The K-Pop Dream Chapter 123: Getting Help


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October 9th, Filming for Eyeris was finally over, I had gotten my finally pay check and we successfully concluded the final wrap up with no real incidents.

Thus, I began working on the net step of my plan.


"Dylan, where are we going?" Hora asks curiously as she sits in the passenger's seat

Pulling the Man from Nowhere's script with my free hand from the glove box, I hand it to her, "Take a look at this first"

"Hora, looks at the name surprised: "The Man from Nowehere? Is this your new script?"

"Uh huh. I intend to shoot the film myself"

She scoffs lightly, "What? You're not kidding right? Do you even know where the camera's power button is?"

"I do" I stress, "By the way I want to become a director, not a cameraman"

"Fighting" She cheers confidently, "You still haven't told me where we're heading though?"

Hesitating for a moment "We are heading to …. Moon Won's home"


"Baechu, I need her help to find me someone for the female lead, she knows a lot of people"


Sighing heavily, I park on the roadside, unfastening my seatbelt as I look towards her and her pouting expression, " It seems that today. I'll first have to convince a jealous little girl"


"You understand right? No reason to act jealous. Let's go now"

I put back on my seatbelt as I start the car.

"Hey Dylan, you can find C.E.O or ask Yuri, there's so many other people why does it have to be …." In order to maintain her ladylike image, Hora quickly swallowed back her words.

"I told you, the second most important role in the film is the little girl, see's the motivation for all the hero's actions. I trust Won's eye; she is one of the most talented actresses I know. Real recognises real you know"

"Whatever" She says as she clenches her fists, looking out the window, no longer speaking.

Making our way to Moon Won's apartment, I enter the familiar complex, entering the all to familiar password we make out way inside.

"Won-ah" I shout, trying to get the attention of the resident who is nowhere to be found. All the while ignoring Hora's prying eyes at my easiness.

"Dylan! If you didn't come to see me, I was going to escape and find you"

My voice had just left my mouth, before the girl had already bounced off her seat, and thrown herself into my arms.

"You!" Hora's face darkens as she is completely ignored by the other female in the room.

Not paying any attention, Moon Won, pulls me towards the couch as she starts feeding me snacks which she enjoys

"So, Dylan, what can I do for you?"

"Can I not come and see you without motive?" I answer a bit embarrassed at being figured out so early

Won, curls her lips: "With Choo Bae? I doubt it. She probably forced herself to come too. Scared of what I might do"

"No, I didn't" Hora adds cutely

"Oh, then you can leave"


Rubbing my temples in distress, I secretly vow that I wouldn't let these two meet again in the future "Guys, give me a break. Truce please"

"Fine" The both agree.

Appeasing the two with a few words, I take out the script handing it to Won: "Won-ah, this is a new script. I want you to help introduce me to young actress who can fill the role of the female lead"

"How about me?" She says " I'll work for free, well maybe some private bonuses"

"Aish, the character is too young for you to play, just read it"

Won, chuckles as she puts her tongue in her cheek, taking the script looking at it for a bit " This is…. Really dark…. It's good…"

"So do you have anyone in mind?"

She nods her head slowly, "There might be someone… I worked with on Blue Dragon before, she should be old enough"

"Good" I answer excitedly "Can you introduce me?"

"No problem, but I want something in return" she says with a glint in her eyes

"What might that be?"

"Next time…."

"Next time?"

"Next time, you have a good script. Keep me in mind… especially if the male lead is Dylan Park"


Won stood up and smiled: "I'll give them ger a call for you"

She makes her way to the phone next to the window and starts dialling.

Hora leans on the couch full of resentment, her hands clutch onto the hem of my t-shirt, as she feels utterly useless. Even Won was of help to him, but not only was she not, she was also the one constantly on the receiving end. Coupled with Won's undisguised attempts towards her boyfriend, she couldn't help but become anxious.

Soon the call ends and Won brings back good news: the little girl's parents were happy for the opportunity and the agency was willing to have her audition, if the pay was good enough.

Noting the time and place of the meeting, I quickly got up to leave not wasting a single moment of time.

Won confidently forces a kiss on my cheeks during the farewell, very reluctant to let me leave.

On the way back, Hora was visibly upset as I kept trying to comfort her.

"Baechu. I'm sorry, I know you are really not comfortable with Won. But I don't know as may actors as she does, and find a talented girl for the role would have really taken way to long. So I really needed her help. I'll rely on myself for everything else. I promise"

Hora looks anxiously at me as she said " I understand… I really do… but you keep moving forward … back in Daegu, it felt like we were at the same starting point but now …. You just keep moving forward while I'm standing still"

"Choo…. Wherever I go, you are coming with. I'm never leaving you behind. I love the you in Daegu as a senior high school student, I love the you in Seoul, who is chasing her dreams and I love the you who you will become in the future"


"Forever and always"

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