The Immortal's Poison Chapter 252: The Mercy


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The Earth Emperor Brother Sang struggled strenuously out of Hot Immortal Aunt's warm hug. He no longer acknowledged the Little Supreme Leader Liu Zheng as he waved his hand impatiently at the four monsters, "Why aren't you telling them now!" The cultivators who had dashed out to fight the Five Blessings earlier were now gathered beside him. They glared at the other party in a threatening manner with an arrogance in their gaze which was exactly the same as their master's. 

The Hot Immortal Aunt's face has regained her previously smiling expression as she spoke to every cultivator on Goddess Peak, "Our trip to the mountain this time was for no other purpose other than to hope that the cultivators of the world can unite and work together as a team. We are bound by a common hatred for an enemy so help us to deal with the demon cat and her comrades!"

Following that, old man Bao Ri too took a step forward as he continued the Hot Immortal Aunt's words. His tone of speaking sounded rather euphemistic as he said, "Everybody here possesses profound cultivation bases but compared to the demon cat, I'm afraid that all of you are still at the disadvantage of your age. After all, that evildoer has already cultivated for thousands of years! We dare not impose on our fellow cultivators to encircle or slaughter Chang Li. On the contrary, if you were to truly bump into this evil beast, this old fellow will still insist for everyone to retain the cultivation world's lineage of righteousness and evade her temporarily…"

Wen Buzuo laughed in a strange and peculiar tone as he interrupted Bao Ri's intention to draw others to his side, "You have already beaten around the bush for a long time. Old divine immortal, please state your instructions now!"

Bao Ri's expression had remained the same and his bright red colored old face was filled with awe-inspiring righteousness, "The five of us had stayed in the wilderness as our humble abode, we have been out of touch for thousands of years but we are aware that it is not a difficult task to vanquish the demon cat if we were to combine our powers. However, when it comes to the issue of how to locate her, that is enough to trouble us for a long while. Therefore, we have no choice but to intrude on this visit and use this grand meeting as a pretext for us to ask our fellow cultivators to help us!"

The rogue cultivators were suddenly enlightened and they started discussing amongst each other softly. Each one of those five monsters possess an extraordinary cultivation base yet their names were not well known. They should be the marvels who had lived in seclusion. Even though they had their own sects and disciples, they had no contact with the outside world and they had no source of information from the outside. Even if they have the intention to encircle and suppress the demon cat Chang Li, they would still need to find out her whereabouts first before they could plan the next move. This trip of theirs to the mountain was for the purpose of borrowing the eyes of cultivators of the world to look for her.

Old man Bao Ri paused for a moment before he continued once again, "Everybody's guess is correct. Our first task is to request for everybody's help in searching for the demon cat's whereabouts. There's no need to fight her after discovering her demonic traces but you will only need to inform us about her whereabouts. Before we leave the mountain, we will leave everybody our sect's communication power tool. The demon cat also has an incisive comrade right now. It is a dog-headed giant eagle with a body the size of a small hill. It had recently left the western region of the highland so it should have entered the central plains by now. As for the second task…" Old man Bao Ri laughed and shook his head, "It is not considered as an important matter so we will discuss further after we have seized the demon cat's comrades who had snuck into the cultivation world first!" His glimmering gaze swept past Wen Buzuo's face as he said that. 

Wen Buzuo was not bothered by the old man's obviously threatening mannerism and he chuckled as he shook his head, "So the second task is not considered as an important matter? I'm afraid that is not true, correct!"

The old monk Ji Fei sneered as he chimed in with an irrelevant word, "In my perspective, not only are the five old divine immortal's cultivation bases profound, even your sect's disciples stand out like dragons and phoenixes amongst humans. Their abilities are impressive beyond our imagination!" 

A few rogue cultivators with witty minds and a little more experience frowned ever so slightly when they understood the meaning behind the old monk Ji Fei's words. 

Wen Buzuo felt elated in his heart. This was the first time that he realized it was really fun to quarrel with the old monk Ji Fei complementing him. Wen Buzuo then said, "If it had been a trivial matter, there was no need for you to send so many of your skilled disciples to mingle into the rogue cultivators' troop!"

