“You will kill me?”

Shar-Shazar laughed as if it was a good joke.

However, he was still surprised.

When did Muyoung enter his territory?

If Muyoung hadn’t said anything, and if Shar-Shazar didn’t ‘notice’ him, it was highly likely that he would have been openly attacked.

Shar-Shazar felt a slight chill.

It had been a while since he had met someone this good.

Of course, Shar-Shazar wouldn’t have died with just one surprise attack, but it would have greatly impacted his ego.

He wouldn’t be fooled twice.

‘Who is this guy?’

Even then, he still couldn’t help but wonder.

Muyoung’s outer appearance. Those six wings and that odd sense of extremity, how could he explain it? He wasn’t a devil, an angel, or a human, or even a dokkaebi.

If good and evil existed in this world, it was like he stood exactly in the middle.

It was the first time Shar-Shazar had met someone this strange.

That was why he could not play games as he did with Yatar. This was because Muyoung wasn’t an opponent he could fool around with. Just from looking at him, he felt like all his hair was standing on end.

“I will see if your lightning can still block my attacks.”

Muyoung held Anguish.

Then, an intense wave of light flooded the surroundings.

The stage was set up sooner than he had expected. He was going to gather his army and make preparations to attack Shar-Shazar, but, if he could kill him without any loss in this 1-on-1 duel, it was just as good.

As Muyoung could just act before the news reached Demon King Enroth.


Soon, the light that emitted from the sword became a fire, and swallowed Muyoung’s whole body.

Muyoung spread his wings and prepared to fly.

“These flames…!”

Shar-Shazar was surprised once again.

He couldn’t help but be surprised.

The flames that spread around Muyoung were something he was very familiar with.

The enemy of all demons, Diablo!

The flames Muyoung had were very similar to Diablo’s.

Muyoung didn’t care what Shar-Shazar was thinking, and leaped lightly.

Zzzzinnng! Zzzaaang!

A wall of electricity blocked Muyoung. Normally, the wall would have burned everything it touched, but in front of Muyoung’s flames, they were of no use.

The holy flames negated ones that were lower than their ‘rank’. Even if the lightning was Shar-Shazar’s authority, this meant that it was lower in rank compared to the holy flames.


And Shar-Shazar wasn’t the type to not realize this.

And so, he clenched his teeth more tightly. It would be embarrassing to be so overpowered by someone who was nothing more than a mere mixed breed.

Clang! Zzang! Thud!

Powers gathered. From the sky, a gigantic storm formed, and lightning shot down, making Shar-Shazar’s wall thicker.

The battle between shield and sword.

The fight of whether the sword pierces or the shield blocks had begun.

However, this simple action was enough to blow up the whole village.

Of course, if those flames were what Shar-Shazar thought they were, there would, of course, be a gap in their rank but…

“How do you possess those flames?!”

That couldn’t be possible.

Diablo was originally a demon god who shouldn’t exist in this world. An irregular.

There couldn’t be two of this sort of absurd existence.

If Muyoung had a relationship with Diablo, he was someone who all the demon kings and the demon gods should pay attention to. They would all try to get rid of Muyoung.

And if Shar-Shazar were to kill Muyoung right now, his value would grow even higher.

But, Muyoung didn’t reply.

Instead, he showed him.


Whenever Anguish struck like a whip, flames poured out and cracked the wall in numerous ways.

“If you don’t want to answer, I will force it out of you!”

Shar-Shazar changed his mind.

Although there was a difference in their power’s rank, he wasn’t an opponent he couldn’t win against.

If Muyoung wasn’t going to answer, he was going to force it out of him.

Then, the wall of electricity slowly started to clump up. And, formed a shape of a sword. Shar-Shazar held a sword.

It didn’t take long for him to find out that this was a grieve mistake.


The sword made out of electricity broke.

Muyoung was the master of all swords. He could see through everything that was considered a ‘sword’.

Even if it was a sword made out of electricity, as long as it was a sword, it couldn’t escape Muyoung’s eyes.

Grains exist even in electrical currents. Therefore, if it was in sword form, Muyoung could see the grains even more easily.

Shar-Shazar paused for a moment. He never thought his sword of lightning would be overturned this easily.

“So boring.”

Muyoung spoke with sincerity.

Even in his past life, Muyoung had not fought against a demon king.

Muyoung had mostly killed humans, and demon kings weren’t opponents he needed to face.

