The K-Pop Dream Chapter 125: Premiere


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"Dylan… are you sure? My company went bankrupt because of me.." Cha Bo asks doubtfully.

"Mr Cha, you might not cut it as a director, but from I've heard, you're more than a competent producer. I plan on setting up my own film company. If I'm satisfied by your team, I can take them in, so that they won't have to worry about putting food on their plates. "

Cha was ecstatic, he had been frustrated by his failure and had been planning to return home and farm away his remaining years.

Dylan's suggestion wasn't just benefitting him, but also his crew. Those people who he had collaborated with the couple for many years, they weren't just an employee-employer relationship, they were very good friends. His mistakes had cost them their jobs and he now he has the opportunity to atone for it.

He didn't need long to consider before he nods and answers "Very Well. To a happy partnership"

"To a long and fruitful relationship" I excitedly smile as I reach out my hand , which he proceeds to grab.

Afterwards, the two men began to discuss about The Man From Nowhere

During their talk , he learned about what I had planned.

"I want to complete the filming in about two months, and then take advantage of Eyeris and Lee Hyo's single hype to release it around May-June cinema season. With me winning a couple of awards recently has exaggerated a lot about me. So with this being my first film, the buzz will certainly be around. As long as we can make a good film, it will most definitely do well."

The two of us kept chatting under the lanterns of the café, we talked about a lot before we went our own ways, as I drove home.

Once I arrived, I received some good news. The main female leads parents, have hashed out details with Yuri-noona and have come to terms with a $50 000 pay check and one percent of the box office's profits.

How much that one percent would turn out to be- would be anyone's guess.

Soon after tying up some loose ends, and we were soon ready to shoot. The biggest hurdle, unsurprisingly was my lack of experience. More than a few talent refused to take on a risky role, no matter how big the pay check was.

Everyday was filled with non-stop negotiations, logistics discussions and script editing. Quickly the day approached when my first project as a director since my rebirth. The entire crew from the gaffers to the actors had finally been finalised.

A few of the crew were sent to a discreet town where we decided to shoot the scenes that happened at home, while the rest stayed in Seoul to ready the sets for the action scenes set to take place. Will one of the biggest filming studious in Korea on hand, shooting was definitely set to be a lot more convenient.

In order to repay me for providing his late wife's team a job or maybe out of concern Cha Bo appeared on the set everyday on time, wanting to guide the "novice" with his years of experience.

Day after day however, he soon found that I didn't require much help as I overhead him complaining to one of the hands, "The Kid doesn't have much impatience as a First time."

"Yes Hyung, his much more of a director than you" The other responds jokingly, " Kidding, I was surprised as well, he surprised me, he has such shooting experience. The kid is very orderly and methodically. His such a perfectionist too, he definitely has that artist mindset too"

Of course, when consecutive errors occurred, I was not the kindest on set.

"Hee-won! I want a dangerous expression, dangerous not just angry. Real fear is not violence, real fear is confidence. When the world is collapsing, and everything is burning around you, you sit calm. Knowing what is next. Damn it, we're only leasing this aircraft for the day. One Day! Now get your damn act in gear. Ji-soo, Focus the shot wider, stop aiming your camera at the titanium allow ceiling of the plane. F**k" Realising the age of others in the room, I turn slightly gentler " Sae-ron ah, you doing really well. We are almost done. Just a little longer okay hhmmhmm"

This madness was only exacerbated by my dual role as the male lead. Thankfully, my performance soon had all of the crew recognising my position as the director. So when Hee-won, the lead male villain and Korean superstar kept making mistakes, and I couldn't help but roar out, everyone present had already subconsciously forgot about his age as they turned completely silent.

Hee-won, the 30 year old, superstar didn't even think about the fact that he had just been scolded by a brat and even apologized: "I'm sorry. I get it the feeling now."

Ji-soo echoes similar sentiments. Many years later, when Ha Jisoo, won the Golden Dragon award for best cinematography, the Asian equivalent of the Oscar's, today's scene would be the first thing she remembered as she stood on the podium: "At that moment, I learnt the authority and responsibility of a director. Rather than seeing a twenty year old boy, I saw a man born to command and with a vision. Since then I've been working hard to one day bring his visions to life the same way he has. This is the closest I've gotten so far and I will continue to try for the rest of my career."

After one more NG, we finally wrapped up the scene as I breathed a sigh of relief taking the initiative to apologise to Hee-won: "I'm sorry for chiding you earlier, Hyung"

"Never mind bro. I was in the wrong. Besides you are definitely paying for drinks later." He says as he send me a warm smile before trying to flirt with a pretty stylist again.

Shaking my head: "That…." I wanted to tell him that I always pay but I just let it go as I order, " Okay, fighting team, prep in 10. Let's get ready!!!"

The next few days, I soon realised that every single member of the crew had changed their terms of address to "Director Park", even Cha Bo was no exception.

These days, I basically worked more than sixteen hours a day and to everyone's surprise, the entire filming process was complete in only one months time. The editing process itself was crazier as days and nights slowly became blurred. Even though I had the whole thing in my mind, and the speed was obviously astounding, the entire process took two weeks. Which made the editing team have look at me with both eyes of worship and hate.

A few weeks, later in the early morning a few dozen people were squeezing in a premium theatre. Most of them were the Man from Nowhere crew, while a few special guests, such as Hora, Won and even Tae were also present.

After a black title screen displayed, a hazy silhouette under the dim moonlight appeared ….

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