The Invincible Monk Tang Chapter 205: Jade Emperor's Assistance


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In the Hall of Miraculous Mist, all the immortals looked at Monk Tang and his four disciples one by one with their eyes blazing fire, hoping to kill them immediately.

Bold, really bold, dare to openly kidnap the heavenly queen.

No one can understand how Monk Tang has the courage to say that kidnapping can really be kidnapped.

But also in front of the Hall of Miraculous Mist and their many fairy gods.

If this were to come out, the heavenly court incident would probably be the headline news in the heavens and the earth, and it would be a shame to throw it home.


The Hall of Miraculous Mist's fairy gods spewed smoke from their mouths and mouths one by one. It is absolutely impossible for the four Monk Tang people to escape. This is an important matter concerning the face of the heavenly court and their own face. Only by taking down the four Monk Tang masters and disciples, no, all five can the heavenly court save face.

However, the gods were dismayed to find that Damn it, for example, could not do anything about how angry he was.

As long as Queen Mother is still in Monk Tang's hands, they must be as honest as grandchildren!

One by one, they were all thinking about how to rescue Queen Mother from Monk Tang's hands unscathed.

However, just when the fairy gods in the heavenly court were scratching their heads and could not think of a good way, Queen Mother actually spoke, and when she spoke, she made them incomparable muddled and all the black question marks: Damn it, who told me what this was like?


Monk Tang said everything he could say to the heavenly queen, and with jade imperial's two' aids', he finally persuaded the heavenly queen not to care about the peach theft, and also let the other side make the corresponding heaven oath.

After receiving the heavenly oath of the heavenly queen, Monk Tang finally breathed a sigh of relief and felt as if one by one of the Hall of Miraculous Mist was about to eat the eyes of their master and disciples. he just picked his mouth and said to the heavenly queen, "empress, it's up to you now!"

-hey, let you stare, let you dumbfounded in a minute!

"Master, have you finished talking with the empress?" Seeing that Monk Tang finally stopped talking with Queen Mother, Pigsy couldn't help asking.

I felt the eyes of burning anger. To tell the truth, the three brothers of Pigsy are really under great pressure.

"Well, well, you can unlock the seal for the empress." Monk Tang nodded when he heard these words, and Pigsy three people immediately breathed a sigh of relief.

"Yes, yes, I know!" When Pigsy heard these words, she nodded repeatedly and immediately untied the seal on Queen Mother. Although she did not know what Monk Tang and Queen Mother had talked about, Pigsy believed Monk Tang!

A moment later, Queen Mother resumed her cultivation. Her majesty was very strong. After taking one look at Monk Tang, she said casually to the fairy gods of the Healthy Court: "Well, I'm fine. Everything was a misunderstanding. I didn't lose my flat peach. I heard it wrong!"

Although Queen Mother said casually, she was dumbfounded one by one like a thunderbolt to all immortal gods.

Damn it? Misunderstanding? Misunderstanding Crap has kidnapped you. Can this be a misunderstanding? We are not blind.

Monk Tang hey hey straight joy, looking at the following one by one dumbfounded appearance, just can't help but laugh, the mood thief cool.

Jade Emperor heard these words over there are also some muddled. How can it take a lot of effort to solve the death of Monk Tang by turning it into a misunderstanding? Jade Emperor's eyes flashed clean. Although he did not understand what had happened between Monk Tang and Queen Mother in such a short time, Jade Emperor was unwilling to let it go.

Jade imperial immediately shouted: "bold demon monk, you dare to bewitch Queen Mother, when over! Somebody, take it down for me! "

As soon as this remark is made, the fairy gods of the heavenly court will have their eyes lit up. yes, Queen Mother must have been bewitched to say such silly words.

So one by one, anger flared up again, and one by one, if Queen Mother were not still by Monk Tang's side, they would have attacked him.

However, although we can't attack with our hands, we can't stop firing one by one.

"Golden Cicada X, you demon monk, dare to bewitch the Queen Mother. This is an even more serious crime!"

"Demon monk, let the heavenly queen go!"


Monk Tang was stunned when he heard Jade Emperor's words. I didn't expect Jade Emperor to have this move. Jade Emperor's shameless Monk Tang was seen.

However, Monk Tang was not in a hurry to refute and even sneered. Although Monk Tang did not expect Jade Emperor to say so, Jade Emperor said such words at this time, not only would he not fall into passivity, but would make Queen Mother believe what he said more.

The more Monk Tang finds out that there are enemies like Jade Emperor at this moment, people are really a very lucky thing. Jade Emperor can be said to be smart but he is mistaken. The more he says and does, the more he is against himself.

Monk Tang almost wanted to shake hands with jade imperial and say, "big brother, you're a really good assistant!"

Monk Tang glanced at the heavenly queen and saw her phoenix eyes narrowed slightly. her eyes turned to jade imperial. she listened to the chaotic voice of the gods. phoenix's eyebrows puckered and her momentum suddenly exploded. she shouted, "enough, everyone, shut up. isn't it clear if my palace has been bewitched? Who can bewitch my palace? Jade imperial, what do you say? "

Queen Mother's voice boomed in the Hall of Miraculous Mist, and in an instant, it drowned out the voices of the gods.

Feeling the great momentum of Queen Mother, all the immortals shut up immediately. Indeed, Queen Mother is so powerful that she can bewitch Queen Mother in all spheres of the heavens. However, Golden Cicada X and others alone can't do it. They couldn't help looking at Jade Emperor: Your Majesty, we are following your words and watching you.

Jade Emperor's mouth twitched, and the swing of the wall was indeed unreliable.

Jade Emperor smiled gently: "Since Queen Mother said it was a misunderstanding, it was a misunderstanding. However, although Monk Tang did not steal flat peaches, it is a fact that Monk Tang kidnapped Queen Mother. You will still be punished. Otherwise, what is the majesty of our heavenly court?"

"Yes, we must not let go of the bold Golden Cicada X!"

"We must be strict and maintain the dignity of a heavenly court!"

Queen Mother's frown tightened even more. It was also an accident that Jade Emperor was so aggressive and did not know how to speak at that time.

Monk Tang picked his eyebrows when he heard these words. This Jade Emperor was indeed much worse than his judgment. He was a wily man. Although he made some miscalculations in his previous words, Queen Mother temporarily took their side, but he still held the initiative back in his hand.

However, Monk Tang did not worry too much. Queen Mother is on their side now. Monk Tang has the confidence to leave heavenly court safely. He immediately took a step forward and said with a nondescript Buddhist name: "Amitabfa, Your Majesty, it was all a misunderstanding. I didn't kidnap the Empress. I just wanted to have a good talk with the Empress and get closer."

As soon as Monk Tang said this, the scene immediately quieted down, and then all the fairy gods of heavenly court laughed.

-damn it, who believes what you say!?

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