This time, the majority of the cultivators understood Ji Fei and Wen Buzuo's implications. There were a number of unidentified people who had come to the mountain. The five monsters had agreed to meet on Mount Hua while the Earth Emperor Brother had made his disciples mingle in the crowd. The other four persons' disciples were certainly here as well. 

Wen Buzuo crossed his arms, "I would like to request for all the young and old divine immortals to reveal yourselves, hehe. An Earth Emperor and his disciples are already as such, with the five of you and your combined disciples, how could it still be a difficult task to annihilate the entire Goddess Peak!"

The Earth Emperor Brother Sang suddenly glared as he cursed in a completely uncourteous manner, "You little bugger, you truly think too highly of yourself! Is there a necessity for all five of us to combine our powers to kill everyone on Goddess Peak?" Following that he peered at the four monsters by his side, "If I were to realize that the current cultivation world has already turned into such an embarrassment earlier, this old father need not even bring along one person for help!"

Wen Buzuo was now even more convinced that this Earth Emperor could be his friend. He pointed at the Earth Emperor as he burst out laughing, "You truly are a scoundrel!"

The other four monsters wished that they could nod in agreement to Wen Buzuo's words as well. They were also scolding Brother Sang for being a scoundrel in their hearts. Old man Bao Ri's gaze was almost spitting fire as he looked at the Earth Emperor in a ghastly manner, "The act of executing the evil beast Chang Li can only be achieved through the unity and teamwork of the cultivators in the entire world. It's best that you do not speak rudely anymore, you have hurt too many of our fellow cultivators' hearts!"

Brother Sang realized that Bao Ri was infuriated and he seemed a little scared. He then shrugged and made an impatient expression as he stopped speaking. 

Old man Bao Ri inhaled a deep breath and desperately suppressed the rage in his heart. He then turned towards the crowd of cultivators on the Goddess Peak, "Our fellow cultivators, please be at ease. The five of us had sent our disciples to the mountain first to prevent the demon cat's comrades from causing trouble. We don't have any ill intentions apart from that." Upon saying that, he exchanged glances with the other monsters. They nodded to each other and shouted in unison, "Our sect's disciples, please return to the side of your supreme leader!"

When their voices sounded, over a hundred human figures started to move in succession. Even though their movements were different, they were quick and agile just the same as they went beside the five old monsters soundlessly. The rogue cultivators could not help but break out into a chaotic clamor. This time, before they could exchange whispers, the old man Bao Ri's expression unexpectedly changed slightly as he shouted aloud once again, "Our sect's disciples, please return to the side of your supreme leader!"

Moments later, the old man's expression has turned dreadful and ruthless. His voice trembled with vigorous divine power as he shouted, "Every disciple from my Sky-Rubbing Cliff Sect, return to my side!"

Over a hundred cultivators had returned to the five monsters' side. They were divided into three troops made up of forty to fifty people each, gathered separately behind Grandmother Shudou, Sir Rust, and Hot Immortal Aunt. In addition to the Earth Emperor's disciples who had revealed themselves earlier, there was a total of four troops there. Only the area behind the old man's back was completely empty and devoid of a single person!

When Bao Ri's final shout rang out, a series of chaotic movements suddenly broke out amongst the rogue cultivators. There were continuous thumping sounds as dozens of cultivators who had mingled with the rogue cultivators fell onto the ground stiffly!

Bao Ri howled in rage. His body was then wrapped in a ball of golden light as he glided swiftly in front of one of the persons who had fallen to the ground. He watched helplessly as that person's face became so pale that he almost appeared transparent. That person did not breath at all but had turned into a rigid corpse.

The other four monsters reacted savagely at the same time for Bao Ri's disciples had caught them by surprise as they died without making a sound!

They shouted and their disciples, who had just gathered around them, suddenly spread out. They were akin to nails as they wedged themselves into the rogue cultivators' formation. Anyone with even the slightest skills in cultivation could tell that the positions they were standing now were the only ways the rogue cultivators would have to pass if they wanted to run away.

Every single person who was lying on the ground was the old man Bao Ri's disciples without exception. None of them had been the disciple of the other four monsters and none of them was a rogue cultivator or from the World Sect. 

