The incomplete saga Chapter 12: CHAPTER 10


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So finally I won back Sneha Baruah" he said proudly in front of his friend Amar.
"But why you tried to leave him Sneha?" Amar asked me.
"I don't know may be I was lost or got attracted towards him" I replied although I don't wanted to be at that party that day. It was Amar's birthday party. After few minutes Amar went out of the house to bring his girl friend.
"so, why did you reply like this shameless" Rohan turned to me.
"you know, why. Don't ask me again. I was not lost it was you who forced me to." I replied.
"So you want to say , you still have something for him" and took another seep of his drink.
"yes, and it will continue" I said and stood up when suddenly he grabbed me from back, pushed me towards the wall and shout " so you are still into him??"
"you are sick , am leaving" and I tried to stood up again but he grabbed me. I tried to move when suddenly he slapped me and that was the zenith of my patience. I pushed him hard . Amar entered the room by that time.
"Amar sorry, I have an important work, I've to leave" I said and leave his home. Rohan argued to come with me , which I tried to ignore. He took my phone and updated our photo in social media profile and said " Lets check, how your Rishi react to this, how true is his love !". I kept quite and took the cab silently.
"so, how it feels " Rohan called me
"Horrible, you are not human"
"So a slut like you, you are born for this, so enjoy"
I dnt know how could anyone behave like him. With days my life became hell. I lost the hope even to live a life again. Everytime I tried to keep me safe from him. I tried to find new ways to move faraway. The fear of him made me a person with all negativities. I passed each day in the fear that he might come to my home and might tell everything to my parents. I was subsumed in a darker corner of my own life.

After few months
"who is this guy" he questioned me.
"he's my friend since class eight and he proposed me in class eleven but I said no"
"than why he is texting you again"
"c'mon yaar he proposed me in class 11 when we were kids and now he just regretted and laughed saying all about it and he's getting married too, what's wrong in it" I said taking back my phone.
" thats why I keep on saying you are a slut, you slept with him too right"
I dnt know why Rohan always made me slept with every other guy , I never understand what he wanted from me. When I left him he forced me to return back in his life and when I was in his life he made me slept with every one.
"if I'm that bad why you forced me to be with you every time, leave me ' I'll be happy"
"happy with whom ?your Rishi, he's not waiting for you any more, he may be had thousand girls around him and might had gossiped about you to many people"
" yes , I know he's not waiting for me and I don't want him to wait, all these is just because of you but you know what he's is not like you."
"shut up ," and he slapped me . I cried but he continued his speech of me being an mistress. That day I don't know from where I got the courage to freed myself from all burdens. To be free of all fears and I wiped my tears pushed him back and said " I don't love you , and I promise now I'll not return to your life again. You don't deserve any girl , if you cant respect anyone you don't deserve love and yes I hate you , I know I should told you the day you questioned about my character , laughed on me for not being a virgin. I dnt have any problem with me, I'd done all these in love and I'll not regretted for all these ever." And I leaved the room.
I called Rima that night. I couldn't able to control and spoke out to her about my relation with Rishi and Rohan. I was surprised she was not shocked infact she tried to handle me. As a best buddy she encouraged me to stand in life again. To fight against the injustice , against Rohan. She gave me the courage to remain still, to face his sickle mind. It took me one month to freed myself from the mental slavery. I was never in love with Rohan may be that was the reason I moved on so easily. His thoughts didn't haunted me anymore. In all the scenario if I missed some one was Rishi, if I lost some one was Rishi. Rima told me to reveal the truth to Rishi but I decided not to hurt him again in life as I promised him not to interfere in his life again ever.
My experiences with love was never pleasant the perfectly looking Aditya and Shivani too spilted. I never understood who was to be blamed for it, might be Shivani, Aditya, time or distance. Shivani's parents showed the eager to met Aditya one day and told him to marry her as soon as possible. But this was not acceptable to Aditya as he was still in college. He was not left with any option and told her parents to give her hands to someone else if they find it convenient . This broke Shivani totally , she was struggling with her parents for Aditya till now but after his proclamation she was not left with anything. She even hanged herself in the fan. On the other hand I saw Aditya too , screaming and crying for her, Aditya! The tough looking guy which I never expected would cry for anyone too cried in love . Shivani got married to someone else. Every one of us were splitted. We met each other when we were still amateur in life and now when we are in these pace when we can act we are left with no option rather than behaving like strangers. We all had a mesmerizing past together and yes it will be an incredible part of our life forever. I too moved on and somehow this time I was not worried about the outcome. Life had taught me few lessons now. I was not worried of losing anyone but yes I knew that I had lost the faith in love for ever but I decided not to intermingled myself between these two person and moved on alone with my parents as before .Now I dnt need to act to be in love with someone, no need to listen someone questioning about my character.I am a free bird now. Slowly and calmly my negativities I acquired vanished and after a long spell I recognized of being myself.
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