The incomplete saga Chapter 10: CHAPTER 8


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After few months...
"you can't leave me Rishi, I can't live without you" I cried holding Rishi tight.
"I am not leaving you Sneha, you are my lifeline, but I have to go for our future" Rishi said still holding my hands. Rishi was moving to Chennai for higher studies. Apart from all my insecurities for Rishi I felt very bad that day. It felt like something is going to happen. But I never expected the worse thing to happen thereafter. We kept talking, Anjali continued with her opinions about Rishi. I ignored her often but when I used to be alone her words disturbed me along with all those incidents of past.
"Sneha, you are still continuing with that guy" Anjali asked me .
"Yes, why" I asked her. I was very upset that day. We fought and didn't talk for two days.
"And fought again, right" she continued
"Hmmm, since last two days" I said wiping my tears.
" I told you he doesn't love you, he might be flirting with someone and look at you, crying for him"
"What can I do, am helpless Anjali" I cried and hug her.
"Don't cry , listen tell him that you lost your interest on him and observe how he responds" she said. I tried her formula but it didn't work. Rishi didn't show any interest in my words.
"It didn't work, he didn't respond" I said anjali.
"Then ask him when will he marry you"
"Then?" I paused.
"If he really loves you he must have planned it and if not he'll refuse"
I asked Rishi about marriage that day and the answer I got was shocking , he refused to marry me and said" I can't marry you till 35years". I couldn't understand what he meant by that. Who waits for 35years..?? And what if he refused after that too?? His words blew the entire feeling I had for him. All these 3years seemed to be in vain. All those kisses, promises seemed to be a lie. I cried the entire night, regretting for my decision to love him, to introduce him to my family to be so close to him. And that was it, I decided to leave him.
Meanwhile, I got the opportunity to play badminton in GU. It proved to be the best remedy that healed my wounds. It diverted my mind to a great extent.
"Hey, you play gymnastic" Rohan, one of our badminton mate asked me.
"yes, I used to not now" I answered.
"Nice, so you are very flexible" he asked trying to proceed the conversation but I ignored and moved to play.
After few days…..
"Look sneha I love you, " Rishi texted me after two weeks. But by that time I'd decided not to return to his life.
"so what, I dnt love you" I text back and blocked his number.
" ok , if you are so desperate about marriage than I'll marry you , at 30 but you have to elope with me, I can't tell my parents about this" this gave final blow to my feelings. What the fuck he means by that. I told about him to my parents since the beginning of our relationship and he can't even he when he'll be 30 years.
" no thanks, I am not desperate and am not interested in you" and I switched off my phone.
After that he tried to convince me. Even I wanted to return back to his life, but now I didnt have any reason to return. Although he said thousand times that he loves me all these years, but it didn't make any sense to me anymore.
"I love you Sneha , I can't leave without you' Rishi came to my home and begged in front of me. His eyes were red, I ignored eye contact with him and remain fixed with my decision. He moved away helplessly. After he leaved I cried for what I did. I still wanted to return but couldn't, I already said about our relationship to my friends. And returning now would mean losing my respect in front of my friends. I was clueless. One day Aditya came to me "why both of you are fighting like kids, we know you love each other". I dnt have any answer to Aditya's question and replied " I'll tell you later". That was the last day of our third sem examination. Anjali had organized a dinner party in her hostel for us. We completed our exam and moved to her place. " you are disturbed Sneha" Anjali asked me.
"No, its ok am alright" I said and tried to smile.
"he called you again, give me the phone. I'll talk to him." She said and took my phone.
"No, I'll handle it myself" I said taking back my phone.
"Do one thing " and she whispered in my ears. I knew that what she says might be end our relationship yet I decided to follow her. "Look Aditya, I have someone in my life now, so don't force me please" and I disconnected the call.
Rishi called me after few minutes, " do you really love someone?"
I knew that one answer will change my world forever. I wanted to shout "No Rishi, I never loved anyone else, you are the only person I love" but my ego forced me to say " yes , I do".
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