These monsters' cultivation method was unsurpassed and their backgrounds were unidentifiable. They had explained the purpose of their trip to the mountain vaguely and even though they had fought on a small scale earlier, the sequence of events was still confusing. The monsters had been on the stronger side all along yet dozens of their disciples had suddenly been killed by somebody. The initially ambiguous situation has become even more dangerous and complicated now. 

Everyone could feel their heart beating loudly! The rogue cultivators activated their life vitality to guard against the unknown killer and also to guard against the disciples of those old monsters. All at once, the flying swords hummed on Goddess Peak as wind and thunder appeared faintly in the sky and the air trembled with mist. 

Wen Leyang was filled with astonishment, he could not help but raise his head to look at Chang Li and Zhui Zi. Chang Li was holding Xiaowu while Zhui Zi was pulling Fei Fei along. The three ladies and one child were all accounted for. Other than the expression of surprise on their faces, there was also more vigilance. 

The group of cultivators who had been killed on the highland, Wu Dudu's inferior, and Brother Sang's disciples, made Wen Leyang feel a sense of familiarity about the actual power of these monster's disciples. In an uncourteous way, the cultivation of the old demon rabbit, in the eyes of these disciples, could be considered as not bad but absolutely could not be considered as the top!

This group of people had been killed soundlessly. If Chang Li or Zhui Zi was not the ones who had taken action… Wen Leyang inhaled a deep breath as he took several steps forward towards the Five Blessings' troop and protected his own people behind his back. At the same time, he made a communication hand gesture that was used amongst the disciples of Wen Bucao at Wen Buzuo. 

Wen Buzuo's expression remained the same but a sense of joy rapidly flashed past his gaze! It was unknown how the old monk Ji Fei had noticed Chang Li and the other's presence but the old monk had not told anybody else about that. 

Brother Sang's chest heaved up and down vigorously as he suddenly laughed strangely, "The disciples of the Huge Drum Pit, follow my order…" Before his voice could die away, Grandmother Shudou suddenly scolded in rage, "The boy who knows nothing, shut your mouth!"

Following that, Grandmother Shudou too inhaled a deep breath. She managed to calm her shock with difficulty before she spoke to the large group of cultivators in a low voice, "Our fellow cultivators need not worry, we will apprehend the killer and we will never involve the innocent. As long as everyone does not act recklessly, this old woman can use her life as a guarantee that everybody will be absolutely fine!"

Bao Ri did not utter a word as he wandered everywhere like a ball of hot sun. He examined his disciples who were lying on the ground one by one. Every single one of his disciples did not have even a scratch on their bodies, they had all been murdered by someone's exuberant power of life vitality which had shattered their internal organs without making a sound! The five old monsters had been showing off earlier yet, in the blink of an eye, they had suffered such a huge loss. 

The entire scene was dead silent as everyone stood in the same spot. Only the old man Bao Ri moved as he picked up every single one of the corpses and placed them in an open space in the middle of the mountain peak. Sir Rust walked out in great strides, he was about to help Bao Ri when Bao Ri suddenly cried out loudly, "Stop!" 

Bao Ri's eyes were bloodshot as he glared at Sir Rust. He hissed and roared every word which sounded like it was weeping blood, "Every single one of them had refused to practice martial art when they were children. They had cried and screamed unreasonably to me! Every single one of them had admired and thirsted for the bustling scene of the mortal world when they were adolescents. They had brought along some spare coins and secretly snuck out of the mountain to play outside! Every single one of them had shown tender affection for beautiful girls when they were teenagers. They bit on their brush pens as they wrote love letters! Every single one of them had been beaten by me before! Every single one of them had smiled at me in flattery before! These… Are all my children!"

