The Immortal's Poison Chapter 253: The Chain


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The Little Supreme Leader Liu Zheng hates Brother Sang because he had rudely insulted the spirits of the Black and White Island's three sword immortals earlier. When Liu Zheng realized that Brother Sang was about to attack again, he did not hesitate as he directly summoned Kunlun Sect's supernatural power of 'A Thousand Swords Greeting'. Thousands of divine sword immediately converged into nine sword dragons. Some dashed about while others roared. Some spun wildly while others flew swiftly in all directions as they slashed towards Brother Sang mercilessly. 

Brother Sang was on his guard this time. He had a contemptuous look on his face as he turned his hand over and made a dharmamudra seal. He then smashed it towards the ground ferociously as he shouted out, "Draw a circle on the ground to serve as a prison, pin down the enemy on behalf of this old father!"

Liu Zheng suddenly felt a great weight on his body as if there was a formless huge mountain which had suddenly pinned him down. All the bones in his entire body made a muffled popping sound as if they would break at any time under the tremendous force. He could no longer think about guiding the sword dragons as he hastily focused his state of mind and exerted all his strength to urge his life vitality so he could resist this formless yet solid tremendously crushing force. 

The nine sword dragons have lost their master's guidance. Even though the sword dragons continued to roar in a ruthless and tyrannical manner, their formation was immediately dispersed. The sword dragons then turned into the rain of swords which covered the heavens and earth once again and slashed towards the enemy in a disarray. Brother Sang burst out laughing strangely as he scolded, "The little bugger who dares to offend the senior generation as a junior, I am sending you to meet your pus-filled cyst-like masters!" Following that, his body moved rapidly as he suddenly conjured a dense sandstorm. He completely disregarded Grandmother Shudou's instruction of 'do not claim human lives' earlier as he attacked the Little Supreme Leader who had been immobilized. 

The Kunlun Sect's 'A Thousand Swords Greeting' has lost its formation. It could not resist Brother Sang's pounces nor was it capable of breaking the sandstorm that surrounded him. There was a vast and boundless sorrowful hum as the sword formation was crushed by Brother Sang all the way…

This was the difference between the power of treasured weapons and the cultivator's own valiant life vitality. Liu Zheng's sword formation and Brother Sang's Thick Earth divine power were not very different but when the they attacked each other at the same time, Brother Sang was capable of resisting the thousands of swords for a while but Liu Zheng could not even resist the power of thick earth for even a moment. Liu Zheng was the one who had suffered huge losses the moment they started fighting officially. Now, Liu Zheng's sword formation has been scattered and he was heavily pinned down. He did not even have the strength to save the desperate situation anymore. 

The little stutterer had placed his palms together and began his salutation. Before he could utter the word 'Amitabha', Liu Zheng was already in grave danger. The little stutterer immediately turned pale from fear. There was no time for him to conjure his supernatural power and his palms were still together when he somersaulted into the sandstorm which was still spinning wildly in midair. The giant Buddha behind his back made the exact same movements as him as he placed his palms together and flew swiftly before crashing towards Brother Sang on a grand scale. 

The little monk had reacted quickly to the situation this time. He did not depend on his treasured weapon of the Buddha's seal in the midst of his panic but he had conjured the giant Buddha and launched his body to attack the enemy. He managed to deal with Brother Sang's quick attacks brilliantly yet every single one of the Buddhist good hands on Goddess Peak had strange expressions on their faces… They watched as a sparkling golden Buddha surprisingly adopted the technique of a boy worshipping Guanyin. They did not know if they should cry or laugh at the scene. 

Chang Li, who was watching the battle afar, exclaimed as she gazed into Zhui Zi's eyes. Both of them were a little surprised as the Mercy godly appearance which had been summoned by the little monk was exceedingly powerful. In fact, it was even stronger than the old demon rabbit Bu Le's full force conjuration by several times. It has only been a few short years but the little monk Hope Voice has achieved so many improvements. Other than a limited amount of cultivators like the old demons and Wen Leyang, it was probable that there was no one else worthy enough to be his opponent in the entire world. 

Brother Sang had been paying attention to the little monk all along. As soon as the little monk and the giant Buddha were about to pounce over, the sandstorm which had surrounded his body rolled and surrounded the sparkling giant Buddha all of a sudden. He then became like a golden cicada which had just broken out of its shell, giggling strangely as his body spun and turned in midair. He then pounced towards the Five Blessings' cultivators who were guarding around the big and small demon rabbits. 

