The Invincible Monk Tang Chapter 206: Bazinga


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In the Hall of Miraculous Mist, before Monk Tang's words were finished, the scene was silent, and then the fairy gods of the heavenly court showed a sneer.

Damn it, did you say it was either kidnapping or kidnapping? This Golden Cicada X may not be a fool!

Don't say that the gods of the heavenly court have reacted in this way.

Even Pigsy's three people covered their faces with their hands-this Master is still unreliable!

Monk Tang naturally knew what he said, and no one would believe it. Monk Tang also did not intend to convince Jade Emperor and others. After all, no one is stupid.

However, Monk Tang still said it, because it was not for others to hear, but for Queen Mother to continue.

After all, Monk Tang blinked at Queen Mother ...

After receiving the gaze of Monk Tang, Queen Mother's eyelids just couldn't help jumping. She felt that she was the thief of Monk Tang. Today she did so many stupid things to look at. However, because the oath of heaven had been issued and she had to do it, after taking a deep breath, Queen Mother once again opened her mouth and said to the crowd, "Golden Cicada X was right. He didn't kidnap my palace but just wanted to talk with my palace. It was also a misunderstanding!"

As Queen Mother's words fell, the Hall of Miraculous Mist fell into a deathly silence again!

Jade Emperor and others are really speechless this time. Is this too fucking obvious? All of us can see that the Queen Mother is clearly on the side of Monk Tang and his four disciples. Otherwise, she would not have spoken for Monk Tang and others time and again.

However, all the people couldn't understand why the heavenly queen would help Monk Tang to speak ...

Jade Emperor's eyebrows are also beating from BangBang. Even if he is unpredictable, he is really angry at this time.

Although I had the idea of divorcing my wife for a long time, I hated Queen Mother's bullying and became more and more powerful in the heavenly court.

However, in front of his husband, he openly helped several other men to speak, which still made his face extremely hard, not to mention he was the head of the heavenly court, but it happened that he could not have another attack. now he did not want to fight Queen Mother and tried his best to suppress his anger. He smiled: "since Queen Mother said so, it is that I misunderstood!"

However, Jade Emperor quickly changed his tone and continued: "However, Golden Cicada X and others are trespassing on the sky. This should not be a misunderstanding. ? This is also a crime against heaven. I don't remember letting you in! " Jade Emperor's eyes gleamed with cold light and looked at Monk Tang and others.

Monk Tang was speechless when he heard these words. Jade Emperor really didn't want to let off his master and his disciples. He gave a loud cry and said, "Amitabfa, your majesty, you have misunderstood me again. I am not trespassing on heaven but seeking justice for my disciples. Is it not possible?"

Monk Tang's voice became louder and louder, especially when he thought of the fallen purple orchid, he was furious.

"Bastard! Gold CICADAX, I really think you are full of nonsense. Sun Wukong shot down the Southern Gate of Health and slaughtered my soldiers of the heavenly court. How can you even seek justice for him? I want to see how you get this justice! " When Jade Emperor heard these words and shouted loudly, his heart was filled with a sneer. Jade Emperor really didn't believe it this time. Monk Tang was able to say the flowers to offend Sun Wukong.

In order to kill Sun Wukong in a justified and fair manner, he and Lord Lao Zi have been plotting for a long time. the jade emperor did not believe that monkey Tang could still offend with one mouth. even Queen Mother could not stand on the side of monkey Tang.

"Your Majesty, you have misunderstood again!" Monk Tang spoke again and another misunderstanding came out!

The jade emperor was laughing and proud in his heart, but when he heard the word "misunderstanding", his brain could not help but ache. he called his mother straight in his heart. the jade emperor was shocked by the word "misunderstanding" and could not help but growl, "misunderstanding? Another misunderstanding? Gold CICADAX, I'd like to hear what a misunderstanding! ?"

"Amitabfa, Your Majesty, you have really misunderstood me. Although I came to seek justice for my disciple, I did not say that I was seeking justice for Sun Wukong, the senior disciple!" Monk Tang looked at Jade Emperor going on the rampage, and his heart was filled with pride, but his voice was still not urgent or slow.

When Monk Tang said this, except for Pigsy, he couldn't help being shocked. Not for Sun Wukong, but for whom? The crowd laughed and laughed out loud, thinking that Monk Tang had failed to do so and was importuning.

Jade Emperor naturally thinks the same way. His heart is firmly fixed. He mainly accuses Monk Tang et al. and falls into his hands. Even if Mon Tang et al. cannot be killed, he also has a way to make Monk Tang et al. have no choice but to die. Thought of this, Jade Emperor just cannot help but chuckle and say: "Well, Golden Cicada X, then you say, I'd like to hear which disciple you give you for justice!"

"However, the ugly words before him, if you can't say it, I won't spare you, Tian Tiao Er and so on can't escape!"

"Your Majesty need not worry, I will definitely not be punished by heaven!" Monk Tang chuckled at the remark.

Jade Emperor gasped at the corners of his mouth: Sister when have I worried about you?

Monk Tang didn't care about Jade Emperor's inner play. He continued to speak. At the moment, his voice was a little deafening: "I came to heavenly court to seek justice for my six disciples Fairy Zilan. Instead, I would like to ask His Majesty Jade Emperor, who keeps calling out heavenly rules, which heavenly rules my apprentice Fairy Zilan has committed and should be punished by the immortal hay cutter?"

When the last word sounded, the momentum of Monk Tang's body also climbed to the extreme, with his eyebrows upside down and a glaring arhat.

At the same time, a huge Buddha arhat shadow appeared behind Monk Tang, shining golden light and glaring at him.

If you look closely, the face of arhat's virtual shadow is somewhat similar to Monk Tang at this time, not any arhat Buddha that already exists.

Unfortunately, everyone was attracted by Monk Tang's words.

The hall was filled with a low voice of surprise when the voice of Monk Tang dropped.

"what? Fairy Zilan turned out to be Golden Cicada X's apprentice? How is that possible? "

"Are you kidding? When did Golden Cicada X receive new disciples, not just Sun Wukong's four? "

Even the Queen Mother, who has restored the female Wang Fan, couldn't help narrowing her eyes and gave Monk Tang a surprised look.

The Queen Mother is no stranger to Fairy Zilan. After all, she is the fairy she wants to manage, so she knows a lot.

For example, Fairy Zilan is a purple orchid accompanying Sun Wukong, and the Queen Mother knows it very well, but the Queen Mother really does not know that Fairy Zilan's Master will be this Golden Cicada X?

The jade emperor was shocked when he heard this and then said flatly, "Golden Cicada X, how is it possible that you said Fairy Zilan was your apprentice? Do you have any evidence? When did Zilan worship you as a teacher? ?"

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