At this point, Bao Ri was holding the last body and broke out in bitter sobs, "The mortal people are unsophisticated but they have liquor and meat; the righteous path of cultivation is unsophisticated but it has a respected title which has passed through ages; the rogue cultivators are unsophisticated but they are free and unfettered in their lifetimes; the evil path of cultivation is unsophisticated but it has a debt of gratitude and of revenge. These children are sophisticated but what have they owned before! During the coldest times of winter, after centuries of bitter cultivation, they are only hoping that one day they can cultivate into righteousness and they can help to put the heavens and the earth into the correct path with their swords. They never expected that they would all be killed here. They did not even manage to shed one drop of blood, they did not even manage to laugh once!" Every word that came out of the old man's mouth was like a shocking thunder between the heavens and the earth. His voice erupted loudly between the rolling mountains. The winter trees were shaking and rustling while the winter crows were startled. Bao Ri cried until the end when he suddenly squalled in grievance as his eyes rolled upwards and he fainted!

Grandmother Shudou wiped away the murky tears on her face and her gaze swept past everyone in a ghastly manner. Soon after, a continuous scraping sound which made the listeners uneasy could be heard as she slowly straightened her back. It only took a moment for the old woman with a bent back to abruptly bloom with boundless majesty, "Demon cat Chang Li, you have created trouble in the mortal world two thousand years ago. You had been bold enough to act and bold enough to bear the responsibility then, why are you such a coward now!"

At this moment, Wen Leyang's cellphone suddenly vibrated. He hastily fished out his cellphone to take a look. Following that, he looked at Fei Fei who nodded to him gently.

Sir Rust's voice was even hoarser than before. Each word he spoke was dragged with a long last note by his voice, "So you think you can conceal yourself and we will not be able to see you anymore?" A few of the monsters' disciples turned their hands over and brandished their treasured weapons of all sorts of shapes when his voice sounded. At this moment, Chang Li's face suddenly revealed an expression which was at a loss of whether to cry or to laugh. Zhui Zi stretched out her hand swiftly and pressed onto the area between Chang Li's brows. Wen Leyang was still puzzled when Sir Rust gave his command!

A series of wild beast's roars sounded abruptly as the treasured weapons surged from the hands of the monsters' disciples into the sky and converged with a loud noise that blotted out the sky and covered the earth. This was accompanied by a foul, fishy-smelling wind as the treasured weapons rolled out in all directions! 

The majority of the rogue cultivators were confused. Even though these peculiar treasured weapons were giving out the wild beast's roars that terrified everyone, they could not sense any power from them at all. The big and small demon rabbit's expressions, however, both changed at the same time. They turned and were about to escape but it was too late. When the foul-smelling wind swept past, the two demon monks' bodies simultaneously bloomed with exuberant demon power. There were muffled thuds as Buddhist prayer beads, cell phones, and treasured weapons dropped from their bodies. Following that, their monk's robes fell emptily to the ground. Two plump and white rabbits then bored out of the monk's robes in a fearful manner. 

Wen Bushuo and Wen Buzuo both turned pale from fear as they immediately used the monk's robes and wrapped the rabbits in it, holding them in their arms swiftly. Still, no matter how swiftly they had moved, they were not as swift as the large group of cultivators' eyes from around them. Everything turned into a chaotic uproar immediately. The old monk Ji Fei hid behind the Little Supreme Leader Liu Zheng's back as he shouted, "These old monsters have turned the two divine monks into rabbits!"

Other than the big and small demon monks, a dozen others amongst the rogue cultivators and the World Sect were turned into animals as well under the surprised gaze of their companions when they came into contact with the foul-smelling wind.

The little stutterer Hope Voice who had followed the big and small demon rabbit's side turned pale from shock. He stuttered in astonishment, "Noble-spirit t-t-treasured…" Compared to when Wen Leyang had first met him on Zhanyan Peak, the little stutterer had grown taller. His face was now round and his eyes were pitch black but his tongue still remained the same as before.

It was only until Wen Buzuo had stomped his foot ferociously beside him did the little stutterer finally shouted as if he was risking his life, "Weapon!"

The noble-spirit treasured weapon was the precious ability used to restrain the Demon Sect in the cultivation world. These old monsters' disciples were not holding common weapons in their hands but once the weapons were launched, ordinary demons had utterly no way to even resist before their demonic bodies were revealed!

Under the combined power of those countless noble-spirit treasured weapons, even someone like Chang Li would not be able to retain her human form though she would not have lost her powers like those two demon rabbits. Fortunately, Zhui Zi who was by her side had placed a dash of spirit-calming cold dew on Chang Li's forehead and protected her demon body from being ambushed by the noble-spirit treasured weapons. 