Brother Sang was intentionally showing off. Accompanied by his proud and wild laughter, he was like a huge mountain which slammed into the cultivators from the Great Mercy Temple and the highland's formation. A loud thundering noise rolled continuously just as each and every one of the Buddhist master cultivators was gathering their entire lifetime's worth of cultivation base in their arms to stop Brother Sang for even just a moment. It only then did they realize that the other party's body possessed almost no force at all; the real tremendous force was coming from the huge mountain beneath their feet!

Other than the head lama Rangjung who still managed to remain standing with great effort, the hundreds of monks and Tibetan Buddhism Sect's master cultivators were screaming in fear as they were broken up by Brother Sang's Earth Elemental supernatural power...

The cultivators on Goddess Peak could only stand and watch as their eyes were bedazzled. The continuous battles were happening as quickly as when a falcon swoops towards a hare. Everything took place in the blink of an eye. The divine swords hummed and flew in a mess in the sky while the chanting of Sanskrit scriptures was still echoing continuously as Brother Sang passed through three levels of barricades. He then jumped in front of the siblings Bushuo and Buzuo with a wildly greedy look on his face. It was apparent that he could already reach out and grab the rabbits yet he stood there for a moment before bursting into laughter as he scolded, "All you have is just this tiny bit of ability yet you think that you are worthy to be called a cultivator! Even the mud underneath this old father's shoes is stronger than all of you!"

Zhui Zi was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh as she asked Chang Li, "Is this man really a fool?"

Chang Li pouted her little lips and smiled but before she could speak, Fei Fei shook her head as her charming brows knitted tightly into a knot, "He…Is being sincere!"

Xiaowu was sitting in Chang Li's arms and she balled her palms into fists as she clenched her teeth anxiously. She was afraid that the two beautiful rabbits would be captured by Brother Sang just like that and she could not understand in her little mind how the two demon immortals, Chang Li and Zhui Zi, could be so calm. They did not even have the intention to join the fight. 

As the siblings Bushuo and Buzuo held onto the demon rabbits, they could only see the vision before their eyes blur three times before the Earth Emperor Brother Sang appeared in front of their eyes. He had feigned a contemptuous attitude after he had mocked them but he refused to stretch out his hands and seize the rabbits himself. Instead, he was waiting for the brothers as he spoke smilingly, "Hand me the rabbits…"

Before he could finish his sentence, Wen Bushuo and Wen Buzuo suddenly squalled. They then flung their arms upwards at the same time, tossing the rabbits into mid-air as the siblings turned around and ran away!

At the same time, a streak of dangerous white light abruptly blasted in front of Brother Sang's eyes. Wen Leyang was holding the Snake Knife in his hand as he appeared behind Bushuo and Buzuo without making a sound. He raised the knife and stabbed towards Brother Sang's chest at lightning speed. 

Brother Sang's telegnosis ability had not detected any enemies around him who was capable of threatening him yet he utterly did not expect the knife to come stabbing so quickly and savagely. Wen Leyang's skill has been controlled to perfection. If Brother Sang were to chase after the rabbits, his body might be cut open from chest to the stomach by this crooked-looking and ghastly pale strange knife. He hurriedly exerted force with his legs and threw his body back as swiftly as the wind. He fell back by half a step before he dashed forward once again; he will guarantee that every single one of the enemies before his eyes would die tragically!

Wen Leyang too did not think that he would be unable to stab his enemy. He clenched and ground his teeth as he rose vigorously and chased after Brother Sang like a shadow. Brother Sang watched as Wen Leyang's face was filled with urgency and he suddenly felt that if he did not allow Wen Leyang to struggle for a while, he would be treating Wen Leyang unfairly…

Brother Sang's ability was almost on par with Wu Dudu who had died at the 'Standing Softshell Turtle' earlier and was far ahead of Wen Leyang. However, when one of them retreated, the other would advance; when one of them acted in haste, the other would accumulate strength for a takeoff. They chased each other as the gloomy and ghastly-pale Snake Knife's distance from Brother Sang's chest was only less than half a foot away! Brother Sang had not experienced the sensation of retreating for many years. He was so exasperated that he raised the dharmamudra seal once again and smashed it onto the ground, "Draw a circle on the ground to serve as a prison!"

