The Invincible Monk Tang Chapter 204: Beauty Smells Good


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When the heavenly queen was protected on the ball, Pigsy's big hand fell on the ball.

In order to catch the heavenly queen at once, Pigsy really used all his strength this time. space, where his big hands passed, was inch by inch split, but with such a strong force, it just made the surface of the ball produce a little ripple.

And, Bang, Pigsy was shot out.

"Master, the treasure on Queen Mother is so powerful and well-defended that I can't break it. What should I do?"

Pigsy's body flashes and appears beside Monk Tang.

At this point, Monk Tang is also a little surprised but also feels inevitable. If Queen Mother doesn't have some good treasures, it would be strange!

However, this does not mean that Monk Tang will put down the idea of kidnapping the Queen Mother and immediately shouted, "I'll give it a try!"

After saying this, Monk Tang once again rolled up his sleeves and shrank to disappear. When he appeared, he was already behind the heavenly queen and still appeared in the transparent ball of light ...

The face of the heavenly queen changed greatly. I didn't expect that Monk Tang could break through the enchantment formed by her treasure by blinking, which shocked me deeply.

To know the teleport is a necessary skill in immortal cultivation. Immortals above human beings can teleport. The difference is only that the distance of teleport is different. The higher the culture, the farther the distance of teleport is.

But the teleport that can penetrate enchantment did not, at least not before that.

At the same time as the shock, the heavenly queen was preparing to kill Monk Tang himself.

Although Queen Mother only lets others do it before, this does not mean that Queen Mother has no fighting capacity. On the contrary, Queen Mother's strength is also very high in the world.

However, Monk Tang was already prepared, and immediately after entering the enchantment ball, he shouted, "Give me the power to block her."

Pigsy, Sandy, and Little White Dragon respectively pointed out one finger, and the most powerful seal magic of their own was applied to Queen Mother. Queen Mother's charming body suddenly became soft and became a person without cultivation. She almost fell down.

Monk Tang has a sharp eye and a quick hand. one hand is to hold him!

At once, a faint fragrance crept into Monk Tang's nostrils. Monk Tang couldn't help rippling. It was really beautiful and fragrant.

And, the palm is also coming, smooth and delicate touch, can't help but touched two more.

"Golden Cicada X, you really dare to kidnap my palace! ?" Queen Mother was shocked and angry. At the same time, her face turned crimson. The heat from the palm of Monk Tang made Queen Mother feel ashamed and angry ...


"let go of Queen Mother!"

In the Hall of Miraculous Mist, the immortals were furious and roared loudly. The immortals were boiling all over and wanted to kill Monk Tang.

"Amitabfa, I advise you to calm down. If I get excited and hurt the empress, it will be bad. Who can afford the responsibility?" When the heavenly queen was kidnapped, Monk Tang's heart was relieved. After leaving the ripples in his heart behind, he said with such arrogance.

At the moment, although it seems that the dilemma has not been lifted, the initiative is already in hand, and Monk Tang is confident again.

As soon as Monk Tang said this, all the immortals, who were furious, immediately threw caution to the wind and became honest one by one.

Queen Mother is indeed the world's highest female fairy. After being kidnapped successfully by Monk Tang, she has completely calmed down at the moment except for her initial panic. "Golden Cicada X, do you know what is the crime of kidnapping my palace? If we release our palace now, we can forgive you for your innocence, otherwise, there will be no shelter for your master and disciples in the heavens and the world. "

Hearing these words, Monk Tang's eyes narrowed slightly and sighed with a sigh. Queen Mother was indeed not a simple role. If other people listened to these words, they might let Queen Mother go. However, Monk Tang didn't take the bait and said with a chuckle: "Empress, to tell the truth, I can't force myself to do this. Kidnapping Empress is really not what I want. If you don't do this, how can Empress give me a chance to speak like this?"

The Queen Mother also felt that Monk Tang was not simple and laughed coldly: "Oh, then you have not done the same!"

Monk Tang smiled gently and answered, "Empress, can I have a good talk with you now?"


All this is slow to say, but in fact, it is only a matter of a few breaths. In a few blink of an eye, Queen Mother was kidnapped by Monk Tang. While all the gods were furious, Jade Emperor was furious.

Although Jade Emperor wanted to leave Queen Mother in his heart, she was still his wife at the moment. When she saw Queen Mother kidnapped, Jade Emperor couldn't help but get angry. A sharp flash of anger flashed through her eyes and she shouted, "Golden Cicada X, how dare you to kidnap Queen Mother openly. Even if you surrender now, I won't let you go!"

At first glance, this sounds nothing, but if you think about it carefully, you will find that this is actually very diabolical. This is forcing Monk Tang to do something. Monk Tang is a person who is more concerned. When Jade Emperor's voice just fell, Monk Tang just couldn't help saying to Queen Mother: "Empress, are you enemies with Jade Emperor?"

"Golden Cicada X, what do you mean?" Queen Mother's eyebrows wrinkled and she did not understand the meaning of Monk Tang. Although the relationship between her and Jade Emperor has not been very good all these years, there are even some contradictions and fights, but there is no hatred.

"tut tut tut!" Hearing these words, Monk Tang couldn't help slurping his voice and gave Queen Mother a good translation of what Jade Emperor said earlier.

"Golden Cicada X, are you stirring up our relationship?" Queen Mother is also a voice.

Monk Tang blinked. it turns out that jade imperial and Queen Mother are still the same couples here as in the original book. then he said, "haha, I'm not stirring up trouble. I'm just saying one possibility. it's up to you, empress."

Queen Mother's eyes glistened and she hesitated for a moment before sending a voice: "Golden Cicada X, what do you want to talk to my palace? This is what I hear. "

Hearing these words, Monk Tang breathed a sigh of relief. He felt that his immediate predicament had been solved. His lips moved slightly and he continued to pass on his voice. He told Queen Mother all of his words. While listening, Queen Mother couldn't help glancing at Jade Emperor from the corner of her eye.

When Monk Tang and Queen Mother had a voice-to-voice conversation, Jade Emperor frowned over there and looked at the silent Monk Tang and Queen Mother again and said, "Golden Cicada X, I will give you one last chance, release Queen Mother quickly, and I will leave you a full corpse."

Jade Emperor always felt that Monk Tang and Queen Mother should not be in contact for too long ...

"Well, I will trust you for the time being. I can not care about your stealing my flat peach this time, or I can let you leave heaven safely. But I will remember that I will let you return the things you kidnapped today!" After hearing Jade Emperor's second speech, Empress Queen Mother was just like this.

Hearing these words, Monk Tang couldn't help but smile. Indeed, women hold grudges very much, but it is also a sigh of relief. As a result, the best results can already be achieved. He couldn't help glancing at Jade Emperor. If it weren't for Jade Emperor's two words, it would be really difficult to convince Queen Mother. Suddenly, Monk Tang felt that enemies like Jade Emperor are sometimes good-maybe he would hit his own foot and assist you.

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