The noble spirit was sparkling and a dozen little demons were revealed. The most surprising result was the two plump and white red-eyed rabbits. Wen Leyang finally understood why his Grand Master was laughing maniacally when she saw those noble-spirit treasured weapons.

To those cultivators with exceedingly high cultivation bases, they did not even need to examine the demons one by one and could tell just by the demonic energy which had been released when the little demons had revealed their true bodies that other than the two demon rabbits, there was nothing else worth their attention here. Sir Rust's expression turned even more solemn as he turned around and walked towards the Great Mercy Temple, "Their demon bodies have been revealed so they must be the demon cat's comrades."

The little stutterer was shocked. His expression was fearful but he jumped out with a determined gait and blocked Sir Rust like a tiny hen, "W-w-what do you want?"

The rest of the Great Mercy Temple's monks were discussing amongst one another. Their expressions were a little hesitant and they were the disciples of an orthodox sect with profound knowledge. Most of them recognized the noble-spirit treasured weapons and their own supreme leader had revealed his demon body under the influence of those noble-spirit treasured weapons. They had no choice but to believe that and they finally understood in their hearts why their supreme leader had constantly taught them not to despise demons and monsters. 

The corners of Sir Rust's mouth twitched and he roared in a low voice, "Scram!" If Hope Voice who was standing before him was not a child, he would have punched Hope Voice and sent him flying away since earlier!

Wen Leyang could not bear to see the little stutterer use himself as a human shield so he moved in a flash to stand between these two. The little stutterer and Sir Rust had been initially less than two feet away from each other. Once Wen Leyang had squeezed himself between them, he was almost touching noses with Sir Rust. 

Sir Rust's gaze was mottled yet gloomy as he repeated with an icy cold tone, "Scram!"

Wen Leyang felt as if the other party's gaze was like two nails which stabbed into his eyes. However, he only shook his head and said, "How could you extort the two divine monks! Moreover, the demon cat is not here!"

Brother Sang laughed strangely as he strode and arrived before Wen Leyang from dozens of meters away, "Divine monks? More like demons! This is the most orthodox and famous sect in the world yet they had utterly no idea that their supreme leader was an evildoer? What a group of fools, hahaha…" His laughter could be heard continuously as if he was witnessing the most amusing event in the world. Comparatively, the Great Mercy Temple's monks were perplexed as they stood on the same spot but did not know what to do.

Sir Rust controlled himself. He refused to join hands with the Earth Emperor Brother Sang so he made a muffled humph before he fell back two steps with his gaze firmly on the siblings Wen Bushuo and Wen Buzuo. 

Wen Leyang was about to speak when a voice which sounded both anxious and angry echoed from his back, "S-shut u-up!" The little stutterer still retained his original habit. Even after he had finished uttering the last word, he still insisted on stuttering the punctuation mark.

Brother Sang's gaze was filled with mockery. He did not attack impatiently but he gave the little stutterer an evil stare. 

The little stutterer was trying to speak with great effort but his little face was red from pent-up anger. He hummed and hawed for a long while until he panted anxiously. Finally, he clenched his teeth abruptly as his ten fingers crossed and coiled repeatedly and finally pinched into a very complicated hand seal. His hands had been apparently empty but this hand seal seemed to weigh a hundred tons as he raised his hands inch by inch strenuously before finally pressing them onto his forehead!

Everyone who had cultivated in Buddhist way from the righteous path was greatly startled when they witnessed the little stutterer's movement! The fat monk Shui Jing who had been startled and hid at the side quietly all along suddenly gasped softly in fear, "Of all kinds of godly appearances, the greatest extent is the Mercy godly appearance! This young lad has already cultivated into the Mercy godly appearance!"

As expected, when the little monk pressed himself with the hand seal, not an ounce of transformation could be seen on his facial features but he has completely turned into a new outlook. His face and eyes were filled with a saintly appearance which made one wish to worship him. Golden light flowed slowly and enshrouded his tiny body before gradually condensing into a solid form beneath the sunlight. A moment later, it was formed into the Buddha's solemn appearance that was as vast as the heavens and earth! This was different from the hot sun-like sparkle on Bao Ri's body. The golden light which enshrouded the little stutterer's body was soft yet warm. It was so warm that it made one felt completely relaxed without any burdens. 