Wen Leyang encountered the same thing as Liu Zheng. He immediately felt a great weight pinning him down and he could no longer retain his current posture as he almost somersaulted and fell onto the ground! In the midst of pressing affairs, he had managed to shake his wrists and sent the Ning Jiao's Snake Knife towards the enemy. 

Brother Sang's eyes were filled with savageness as he raised his hand and knocked Wen Leyang's flying knife to the side. He stopped his body from falling back and just as he was about to dash forward and give Wen Leyang's head a ferocious stomp, the air in front of his body unexpectedly trembled as a giant white python's skeleton suddenly appeared out of thin air and bit onto his shoulder with one bite. At the same time, the Ning Jiao's skeletal tail was wagging vigorously and it made a loud noise as it slapped Brother Sang's face.

At this moment, two simultaneous thuds sounded as both rabbits tumbled onto the ground with their legs in the air. Everyone had been paying so much attention to Wen Leyang's fight that they had forgotten about the two rabbits...

Chang Li stomped her foot in rage as she turned over her delicate wrist and retracted the magic spell that she had been accumulating for long. She had been waiting for Grandmother Shudou and the others to leap up and capture the demon rabbits earlier before plunging herself into the state of eternal damnation. 

The entire scene was dead silent. Other than Chang Li and a few others, no one dared to believe the situation which was taking place before their eyes. The Earth Emperor, who has a cultivation base and supernatural powers which were unsurpassed in this world, had been showing off when he was suddenly forced into retreatment by someone. It was already incredulous enough that he was bitten by the strange snake yet the snake had also suddenly slapped him...

The corners of Hot Immortal Aunt, Grandmother Shudou, and Sir Rust's lips almost twitched at the same time as if they could feel the Ning Jiao's tail slapping their own face as well…

Wen Leyang, who was being pinned down by a great weight, launched the Faulty Punch continuously. It only took him a moment before he broke the Earth Elemental magic art. His body floated and he leaped up while the expression on his face was at a loss of whether to cry or to laugh… The Ning Jiao Bony Snake's sharp fangs had not managed to pierce through Brother Sang's skin. Its body alternated between going stiff and straight at this moment while it shook its head and wagged its tail as it attempted to bite desperately. 

Brother Sang has turned green from rage. He then grabbed the Ning Jiao which was still fighting with his shoulder with one move and swung it onto the ground ferociously. The Bony Ning Jiao cried out in agony and disappeared into thin air. At the same time, the Earth Emperor suddenly howled in rage as a spray of golden red colored blood suddenly spurted out from his mouth. His body then swayed and he fell down with his face up. 

A cheer broke out from the righteous path of the Five Blessings all of a sudden. Wen Leyang, however, was still standing on the same spot as he was feeling slightly puzzled. He could not figure out why Brother Sang had laid down by himself. Though the Bony Ning Jiao was sinister and domineering, it was beyond its power to truly injure Brother Sang who was already in the position of a top sword immortal.

Grandmother Shudou's body swayed once and she caught Brother Sang before his body could touch the ground. Hot Immortal Aunt's expression was fearful as she asked in astonishment, "You… Were you injured before you came here?!"

Brother Sang completely disregarded Hot Immortal Aunt as he stretched out his hand and pointed at Wen Leyang. He hissed and roared in rage, "Kill him on behalf of this old father! Chop him into eight pieces, strip his skin, and pull out his muscles!" Upon saying that, his eyes rolled back as he fainted.

Once Brother Sang had fainted, the supernatural power which had been launched by him earlier immediately dispersed. The Little Supreme Leader Liu Zheng and the little stutterer both broke free at the same time. They almost fell and sat onto the ground together while the sword formation and the Sanskrit incantation vanished in succession. Both of them were panting heavily; blood was seeping out of the seven orifices of the older one's body while the younger one's monk robe was torn. The golden giant Buddha had also been shattered by the sandstorm since earlier…

On Sir Rust's face, an almost unnoticeable sense of anxiety flashed past suddenly. It had not been caused by Wen Leyang or Liu Zheng's actual powers; though these youths' abilities had truly managed to surprise him a little, their abilities were still limited. Any of the remaining three monsters could attack and it would be as easy as breathing to kill all of them. What had truly concerned him was that the mysterious master cultivator who had been opposing his people in secret has yet to reveal himself while only three out of five master cultivators on his side were left.

