The Immortal Mutant Teen Chapter 89: Chapter 88- Who Sent The Letter?


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Sakura and Akeno had made it their job to walk Acheron towards the Old Tree near the back of the campus. Akeno felt weird and was fidgeting occasionally.

"Hey, Acheron? Who do you think the girl is?" asked Akeno,

"Hm? The girl from the letter? Here." Acheron grabbed the letter from inside his jacket and passed it to the girls.

Curious, Sakura leaned in to read it along with Akeno.

"What the-" Sakura and Akeno exclaimed.

"Is this... Is this from Amazoness?" asked Akeno,

"I believe so, only those weirdos from her tribe are like this," Acheron said as he sighed.

"Her tribe?" asked Sakura,

"You ever heard of the Amazonian Warriors?" Asked Acheron looking at the girls.

"The legendary female warriors that were said to be descendants of the gods?" answered Sakura,

"Yeah, those, the girl is probably the last of their line," said Acheron.

"But weren't the Amazonians just a myth? How can they be real?" said Akeno in shock.

"The reason why they are considered a myth is that their island sunk and those that survived, once they left, they spread themselves out throughout the world. As civilization progressed and people stopped learning how to fight, the Amazonian women slowly started to die off." Acheron explained,

"Why is that? Isn't told that each Amazonian was of breathtaking beauty? They should have easily found a man." said Sakura, she still didn't get why they were almost extinct.

"They are prideful fools, thousands of years of history and traditions, had them stuck in their ways. Amazonians will only marry a man who is either equal to them in strength or above theirs. As men stopped learning to fight and stopped training their bodies, Amazonians struggled to find a partner. Those that didn't, died alone and from old age." Acheron said,

"That's dumb" commented Sakura,

"It truly is, but their stubbornness was not without reason," Acheron said,

"Amazonians had a very special body constitution"

"What do you mean?" asked Akeno,

"Other than the fact that each child that was born from them was female, they were born with muscles and bones numerous times denser than a regular person. It was said that the first Queen of the Amazonians had a bone and muscle density of 52 times a man. If she were alive today, she could probably lift a bus over her head and would basically be bulletproof without any armor." Said Acheron.

"That's crazy!" exclaimed Akeno,

"Impossible!" exclaimed Sakura.

"That's why they were revered as descendants of the gods, or of Zeus, who was said to have created them. Which by the way, he didn't." Acheron said,

"How do you know all this?" asked Sakura, a skeptical look clear on her face.

Acheron just looked at her and smiled.

After an awkward moment of silence, Akeno spoke up.

"So, do you think you will win?" Akeno asked,

Acheron chuckled,

"I'm not going there to fight, I'm going to decline the and take the loss, no need to have another girl following me around all day."

Sakura's face turned ugly,

"Hey! What do you mean by that?!" exclaimed Sakura.

Acheron ignored her outburst and said,

"I think we are here, no need to follow me any longer," Acheron said as he walked ahead.

"What a pretentious dick!" spat Sakura,

"Would it hurt him to enjoy our company?!"

Akeno just smiled wryly at her best friend's tantrum.

"You know how carefree and wild Acheron is… Come on, let's go behind the bushes and peek, I want to see how it goes."

"Hmph!" Sakura hmphed with indignation as she followed behind Akeno.

Acheron walked towards an old cherry blossom tree that stood there at 17 meters in height, it was surrounded by 5-meter tall hedges in a half-moon formation. What interested Acheron was that the tree was blooming, something that shouldn't happen for another couple of months.

According to what he heard, this black cherry tree has been here long before school, around 300 years. Also, it has never stopped blooming ever since the school was built.

Acheron really admired this tree, he put his hands on it and looked towards the ground.

"You really are amazing…" murmured Acheron,

He stood there quietly for 3 minutes before taking his hand off and turning his back to it.

He felt the presence of at least 50 people spying on him from behind the hedges. If he looked closer, he would be able to see the eyes of other students peeking at him from within the gaps of the branches.

"It seems I'm not the only one bored…" Acheron said as he chuckled.


"So, kid, how long are you going to make me wait here, or do you expect me to climb up?" Acheron said, his back still turned towards the tree.


The sound of something heavy landing on the ground came from behind Acheron.

"How long have you known?" asked Amazoness,

"From the moment I arrived" replied Acheron,

"Mmm, you truly are the one I have been searching for! Let's get this over with, so we can go make some babies!" Amazoness exclaimed as she licked her lips seductively.

There was a sudden sound of rustling from the hedges all of a sudden.

"There is no need for this, you can go ahead and look for someone else. I'm not interested. You will only fall into despair if you continue this." Acheron said,

"You should go ahead and turn around because this now has turned to a life or death situation," Amazoness said,

Acheron's pupils constricted into needlepoint at the realization of her words.

Acheron spun around, his fears coming true as he looked upon Amazoness.

The Amazon stood there, fully kitted in Ancient Amazonian armor, a round shield carved with ancient Greek letters and a spear that seemed to be made out of green jade in both hands respectively. Gold Greek letters shimmered as the light hit the shaft of the spear.

"Are you crazy?!" exclaimed Acheron,

"Do you know What you are doing?! There is no going back from this!"

Amazoness smiled and licked her lips.

"I know what I'm doing… Failure means death!"


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