However, there was something he definitely felt from observing.

This was a demon king. A being that was higher than any devils.

Of course, in all things, there would be exceptions. This also applied to Shar-Shazar.

And so, Muyoung had high expectations, but if it continued like this, he was no different than any other devils.


That word had triggered Sha-Shazar’s pride.

An unknown, strange presence. Additionally, due to Diablo’s flames, he was confused.

‘He dares call me boring?!’

Shar-Shazar had a strong sense of pride. And not even a demon god, but an ambiguous mix of races had touched his pride.

Claaaash! Craaash!

Black lightning shot down, covering Shar-Shazar’s whole body.

Then, the black lightning became his armor and helmet.

It wasn’t like normal where he was naked. He had now put on some armor.

“No one has lived after seeing me in this form.”

Shar-Shazar provoked Muyoung.

He showed his self-confidence. It wasn’t an armor he showed just anyone, and showing this armor meant that he was definitely going to kill his opponent!

It meant he wanted to fight properly.

Muyoung slightly raised the corners of his lips.

Shar-Shazar’s true appearance. The Demon King of Black Lightning, Shar-Shazar!

‘Now, it should be worth fighting.’

Muyoung hadn’t even fully stretched his body yet.

Even the 127th stage of the battlefield couldn’t make him sweat.

For the first time, he was fighting a ‘demon king’.

So, while he fought Shar-Shazar, he was going to sweat like crazy and find out more about his limits.

Shar-Shazar needed to try harder than this.

Then, when Muyoung erased the smile from his face, the counter-attack started.


Huge black bolts of lightning struck and swallowed Muyoung.

* * *


Huge rays of light flashed everywhere.

A fight between strong beings would always make the land tremble. Also, it influenced others in their surroundings.

However, the light suddenly became calm. It was the moment when one being disappeared and returned to the land.

“Shar-Shazar’s star has gone out.”

A huge castle on top of a hill.

A man was sitting on a throne in the center of the castle, wearing a black cape.


Some called him the ‘Demon King of the End’, and others called him the ‘Demon King of Iron Blood’.

The names given as his accomplishments were all gruesome and nightmarish.

And Enroth knew that one of his three stars had fallen.

The stars of the land had whispered it to him.

“The Demon King of Lightning has…?!”

“Who in the world harmed him?”

“Was it another demon king?”


Numerous devil underlings were always on standby.

If they were to spread their wings, the land would die. All living things on this land would disappear. However, this would only happen if an order was given.

Enroth got up from his seat.

A huge figure. He was big enough to make most giants look small.

He threw his staff into the air. This staff, that he received from Amon, the Demon God who could use all sorts of different magic, had the power of knowledge.

“The one who harmed Shar-Shazar isn’t a demon king.”

“Is it another demon god?”

“It isn’t a demon god.”

“Then, is it one of the transcendental beings?”

“The owner of all mountains, the king of all dragons, and the child of the moon. No, it isn’t one of them either.”

The four transcendental beings who existed in different parts of the world.

If it was one of them, they could kill Shar-Shazar.

However, it wasn’t one of the four either.

“Then who in the world could harm the Demon King of Lightning? It can’t be possible.”

“He is a human being.”

The staff of knowledge was telling him that the person who killed Shar-Shazar was a human. However, that was all. No other information could be known besides this.

Nothing like this had ever happened. Unless the target was of the same or similar rank as a demon god, the knowledge wouldn’t activate. But, even when he activated his power of knowledge, there wasn’t much information he could find out…

This could only mean one thing.

“He is a ‘fissure’.”

A being who escaped death.

An unknown fissure was something that the demon gods were vigilant towards.

As they were unsure what would come out and what sort of phenomenon it could bring, they called it a ‘fissure’.

The one who controlled fissures the best was the Demon God of the 1st Seat, Baal, but fissures weren’t something that even he could fully control.

The human who killed Shar-Shazar was no different than a fissure.

The fissure had to be obliterated as as soon as it was observed. Especially if it wasn’t a fissure that was purposely created.

“Starting now, go to the area where Shar-Shazar was in charge of. And, kill the human.”

Enroth had given them an order.


At that moment, hundreds of thousands of devils all spread their wings.

Whenever they spread their wings, the land died without exception. Within that land, all living beings died. The same thing would happen again this time.

Through Enroth’s order.

This was an inevitable end.
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