Grandmother Shudou exhaled a long breath as her old face changed into four or five colors continuously like a trotting horse lamp. She then took two steps forward and smiled coldly at Wen Leyang as if she wanted to say something. However, the moment she opened her mouth, her legs suddenly shook once as her entire person flew forward like a vengeful arrow. Her two ghastly-looking ghost claws slashed towards Wen Leyang's face!

If that strange snake-like treasured weapon were to reappear once again, Grandmother Shudou was certain that she could rip it into bone shards in a flash! If she does not tear Wen Leyang into pieces today, it would not be enough for her to show off! A cold smile hung on the corners of Sir Rust's lips. Ever since his group of people had ascended the mountain, they had been acting too virtuous and sincere all along. The cultivators they had faced today were not chivalrous at all, their feigned hypocrisy had truly been acted in vain!

Almost everyone shouted in rage. No one had expected Grandmother Shudou, who had been posing as a person of high morals, could suddenly act ruthlessly against a junior. She has no scruples over her identity at all! Wen Leyang was startled too as he hastily fell back!

The wrinkles on Grandmother Shudou's face were now pulled into sinister-looking and murderous lines. Her ghost claws were aimed at his anxious and fearful face and she was extremely certain in her heart that she could tear Wen Leyang into a pile of rotten meat and crushed bones in the blink of an eye. Suddenly, the sky above her head unexpectedly darkened and her telegnosis ability which had been spread far and wide, as well as her life vitality which was protecting her body, were shattered almost simultaneously. A massive mountain thousands of kilometers tall and exuding a vigorous majesty had suddenly appeared and crashed down onto her on a grand scale!

The old woman spat out a mouthful of blood. Even if the ambush had come from the Kunlun Sect's sword formation, the sword formation would have been turned into scrap metal before her 'Star-Plucking Hands' ability. However, the attack which had flown over was an entire mountain... How could she even tear it apart?

It was not only the old woman who was terrified, almost all the other cultivators were shocked as well. The huge mountain looked to be no smaller than the Goddess Peak beneath their feet. This time, they were really in deep trouble as even the Goddess Peak would be crushed!

The fear on Wen Leyang's face has turned into a maniacal smile which was extremely like Wen Buzuo's as he burst out laughing and yelled, "Crush!"

Grandmother Shudou was almost startled into madness. Her mind was completely empty and she could not even think properly. Suddenly, her entire body's life vitality circulated and shot out seven mud balls which bloomed with silver radiance and formed into the shape of the Big Dipper star constellation. The mud balls surrounded the old woman and when seen from the sky, they had formed the Big Dipper constellation from the Arctic star chart!

Sir Rust and Hot Immortal Aunt both howled in rage at the same time and reacted vigorously as they urged their supernatural powers in preparation to welcome this blast that was enough to annihilate the world. However, just as the howl had left their mouths, they realized that they were actually screaming in agony while the pain was even more agonizing than their screams…

What was even more shocking was the old man Bao Ri, who had earlier fainted from experiencing the extreme emotion of his loss, also jumped up as he squalled…

A moment ago, Wen Shulin, who had been busy calculating in the Ending Cave, suddenly saw a blur in front of his eyes causing him to trip and fall onto the ground. Soon after that, he discovered in astonishment that the devil fetus' stone tower in the huge cave had disappeared… It took him a moment to react to the situation before he jumped up and pointed to the emptiness in the huge cavern as he stuttered and shouted, "Tower, tower, tower, f*ck…"

On the other hand, the monkey Qian Ren who was restoring Qin Zhui's primordial foundation not far away from him sniggered, "That is correct, f*ck!"

There was the sound of footsteps as Xiao Sha, who was gasping for breath, ran over. He could not care about resting for a while but instead, selected a text message on his cell phone and showed it to the monkey, "Take a look, quick!"

The monkey Qian Ren took the cell phone and glanced at it before his expression changed abruptly. His gaze was sharp as it looked at Xiao Sha, "What is written in there?"

When Qian Ren had ruled over the entire world, they had used the tadpole-shaped oracle bone inscriptions… Xiao Sha panted as he read the text message out loud. Qian Ren then suppressed his rage as he howled. He grabbed Wen Shulin with one hand while he held the ugly youth Qin Zhui in the other as he dashed towards the Goddess Peak as fast as lightning. 

