The Immortal Player Chapter 108: Test Z: Free For All.


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"Recruits? This way to the Battle Area." A BHO officer guided Pedro and Faunia towards the battle area.

It was where the new members of BHO were located. All of them were waiting in the battle area of the arena so that fleets or crews can see them. This way, choosing who to recruit would be easier.

The BHO officer left Pedro and Faunia after they entered the battle area. It was very crowded. Pedro and Faunia decided to stay and sit in a corner as they wait for the start of the event.

Minutes had passed. The members of the Admiral's Circle started arriving one by one.

10 Minutes before the event, the pathway where they entered was sealed with a door. The whole battle area has now been isolated.

5 Minutes before the event, the announcer appeared together with several officers holding a staff.

"Everyone, are you ready!"



Everyone, be it the new members to be recruited or the crews and fleet representative, was excited and shouted all together in response to the announcer.

"Then, let us welcome, The Falcon Admiral, Admiral Uno Primora!"

"Hooo!" Everyone shouted in honor for Admiral Uno.

Admiral Uno entered from a pathway together with Old man Fuego. Behind them was Mathew and Talia, and the other two new members of the Admiral Circle.

Everyone continued to cheer, especially the new members who had high hopes to get selected personally by the High-ranking officials themselves. Only a few among the new members remained silent and simply observed how Admiral Uno and the rest entered.

Amongst them were Pedro and Faunia, into which Old man Fuego had spotted immediately.

"So that's him?" Admiral Uno asked Old man Fuego.

Old man Fuego nodded with a smile, in response.

"Is that so? Then, why don't we test them out, right of the bat?" Admiral Uno smirked as he stood beside the announcer.

Old man Fuego and the rest went to their respected seats. As for Mathew and Talia, Since Mathew was a good elder brother, He allowed Talia to sit to the single chair, supposed to be assigned for Pedro. Mathew Stood beside her and nodded whilst looking towards Pedro.

Pedro simply smiled in response. Upon glancing to the left, his face, slowly, wore a frown.

"Paul Solares?" Pedro became confused after seeing a familiar face.

Before he could send Mathew a message, the crowd became silent as respect to Admiral Uno who was about to speak.

"Greetings, Everyone! This old man won't make things longer. I would like to thank everyone for your hard work. Day and Night you strive to become stronger. You risk your lives to accomplish your mission. To protect other humans. To push forward towards the liberation we always dreamed of. Thus, I request every one to take a moment of silence in honor of our fallen comrades who sacrificed their lives for us to attain what every human has dreamed of... TO THEM!"

"OUR FALLEN HEROES!" Everyone shouted as they salute.

Seconds later, Admiral Uno spoke once again.

"Let the annual recruitment event begin!"

"Yaaaaa!" Everyone cheered.

'Announcer... Do Test Z for this year!' Admiral Uno whispered to the announcer and returned to his seat.

"Te~test Z..."


"Ah! For this year's recruitment event... We will conduct... TEST Z! Free For All Battle!"



Everyone erupted.

"Only the last ten amongst the participants will become the top ten of their class. If you want to surrender, just go to the pathway where you entered earlier."

"Hoho... It seems like they wanted to see my ability as soon as possible" Pedro stood and held the Katana tightly.

His pen-knife was hidding in his sleeves, ready to attack any second.

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"What should we do?" Faunia asked.

"What else? Show them what we've got!" Pedro smirked. He was ready to strike at any moment.

"There are no restrictions in this free for all battle. However, a participant is eliminated when he or she either lost consciousness, voluntarily forfeits, or dies. So participants, Please decide wisely!"

A minute was given to those who wanted to forfeit the match. After all, even if they forfeit in the match, they can still apply to the various crews and fleet. It was just that the match would give them more prestige and recognition among the various crews and fleet.

Thus, out of the 4 thousand participants, only 200 were left.

"It seems like these are all the participants left. I wish you all good luck. And let the battle begin!"

"Wooooo!" Those who were watching erupted in cheers.


In the VIP Area...

Eigrand wore a mischievous smile, whilst watching the battle start.

'Let's see how long that rat apprentice of Soledad will last!'


Back to the battle area...

"Faunia let's go!" Pedro pulled his Katana and a red smoke blew out from it.


Pedro ran as fast as he can, along with Faunia. The smoke covered the vision of other participants that was in its range. Hence, Faunia used the [Slavemaster's ring] to pull the enemies towards her and send a solid punch to knock them out.

The smoke was so strong that it also provided cover so that even those in the VIP areas cannot see what was happening in the battle area.

"Yuson, rush! To the corner!"

"Then, what brother?" Yojiro and Yuson, the two young men with a Katana, went into a corner where the smoke is yet to come.

"Once that smoke gets near, use Wind Katana Arts non-stop to prevent the sweep the smoke away from us!"

"Noted, brother!"

They took their Katana and was ready, as the smoke caused by Pedro inched closer to them.

"Twenty meters!"

"Ten meters!"


"Wessal Style~ SIX BLADED WIND!"


Six ray-like wind blades were launched towards the approaching smoke.

"Yes!" Yuson smiled, as he was able to stop the advance of the smoke.


However, The six wind blades were suddenly cut by a seemingly red light. The wind blades, that was pushing the smoke away, has vanished.

Fortunately, The smoke stopped its advance and a figure jumped out of it.

"Tch... It's already over?" The man said

"Not good! YUSOOON!" Yojiro dashed in front of Yuson to intercept the man who jumped out of the smoke.


Yojiro was able to save Yuson from Pedro's attack. Pedro's Katana was attacking and was in a vertical orientation. While Yojiro had his Katana in a horizontal orientation.

"Hoho... Not bad." Pedro smirked.

A golden chain suddenly went past through Pedro and wrapped around Yuson. Yuson was thrown in the air by the chain as it quickly went back to the area with smoke.

Yuson panicked as he was falling in the air.

"Eh?!" Yuson's face went grim after seeing that he was falling straight to the tip of Pedro's blade.

Yojiro also noticed it, and the distraction that it brought made Pedro to overpower Yojiro's defense.

Faunia jumped out of the smoke and a punch was on the way to Yuson. As for Yojiro, the tip of Pedro's blade stopped a millimeter deep in his neck, enough to make a small cut and blood to flow out of it.


Yuson slammed into the wall, making a small hole around him.

"Surrender!" Pedro smirked as Faunia fell down behind him. The smoke dissipated and only the three of them were standing.

"Woooo!" Claps and Cheers rained as everyone applauded after witnessing the 'perfect' coordination and execution of Pedro and Faunia.

"I~I..." Yojiro bit his lips, "I surrender!"


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