The Invincible Hero Chapter 108: Shadows


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The Dachi-Skyth Empire is the Sippar Empires' greatest enemy. Their territories directly abutted one another. The Empires fought for thousands of years and both Empires lost and gained territory from each other. Their borders were constantly changing. The front lines of the border worlds were constantly contested.

The Dachi-Skyth is an Empire made up of two powerful kingdoms. More than forty thousand years before, these two great kingdoms joined together to form on a united superpower. To demonstrate the unity of the empire their emperor's name was Emperor Dachi Skyth. No one knew how many emperors have ruled the empire over the course of the last forty thousand years. There was a rumor that the empire has only had one emperor.

The upstart Sippar Empire was much younger being less than ten thousand years old. It formed from the remnants of the Dachi-Skyth old nemesis the AkHati Empire. The AkHati Empire was destroyed at the start of the Dachi-Skyth Empire over forty thousand years ago. It came to an end through the military might of the newly forged power of the Dachi-Skyth.

After the destruction of the AkHati Empire, several small kingdoms formed. These smaller empires were subjugated by the Dachi-Skyth. For thirty thousand years the Dachi-Skyth was uncontested. It wasn't until the rise of a New King named Rone Sippar that the Dachi-Skyth finally found itself seriously challenged. King Sippar conquered the other small kingdoms and formed the new Sippar Empire. The Sippar Empire and the Dachi-Skyth have warred ever since.

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The Dachi-Skyth Imperial Palace was made a dark metallic alloy that looked like the void of space and at night, the palace seemed to sparkle with stars. It was an impressive wonder of architecture and manufacturing. It was known as the Sen Cosmic Palace.

Within the throne room of the palace, Emperor Dachi Skyth sat upon this ancient throne. His throne sat on a platform that was accessed by walking up one hundred steps. This is why it was called the one hundred steps throne. Each step had its platform. The bottom of the stairs was where the most common members of the palace stood. Each step up represented an elevation of status. The further up the fewer the number of people and the smaller the platform.

The custom of titles in the Dachi-Skyth Empire referenced the step the figure stood on. These numbers served as their title and when at court their step number was sewn onto their clothes on the left side above the heart, for most humanoids.

When the Emperor held court, the nobles, priests, military leaders, and ministers stood on their platform. For those not on the planet, a Qlone represented them. Qlones were clones of individuals who took quantum essence from an individual and used it to create a mind and body in the image of the person. The quantum essence used to create the Qlones allowed for the person's mind to be present in the court. The Qlone acted as a receiver and the individual could communicate no matter where in the universe he or she was.

One of the highest-ranked Nobles, 97th Step Lord Daethinian, was currently trapped near a black hole on the Counter-ring of the universe. It was like being on the other side of the world from another person. 97th Step Lord Daethinian arrived in this location five-thousand years before an accident. Only the Emperor knew the details of the accident.

His rank rose steadily over the years because of the new technologies and scientific knowledge he was able to send. Although he was trapped, his location matched with the unique properties of being near a black hole, allowed him to "see" parts of the universe unknown to the Dachi-Skyth Empire. 97th Step Lord Daethinian could use the black hole to "spy" on other species and civilizations.

Utilizing the knowledge 97th Step Lord Daethinian provided, The emperor quietly built the strength of his empire. Biding his time, the emperor would begin his bid for galactic conquest. His first target of conquest, of course, was the Sippar Empire.

"The time to strike against the Sippar Empire is here! Their military is weak, it is plagued by internal struggles, and its financial strength has strongly declined. We have our agents placed in the highest offices in the Empire. The Sippar emperor has little real power and it is the nobles who rule.

We have already tested the effective control we have by destroying a dwarf village. The Orc race is ready for a new master. With your permission eternal emperor, I propose we launch a full-scale invasion!" An eighty-third step noble, 83rd Step Lord Kin of Stron, concluded his passionate action request.

The Emperor sat on his ancient throne unmoving. His head slightly turned to his left indicating for the person on the ninety-ninth step to speak for him. A middle-aged, handsome man wearing dark blue robes with firey red trim and graying temples step forward.

The Immortal Emperor doesn't feel it is necessary to directly attack the Sippar Empire. We will continue to create chaos and strife within. Command our agents to let the most trusted pillars of the Sippar tear each other apart. We will continue to humiliate the Sippar line and bring them to their knees and then we will make Sippar our dog! Let them fragment once more into the small petty kingdoms they once were," 99th Sen of Empire said.

99th Sen was one of the Emperor's many descendants. He was the right hand of his father and only he and his mother, the current Empress sat on the 99th step. No one sat on the 100th step. Above the 100th step was the platform of the Emperor. The Empty 100th step was a statement, no one was deserving enough to be so close in power to the emperor. Even his wife and current favorite son were only worthy to take the 99th step.

"If this is the desire of the Immortal Emperor, then we shall obey," 83rd Step Lord Kin of Stron said. All of the people on the Steps bowed to the throne, not to the 99th Step Sen of Empire.

"Have our agents turn the cadet training excursion on Juren a major topic," 99th Step Sen of Empire said.

With a surprised look, 83rd Step Lord Kin of Stron asked, "My Lord 99th Step Sen of Empire, is Juren an important target?"

"No, it's completely arbitrary, it's just entertaining to watch the Sippar Nobles assassinate the geniuses of their families!" 99th Step Sen of Empire laughed evilly. A slight smile was hinted on the face of the Emperor.

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