Xiao Sha's mouth was agape. He then pulled a long face and was stunned for a long while before he cursed, "You could have at least carried me along right… F*ck!" He then stood up and ran towards Goddess Peak as well…

The sonic boom which accompanied the appearance of the demon tower was like the sound of thunder. Just when it was about to crash onto the Goddess Peak, it suddenly stopped its falling motion. The air which had been compressed made a loud banging sound as dust, dirt, and fallen leaves were blown about all the way between the two huge mountains as a roaring muffled noise echoed continuously!

The distance between the demon tower and the top of everybody's head was less than three to five meters. The thousands of cultivators on Goddess Peak were rendered completely silent for a moment before they all suddenly yelled noisily. Everyone then fell and sat on the ground in unison. Some were laughing from extreme rage while some were crying from extreme joy. Three of them were even scolding in rage meaninglessly with all sorts of accents. Chang Li hastily pulled Zhui Zi as they jokingly exclaimed in dismay and followed the crowd as they fell and sat while Xiaowu giggled, amused by the scene before her eyes. 

The stone tower has turned into Wen Leyang's treasured weapon so he could release or retract it at will. When Wen Leyang had been attacked earlier, it had already breached the void. It then reappeared on the Goddess Peak and came crashing down with a loud bang!

Wen Leyang looked at the old man Bao Ri smilingly, "Why did you stop feigning your death? Why are you not trying to draw people to your side anymore?" After Bao Ri had fainted earlier, Fei Fei had texted Wen Leyang that Bao Ri was feigning his unconsciousness. He had not managed to hide this from Fei Fei. 

Grandmother Shudou had discovered, to her surprise, that there were tears pooling in her eyes. She clenched her teeth as she scolded, "Little b*stard, why don't you let it drop then? There are thousands of people on this mountain, I would like to see if you are daring enough to crush it!" As she was saying that, her body had leaped up once again and pounced towards Wen Leyang!

The demon tower was suspended in mid-air accompanied by a compression force. However, with the help of Hot Immortal Aunt, the old man Bao Ri, and Sir Rust, even if it did come crashing down, they could still withstand it for a moment. The old woman hated Wen Leyang so much that she could never vent her anger if she does not kill Wen Leyang today. 

In reality, Wen Leyang had no intention of crashing the demon tower into the mountain. He watched as the old woman was about to pounce once again. He could not manage to fall back in time but a rigid voice suddenly burst out into laughter which echoed from within the stone tower, "Break! The! Demon! Body!"

The stone tower was enormous. For Guo Huan to cast the 'Break the Demon Body' magic spell right now, it was an act which was easier than eating candied peanuts…

After Guo Huan's voice had sounded, the pitch black yet matte-looking Yang's Mistake suddenly appeared in front of Grandmother Shudou's body. The seven mud balls which had been spinning around the old woman's entire body all shook at the same time as they howled and bumped against the Yang's knife the size of a fist. A loud booming noise erupted continuously like meteors crashing against the sun. A force which could shatter everyone's internal organs surged out as eight pieces of treasured weapons that were from the same star genus tangled together in combat!

Grandmother Shudou was startled once again. She never expected Wen Leyang's treasured weapon to come with its own treasured weapon as well. She cursed in exasperation, "You are a little ghost that is despicable and shameless!"

Wen Leyang felt rather outraged by her comment; the person who was despicable was not him but Guo Huan! The ghastly-pale Yin's Error did not carry an ounce of liveliness while at the same time, Yang's Mistake was fighting with the Seven Stars Divine Mud when it suddenly appeared in a sinister manner and slashed towards the old woman!

It was only when the Yin's Error was aiming at her neck that Grandmother Shudou discovered the enemy's ambush. The tears in the old woman's eyes finally flowed out as she was completely infuriated by Wen Leyang! Her hands coiled up with starlight as she attempted to dissolve the cold murderous power in the Yin's Error with great effort. When the Yin's Error and Yang's Mistake had disappeared together in the end, she immediately spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. She had been severely injured and fell onto the ground completely exhausted.

Guo Huan was still marveling at the situation by himself, "What an incisive old woman! I'm afraid that her cultivation base is almost at the same level as mine back in those days!" Upon saying that, he paused for a moment before he complimented, "If I had not ambushed her then, it would not have been so easy for me to defeat her!"

