The Immortal Player Chapter 110: It Seems Like He is Having Fun?


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"How thoughtful of you, young man!"

Old man Fuego smirked as he approaches Pedro.

"However... While this old man won't deny that I need more rest, nowadays, I still have some energy to spare. Would you mind to have a little spar with me?"

Pedro shook his head and waved in rejection to Old man Fuego. While doing so, he had the chance to blink and return his eyes back to normal. Those who remained conscious was still in confusion of what had happened as those who were knocked unconscious started waking up.

"Wha~What happened?"

Yojiro and Beatrice woke up and sat in the ground. One of their hand supporting them while the other was placed somewhere in their face where they felt a pain caused by their sudden fall.

"Sorry Senior... Sadly, I am not strong enough yet to fight you. Even if it is just a simple spar."

Pedro ignored Beatrice and Yojiro who was still trying to process what had happened. They looked like people who had just woken up from their sleep after drinking alcohol all night.

"Hahaha! I see! I see! Forgive me, young man. My blood boiled upon witnessing such a performance earlier. How about this... Why don't the two of you attack together like what you did earlier?"

Old man Fuego was serious, and his proposal made Pedro think twice of having a spar with him. The remaining personnel on the recruitment area heard and watched old man Fuego and Pedro.

'This old man has good eyes. However, It looks like he is looking down on Faunia. I guess there is a limit to a man's naked eyes. I doubt that he would not be even able to move a muscle if he saw Faunia's real magical energy. Man... Such a pain.'

"Senior Fuego is... challenging him?" Beatrice whispered to her self, out of shock.

'What do you think?' Pedro asked telepathically to Faunia.

'Up to you. Besides... What can he do against me?' Faunia chuckled, 'Besides... It would be beneficial for you to determine the gap between your strength and that old man's, which... if I am not wrong, is considered one of the strongest humans here?'

'Beneficial, Huh? Hmm...' Pedro grinned towards old man Fuego.

"Since Senior is eager to test us personally, there's no reason for us to further decline to your challenge."

Beatrice was assisted by Paul Solares and walked back to the entrance of the battle area. At the same time, Yuson was the last participant being brought out of the battle area by the medical personnel, into which Yojiro walked together.

Hence, the battle area was cleared. The entrance was sealed upon the instruction of Old man Fuego to one of the personnel. Paul, Beatrice, Talia, and Mathew sat at the viewers' area with the nearest path to the entrance of the battle area.

"The~the Vice Almirante is..."

The attention of the people was shifted to Pedro, Faunia, and old man Fuego who was about to start their 'sparing'.

"Brother, do you think Expert Brother can win?" Talia asked in a worried tone.

"I don't know... To be honest." Mathew paused for a second, "Based on my estimate, that old man is around level 80 to level 100. Expert Bro is somewhere past level 30. The gap is too huge. However, that little girl is with her."

"Her? I see..." Talia rubbed her chin and remembered how Faunia, effortlessly, killed the Migratory Flocoloso birds.

At the battle area, Pedro instructed Faunia telepathically.

'Faunia, there is no need for you to go offensive. Just act like we are at a disadvantage and were barely able to defend from the old man's attacks. Let me get hit by the old man every four seconds.'

'Acting? Haaah!' Faunia looked at Pedro with an annoyed expression. 'Noted!'

"We're ready, Senior!" Pedro gestured an 'OK' sign.

"Paul, facilitate the countdown."

"Yes, Senior!" Paul stood and raised his hand.

"Participants! Ready! Begin!" Paul sliced his hand downwards to start the battle.


Pedro blinked and his eyes turned all black. The majority of the observer lost their consciousness as Paul who was still standing felt the tinge pain in his head once again. Those who were watching and was still conscious held their heads as they try to shift their focus back to the battle area.

Pedro's lifeless black eyes, emitted a blood lust enough to make old man Fuego frown and took a step back. The old man's fist tightened its grip as a reddish flame-like aura covered around it.

"Ah..." Old man Fuego grasped, "This amount of bloodlust at such a young age..."

Utilizing the momentary shock, Pedro charged towards old man Fuego at full speed. He draws the Katana and smoke rushed out of it. It enveloped old man Fuego and Pedro in it.

However, Before Pedro had completely lost the vision of old man Fuego, Pedro saw the old man smirked.

'Something is wrong!'

Pedro frowned as he jumped to his left.


An explosion occurred that left a crater from where he jumped from.

"Hoho, Not bad!" Old man Fuego chuckled. "Try dodging this!"

Debris flew towards Pedro. Seeing the rocks flying towards him, Pedro grabbed the rocks with his left hand, ready to throw at any moment.

'That was clos~' Before Pedro could even touch the ground, Faunia shouted telepathically.


Fwooooh~ Boom!



[~Undying~ skill activated!]

HP: 1/1100

[Player's HP is below 20%... Potion Injector Activated!]


HP: 51/1100


[~Might of Pain~ Skill activated!]

Attack Damage: 530 +1,000,000 (duration: 5seconds, stackable)

Magic Damage: 441 +1,000,000 (duration: 5seconds, stackable)


Pedro received a direct hit. The smoke was blown away by the blast and old man Fuego was staring towards Pedro with a smile.

"Not good! Faunia!" Pedro cried after he was blown into the air.

A light that seemed like coming from an approaching car in a foggy road, sped towards the front of Pedro.


Another explosion occurred. Fortunately, Faunia arrived on time and intercepted old man Fuego's attack with a three-layered shield made from the golden chain.

Faunia 'acted' and allowed her body to be pushed by the blast, backward for a few meters. The smoke was blown, once again, allowing Pedro and Faunia to see the old man.

"A chance!" Pedro grasped the rock, tightly, in his left hand. He aimed a meter below the old man's face.

Inches before he touches the ground, he threw the rock with full force.



Another explosion had occurred. This time it was heard at the old man's position.


[True damage effect (~Might of Pain~ skill) Activated!]

Damage dealt would be raw damage!

[Nutshot effect (~Rock Throw~ skill) Activated!]

Nutshot: Deals 1,000,530 damage to the target.

Target stunned for 10 seconds.

[Release Effect (~Might of Pain~ skill) Activated!]

Attack and Magic damage reset back to the original state!


Just as the system sounded, old man Fuego's voice was heard.

"O~ooof!" After a few seconds, "Aaaaaaaaah!"

The old man made a deafening cry that made the observers cover their ears. Birds at the top of the Arena flew in panic as Everyone, including the other members of the Admiral's Circle, shifted their glance towards the Arena.

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"Fuego?" Admiral Uno chuckled, "It seems like he is having fun!"

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