When seen from afar, one could not tell if there was a large Buddha which had projected behind the little monk or if the large Buddha was condensed into a merciful body before him!

As the little monk transformed into the Mercy godly appearance, Brother Sang's eyes were akin to a wolf that was facing danger. His pupils suddenly constricted into a thin and long line as his initially vagabond-like appearance too turned into the expression of vigilance. 

The little stutterer completely disregarded Brother Sang's hostility as he spoke with a smile that made one feel as if one was like basking in the spring wind, "T-t-the Buddha is mercy, merciful…" Everyone felt disheartened. If he was still stuttering, why was there a necessity for him to conjure a large Buddha? Chang Li and Zhui Zi also sniggered from afar at the same time. 

The awkwardness that was revealed in the midst of the Buddha's solemn appearance made those who were witnessing the event feel chills down their backs…

The little stutterer startled himself as well and he hastily inhaled a deep breath. This deep breath took him one minute to inhale. He then spoke up once again suddenly. A thunderous sound which covered the heavens and earth echoed along with the roars of golden dragons and Dapeng birds. There was also the soft and beautiful sound of Zen chants and the tinkling of bells and beats from drums. The malevolent energy and demonic power on the Goddess Peak were dispersed by the auspicious light in the blink of an eye. The little stutterer's mouth moved continuously but the voice had come out from the giant Buddha's mouth behind his back!

"The six great divisions in the wheel of karma; all living creatures perform kind deeds; anyone who is destined can cultivate to the great path of the western paradise. Maheśvara, Eighteen Arhats, Twenty Celestials, five hundred Buddhist monks will one day be gifted with the insight then cross through the golden light. The heaven's dragons will bask in the Buddha's light, the Dapeng birds will listen and chant the Sanskrit scriptures, the Asuras will be blessed with regards so why can't the demon body cultivate in Buddhism?!" The little stutterer was blooming with the Mercy godly appearance. He spoke his words fluently and his voice was steady yet distant. That voice traveled all the way until the edge of the sky. Following that, he inhaled one more deep breath and suddenly changed into a furious expression as he emphasized his words, "Release all living creatures from the sea of misery. Release! All! Living! Creatures!"

Following that, the little monk raised his head and exhaled a long breath. He regained his consciousness from the meditation and he suddenly recalled the threat and danger before his eyes. He opened his hands up once again and puffed up his tiny chest as he shielded the two demon rabbits. The giant Buddha behind him too followed his action as the Buddha puffed up his chest and opened his arms….

The two rabbit had shut their eyes at the same time. This was the Mercy godly appearance that was yearned by those who had cultivated in Buddhism yet it was being used by the little stutterer into a state which was almost too horrible to look at. 

The Head Lama Rangjung walked in front of the little stutterer in great strides. He then stood next to the little stutterer and raised his head as he repeated the little stutter's words dully, "Release all living creatures from the sea of misery. Release! All! Living! Creatures!" Following that, the five seats of honors from the Great Mercy Temple, the highland cultivators, the Great Mercy Temple's Buddhist followers from each monastery all walked to front one by one and stood in front of the little stutterer.

The One Word Palace's First Brother Xia burst out laughing as he raised his spear and ground it twice upon the earth. Even though his legs did not move, he narrowed his eyes as he looked at Brother Xia with clear hostility. 

Wen Leyang was feeling a little strange in his heart. The One Word Palace seems to express their loyalty a little too much. 

Brother Sang watched as the righteous path of cultivation gathered together and he laughed in extreme rage. Grandmother Shudou shouted at him, "Seize the two demon rabbits but don't claim any human lives!"

"Everyone scram!" Just as Brother Sang was about to pounce forward, the same shout simultaneously came out of Wen Leyang, Liu Zheng, and the little monk Hope Voice's mouths. Soon after, the giant Buddha put his palms together and the sound of a loud incantation could be heard. The divine swords in midair rippled with dazzling cold light as Wen Leyang stood unmoving on the same spot…
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