Whether it was because of the demon tower or Guo Huan, Wen Leyang had surprisingly defeated a top master cultivator. A look of excitement floated on his face involuntarily and just as he was about to speak, the sound of chuckling laughter suddenly echoed from beside him. Hot Immortal Aunt had seized the opportunity when Grandmother Shudou was fighting ferociously with Guo Huan to quietly glide next to Wen Leyang's side. She turned her plump hands over and Wen Leyang was ignited into flames all at once with the sound of a bang. She chuckled charmingly as she spoke, "This fire will burn you for a full seven days. It will never be extinguished before you die."

The Ning Jiao's armor on Wen Leyang's body did not need to be summoned as it quietly took form and immediately wrapped around his body. From afar, he looked a little bit like Spiderman. 

Soon after that, a burnt odor floated through the air as the Ning Jiao's armor shrieked in agony. It was being burned away by the flames and even though Wen Leyang was not in pain yet, his blood was already boiling under the high temperature!

Hot Immortal Aunt exclaimed in surprise. She never expected this young lad's messy tricks and treasured weapons to keep emerging continuously without end, he was even covered in a body full of protective armor that was rather remarkable. She then spoke smilingly, "I shall see how long you can withstand this. If you can't withstand it anymore, you can try to summon that huge mountain to crash onto the fire. Let us see if that is effective!"

The cultivators had been shielded by the huge mountain on top of their heads so they could not see that the sun in the sky has grown much bigger than before. It was now blooming with a murderous glow and has assumed a battle-ready attitude together with the devil fetus' stone tower from afar. The old man Bao Ri was forming a seal with his hands and he closed his eyes to concentrate. 

Sir Rust, on the other hand, crossed his arms as his entire attention was devoted to the cultivators on the Goddess Peak to guard against that mysterious master cultivator's ambush. 

Grandmother Shudou's chest was covered in fresh blood. She was breathing heavily as she recuperated under the protection of her disciples. 

Hot Immortal Aunt's eyes have grown brighter and brighter, the Ning Jiao's armor could never withstand the true flames of Red-Base Cave for long. 

These five cultivators were attempting to deal with the demon cat so they could be considered as enemies. However, they were also attempting to deal with Xiang Liu so they could be considered as comrades-in-arms. But then, they were also attempting to deal with Qian Ren so they could be considered as enemies once again… Wen Leyang's thoughts were churned into a complete mess by this disordered relationship. Even though he hated them, he had never thought of killing them when he was fighting. It was only when the enemy had started to ambush him continuously that Wen Leyang truly turned hostile. He patted the flames on his face futilely as he spoke ferociously to Hot Immortal Aunt, "You've Got Me!"

The caterpillar which was fiery-red all over shook its head and wagged its tail as it jumped out from Wen Leyang's chest. Its body stiffened and it ululated as it shot forward unexpectedly!

Hot Immortal Aunt laughed soundlessly, "This is a good Fire Elemental worm." Her hands then moved as fast as electricity and just as she was about to pinch You've Got Me, her expression changed abruptly. Her body swayed once but before she could fall back, a giant sword which was rippling with flames accompanied by the mannerism of a thousand tons slashed past from beside Wen Leyang towards Hot Immortal Aunt!

The fat woman could not react in time. Her hands suddenly turned into red flares as she pressed onto the giant sword's blade while she screamed. She managed to resist the sword for a moment before she finally made a muffled roar and her plump body somersaulted and fell back! The Molten Metal Fire Bell too did not pursue her anymore as it shook and hummed for a moment before slowly disappearing from mid-air. 

Everyone else was also becoming infuriated; Wen Leyang has turned into four words in their hearts – 'Emerge Continuously Without End'!

At this moment, Wen Leyang felt a familiar scent floating next to him. It was Zhui Zi who was holding Xiaowu while pulling Fei Fei along. She did not acknowledge the others' astonished gazes as she walked to Wen Leyang's side with light footsteps. Following that, she stretched out her hand and waved it. Wen Leyang immediately felt a cooling sensation that refreshes the heart and mind spread across his body while the flames on his body were also immediately extinguished. 

Wen Leyang exhaled a long breath as he waved his hand to return the demon tower back to the huge cave. The glance that he sent towards Zhui Zi conveyed only one message – why did you come now after all this while?

Zhui Zi's face was filled with outrage, "I would not have come over if I had not seen you catch fire!"
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