The Immortal Mutant Teen Chapter 90: Chapter 89- Shall We Get Started Then?


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"Failure means death"

Acheron couldn't believe how stupid this girl was being right now. Wearing that armor, those hidden behind the bushes had no idea what that actually meant, of course, Acheron was far too clear on its meaning. If anything, Acheron was far more familiar with Amazonian culture than even the Amazons themselves.

Acheron stared at the girl before him, he knew what she meant to do. He was even more hesitant to get involved with her ever since he realized her origins, he didn't know what he should do at this moment he didn't feel like killing her, this girl was the last descendant of the people his 2nd wife belonged to.

The Amazonians were, in no better words, battle freaks and were as perverted as the girl in front of Acheron. They loved to fight and kill, and it showed within their culture. There was a certain tradition when it came to be having a mate, if an Amazon chose a male but the male didn't want her, they would usually just pursue the person until they gave in or the found someone else.

Unfortunately, there were few that took extreme measures, that's when the 'Death Battle' was born, for a lack of better words. The custom was simple but extreme. Should an Amazon evoke this rule, 9 out of 10 times it will end in her death.

These proudful warriors had rules when it came to the 'Death Battle'. If the male refuses the battle, the Amazon will immediately kill herself. Should the male lose, or no clear victor has been decided, the Amazon will kill herself. If the Amazonian were to lose, her whole self will belong to the male, the male can even choose to have her kill herself or end her life, he now controls her very being, in turn, they enslave themselves to their man.

Anything goes in this battle and even though the Amazonian wants to be with the male, in their own twisted view of love and pride, they will go all out to kill the male.

In the end, this a resort only the most bloodthirsty and hardcore of the Amazons choose.

Acheron didn't want the last descendant of his wife's people to end here. He could tell as he looked in her eyes that she was serious about her challenge.

Thought it was impossible, Acheron could feel a headache forming.

Acheron sighed and shook his head in disbelief, he still couldn't believe he was about to do this.

"I see your determination and I accept, but you will regret this, I can assure you that…" Acheron said as he typed something on his phone.

"Good! A man should stand firm in his beliefs!" Amazoness said as she raised her spear towards Acheron.

"Oh, Shut up! You crazy perverted battle freak! I'm gonna make you fall into despair!" Acheron snapped, tired of Amazoness's bullshit.

"Y-you don't scare me!" Amazoness said, her legs twitching together as she wiped the drool falling from the corner of her lips.

"I called for my weapons, so just stand there and stop being a pain in my ass!" Acheron said,

"Hii~" Amazoness squealed in delight, her legs twitching more than before, the grip on her shield and spear slightly loosening.

Acheron then started to strip down, he took his jacket off and threw it towards the tree. When Acheron began to take his shirt and pants off, the rustling from the bushes became louder, whispers began to be carried with the wind.

"Take pictures! Quickly, take pictures!!"

"Look at that body!"

"Oh Lawd!

For the second time in his school life, Acheron was back to wearing his black latex shorts. Sounds of cameras clicking were heard, Acheron just glanced in their direction before continuing.

He tapped the button on his chest and his training gear fell off his body. Finally, a clear view of Acheron's tattoos were revealed. The only thing left was the weighted bands he kept on his body, but it seemed he wasn't going to take those off.

Acheron's toned body rippled with power with every move he made. His perfectly tanned skin reminded people of a Greek Adonis. It wasn't just Amazoness that drooled at the sight, there were a couple of young maidens behind the hedges that were also drooling, their heads filling up with fantasies.

As the hidden girls whispered and giggled, the boys just had even more animosity towards Acheron.


Suddenly, a monstrous screech was heard in the sky.

Everyone looked to see a bird carrying what seemed to be a box, in the distance.

The closer it got, the bigger and more monstrous the bird got. Those who knew a little about birds recognized it. It was an Andean Condor.

Andean Condors are native to South America, more specifically, the Andes Mountains. They are the largest bird that is able to fly, weighing between 20 to 25 pounds and with a wingspan of 3 meters.

But, the bird that was coming down was the closest to the dinosaur Quetzalcoatlus Northropi than anything else. With a wingspan of 10 meters and a weight of 550 pounds.

"What the fuck!"

"It's the size of a fucking giraffe!"

Just as the bird was about to land, it dropped the huge box it was carrying.


The box landed next to Acheron, who didn't even appear fazed with the monstrous bird unlike everyone else.

As the giant condor landed, the wind blew like a helicopter was landing, even Amazoness had to take a couple of steps back from it.

"Hey Andy, it's you! You've worked hard!" Acheron exclaimed,

The condor cawed and cooed as Acheron patted his chest feathers.

"Headbutt!" Acheron said lovingly,

Andy the Condor flapped his wings in joy before sending a headbutt towards Acheron. Acheron smiled and met Andy's headbutt with his own.

Heads collided in a huge display of force. But, out of everyone's expectations, it was the giant condor that was blown away and crashed into the ground, dizzy from the impact.

Acheron laughed and relished his victory over his pet.

"You need to try harder Andy!"

Andy got up and let out of cry as if wanting a rematch.

Acheron waved his hand while laughing.

"Maybe later, go home now"

Andy nodded before letting out a screech, he then taking off and disappeared into the clouds.

Everyone stared mouth wide open in disbelief.

'A monster pet for a monster guy'

This thought ran through everyone's minds as they watched that scene.

Acheron walked towards to box that stood tall at the meters. He put his hand on it and a feminine mechanical voice came on.

[Acheron Belau: Confirmed]


The sound of air escaping was let out as the box opened like a wardrove. 5 platforms came out and formed a wall, on each wall weapons were seen hanging as if on display.

He looked towards Amazoness and smirked,

"So, shall we get started then?"


Papa Ainz The Bone Daddy's Announcements:

1) Quetzalcoatlus northropi is a pterosaur known from the Late Cretaceous of North America and one of the biggest known flying animals of all time.

2) Condors are scavengers... I wonder what Acheron feeds them.....

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