The Immortal Mutant Teen Chapter 91: Chapter 90- This Is So Much Fun!


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"Shall we get started then?"

Amazoness was evaluating the weapons that came from inside the box. More specifically, the 4 weapons and 1 shield on display.

From left to right, the first weapons was an unconventional one, a scythe. The shaft was made of dark wood, almost black in color, while the meter-long blade had small red veins all across it. What shocked everyone the most was the quality of this weapon.

It was…shoddy.

The long shaft had parts that appeared that the wood was rotting. There were cuts here and there running all across it, and it also appeared to be old in age.

The only good thing about the blade was that it seemed well maintained, sharp and shiny. But, there were nicks on the blade and cracks that appeared never to have been repaired.

The second weapon to the right of the scythe was a halberd. It was also worn down, but it was still in better condition than the scythe, it appeared to only have a few cracks here and there. What stood out most from this halberd was the rare type of halberd it was, a wheel halberd.

At the top, where usually an ax-shaped blade was, there were 2 sun-shaped circles with razor-sharp edges decorated in a dark red zigzagged pattern that converged in the middle, it gave the image of razor-sharp teeth. While 2 spears like blades protruded from the top of the 2 suns and to the right.

Next was a spear, from what Amazoness could see, it was in near perfect condition. The shaft was pitch black, while the spearhead was purple. Amazoness eyes narrowed once the sun hit the spear, Ancient Greek letters shimmered a sickly neon green all across the shaft.

Next was the shield, it was a pitch-black color like the spear, but it was twice as big as hers. Once the sickly neon green letters shimmered at the edges of the shield, Amazoness put together that the spear and the shield were a combo.

Last but not least, a pair of pristine gauntlets. One was pure black while the other was a bloody red. The gauntlets were covered in jagged spikes and the fingers were pointy and glinted with a sharp edge, no doubt they were ideal for cutting and penetrating flesh.

Amazoness stood there trembling, not out of excitement or lust. This was different, she didn't know why she was trembling, but she had a clue as to the reason why. Amazoness could smell the carnage coming from each and every single one of those instruments of death that were being displayed next to the boy.

'How many people do you have to kill to have a weapon smell like that?'

"You must be wondering why some of these weapons look so trashy right? especially the scythe right here?" Acheron asked as he smiled towards Amazoness.

"I have a philosophy when it comes to weapons… I maintain the lethality of my weapons as best I can, but I never repair there… well, there are some exceptions to that, some never need to be repaired" Acheron said as he turned to look as his weapons,

"Weapons also deserve to die, you know?"

Acheron grabbed the scythe off the wall and swung it around as if getting a feel for it again.

"Like you, I also forge my own weapons. These were all made by me. This scythe in my hand, I made when I learned to farm a long time ago"

Amazoness slowly got herself ready, she could feel the imminent threat to her life getting stronger and stronger.

"I knew you were strong. I felt it that day I saw in the Archery club, but It was confirmed as soon as I saw your weapons. You're no ordinary student, and I can tell you know of my culture too since you know what it means for me to wear this armor."

Amazoness lowered her stance, raised her shield, and pointed her spear at Acheron, killing intent flashing through her eyes.

"Even though I want you to myself, I'll still try to kill you! Prepare yourself!"

Acheron laughed as he watched her get ready. He narrowed his eyes and stared right into her eyes.

"No girly, its you who should prepare herself, I won't accept anything less than 100 percent from you. Since you went out of your way to entertain me in this "Death BAttle", I want to have fun, so be sure to entertain me"

Acheron walked away 10 meters from Amazoness before turning around and propping the scythe on his shoulder.

Amazoness and Acheron stared at each other, waiting for some signal to start this Death Battle.

No one moved or even dared breathe at this moment. The spectator's hearts were pumping with excitement, they had no idea why they were going to fight but the 5th strongest vs the 3rd strongest was something they didn't want to miss.

A full minute passed before a small pink petal, slowly floated down in between the 2 fighters. The moment the petal hit the ground; the fight began.

"Taste my self-created scythe style!" Acheron exclaimed like an anime protagonist.

Acheron twirled the scythe around like it was cheerleading baton.

"Scythe Style: The First Move…. Reaping Lives Like Weeds!"

Amazoness watched in amazement as Acheron disappeared from in front of her, at the same time grass flew into the air, clearly, every blade of grass was cut in half.

She felt something to her left and in response, she hurriedly raised her shield to block.


Something hit her shield at an amazing speed and strength, causing her to slide 3 meters to the right, deep trenches from her feet digging into the ground were left in her wake.

Amazoness once again lowered her shield and pointed her spear at Acheron, who was standing the spot she was just in. Her arm was a little numb from the impact, but she felt exhilarated.

"As expected from the Amazonians! Unparalleled reflexes and talent when it comes to fighting and a rare 30 percent density too! You would have become Queen of the Amazons 2000 years ago" Acheron praised Amazoness.

Amazoness chuckled and licked her lips,

"Hit me harder big daddy!"

Acheron smiled wickedly,

"This is going to be so much fun!"


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