The incomplete saga Chapter 11: CHAPTER 9


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Present Day…
And the entire night I kept on thinking about those days, our life 3 years ago. I was grown into a mature girl for the world now. But I never did anything sound that matured in my life. I was still fighting with my thoughts and it continued till dawn. I jumped out of my bed early as was awake the entire night. I thought finally although late everything would be ok . I just started talking to Rishi and don't know when I moved back to those days completely. I was happy since we were talking for few weeks now. He seems to be absolutely the same guy I left 3 years ago. Life ran in a fast pace when suddenly one day I got an message from an unknown no.
" So, you bitch forget me", this text was from Rohan . Yes, Rohan that guy I met in university 3 years ago and my boy friend since I left Rishi till few months ago. I was alone after I left Rishi. His absence depressed me every second . In the mean time my friendship with Rohan grew just like any ordinary girl's life. We started roaming together, spending more times. I started enjoying spending time with him but I never expected that one day we'll be in a relationship. One day Rohan and I confessed that we like each other and will be good friends forever. I never told all the secrets I had with Rishi, but by this time it felt that I should tell everything. I shared everything starting from my first kiss to my making out . But surprisingly Rohan didn't react. Indeed he hold my hands and said " I don't have any problem with you of not being virgin, I am in love with your eyes and this seems to be so perfect". Somehow these words touch me again. Being a normal girl I too was flattered on his words and finally one day I accepted our relation.
months later….
" you love me" Rohan asked me.
" yes" I said .
"Then why you don't want to come close towards me,"
"What do you mean Rohan?" I asked.
"I don't want to hurt you but I feel that you don't love me like u loved Rishi"
"Nothing is like that, and please don't compare everything with Rishi"
"Then why you deprived me of my rights"
"What kind of rights..Sex…is this is what you want"
"no, I don't want your body, I want your love, you pushed me back that day when I tried hold you tight, you were hesitating of being so closed why, you still love him, if you than you can leave me right now"
I wished I could told him that day yes I loved Rishi and I cant imagine anything with anyone but its too late for everything and I simply answered " no I love you and I am not hesitating , I was shy. I dnt feel anything for Rishi now"
Few weeks later…
"Honey , you could hold me as tight as you can" and Rohan grabbed me into his arms. He locked his lips into mine. I closed my eyes not because I was feeling love but because I had these enough with Rishi. He touched me everywhere and I too surrendered as I was his official girlfriend now and I have to pretend to be in love. Back in the home that night I felt so weird , I questioned myself how could I ? That day I decided not to think about Rishi and continued my relation with Rohan. But destiny never want me to forget Rishi, his thought hindered every another day sometimes after seeing him in gymanastic championships and sometimes after Rohan argued about my relation with Rishi. There was not a single day when Rohan scolded me for my past .
I dnt know why Rohan called me again. According to him I was the ugliest of his girl friend than why he texted me again. I never told my parents that I broke up with Rohan , as I never had the courage to said once again that their daughter broke up again. But these time I had Rishi with me . I told Rishi that Rohan is contacting me, Rishi didn't react any thing and said " its your problem , solved it the way you want". I decided to told Rohan about me Rishi .
"Look Rohan, you never respected me , and now I have Rishi with me again . I love him, so please dnt try to puzzled things". I thought Rohan would understand but what happened next day was beyond my expectations. Rohan texted me " I can lose you or accept your relation with any guy but I will not lose you in Rishi's hand. If you don't return to my life right now I swear I'll tell everything about you and Rishi to your parents." I ignored Rohan text as I thought he said all these just to scared me but he actually came to my home that evening . My sister was sitting in the living room when he entered the room . " you , know your sister's ex boyfriend , he and your sister had done many wrong things and …" he tried to continue but I pushed him back out of the room and asked my sister to leave.
"Rohan what's wrong , you can't force me for .."
"I can , I definitely can , you still have time"
"ok I promise that I'll not contact Rishi, I'll leave Rishi but please go now" I requested him .
He leave but he put me in the web again . on one way I want to be with Rishi , but on the other way I had Rohan. I never thought that Rohan could do all these. I knew that he don't respect me but he never respected my parents too. I knew that if I leave Rishi this time it would mean losing him for entire life. I dnt know what to do . Rishi kept on calling, sometimes I responded and sometimes not but he always remained calm to me. I said that I need time , he was angry but yet never uttered any words for me,we stopped talking again. But somehow my heart was not prepared to lose him again and one day I decided to said all about the incident and called Rishi again .
"hello, Rishi"
"Now , what do you want Sneha, you betrayed me twice and thanks its you because of whom now I'll never trust any girl, you pushed me to be alone again, so now what do you want" he said shouting at me.
"nothing, I am sorry I'll never contact you again, I called you because I just want to tell you that don't wait for me I'm getting engage by next year, be happy ." I said as I was scared about the outcome that would happen If I would told him the truth. I knew that I lost him now, I' d accepted my destiny again. I tried to moved on with Rohan again, although I never wanted to.
I dnt have the fear to losing anything anymore. I lost the feeling of love from my life. I dnt felt anything even when Rohan touches me thousand times. He too got new reasons to scold. He kept on saying
"so, you never forget his touch , so returned to him even after 2years" but I ignored him everytime. I dnt know why he kept on saying that he could leave me if I would love some other guy apart from Rishi.
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