The Human Emperor Chapter 1534: The Power of the First Generation!


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Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The Tiger Immortal's eyes suddenly turned away from the waking first-generation successor and focused on Wang Chong.

"Kid, you're truly suicidal!"

The Tiger Immortal's eyes chilled and erupted with floods of murderous intent.

Although he was startled at first, the Tiger Immortal's cultivation allowed him to quickly understand Wang Chong's connection to the first-generation successor.

"This time, I'll have you destroyed in both body and soul!"

The Tiger Immortal instantly shot into the air, hurtling toward Wang Chong with a thunderous momentum.


The air tensed, and let alone Wang Chong, even Ouyang Changheng smelled the pungent scent of death.

Given the Tiger Immortal's strength, this attack would undoubtedly kill them.

"First-generation!" Wang Chong suddenly roared.

Clangclangclang! In response to Wang Chong's roar, countless damaged swords hurtled through the air like asteroids and began to revolve around the first-generation successor's body. When these swords first appeared, they were just ordinary swords of metal, but in the blink of an eye, they turned gold and became more dazzling than the sun.


A moment later, the successor's body vanished from the altar. In the air, the energy of a blazing sun, circled by thousands of golden swords, was shooting toward the Tiger Immortal.

Boom! A moment later, two terrifying energies that were far more powerful than the vast majority of martial artists could ever imagine smashed into each other. For a moment, time and space seemed to freeze, the entire world falling silent.

But a moment later, a vast wave of Stellar Energy swept through the area.


A martial artist on the ground failed to react in time and was struck by the wave. All the bones in his body cracked and he vomited blood. He fell to the ground like a cloth bag, his body stripped of life.

Ten-some meters from the ground, boom! The energy wave cut across the rock wall, leaving a deep crevice and sending countless bits of rock tumbling to the ground.

"Retreat, retreat!"

Panicked cries resounded through the air. The clash between the first-generation successor and the Tiger Immortal was simply too frightening. The aftershocks of Stellar Energy alone were enough to instantly kill a martial artist. Even an Imperial Martial expert would instantly be heavily wounded. Anyone who got close to their battlefield would only have death in their future.

In the air, the battle was just beginning.

Under the first-generation successor's command, the countless golden swords turned into a majestic storm that howled at the Tiger Immortal.


This Sword Qi that could make the world pale shattered the Tiger Immortal's Stellar Energy barrier in a single blow, the ensuing explosion almost sending the Tiger Immortal flying.

Boom! The Tiger Immortal's body erupted with even more Stellar Energy, but he was still thrown back ten-some meters by the first-generation successor's nigh-unstoppable attack.

The Tiger Immortal grimaced. In the current era, martial arts were in decline. It was extremely rare for martial artists to reach the peak Saint Martial and Great General level.

And those who could reach the peak Great General level like Song Yuanyi were few and far between.

A martial artist that could transcend all the others and break through the bottleneck to glimpse the supreme and profound Subtle realm would be a peerless genius, an expert on the same level as the second-generation successor, Goat Immortal, and Deer Immortal.

But to reach the Tiger Immortal's level was an absurdity for more than ninety-nine percent of the world's martial artists. Even someone as talented as Wang Chong and possessing such incredible comprehension capabilities was still no match for the Tiger Immortal.

But the first-generation successor clearly did not belong to those lower categories. As the disciple who was personally taught by the Origin Immortal Lord, he possessed unfathomable strength and was the undisputed strongest of the six walking corpses of the underground palace. Moreover, the Spring and Autumn Era that the first-generation had belonged to was a golden age of martial arts. For a moment, even the Tiger Immortal had found himself unable to hold.


Before the Tiger Immortal could react, the first-generation successor locked his eyes onto him. He extended a hand behind his back, and the thousands of swords instantly began to hum. Sword intent converged behind him, and a moment later, a bolt of milky-white Sword Qi more than thirty meters long shot into the air.

As this bolt of Sword Qi appeared, space twisted behind the first-generation successor, and the grandiose 'Trayastrimsa Heaven' of the Origin Immortal lineage manifested.

But unlike the previous five generations of walking corpses, the Trayastrimsa Heaven of the first-generation successor loomed into the heavens, and if one looked carefully, one would see that it was actually twenty-nine floors high. Each floor radiated dignified and dazzling golden light.

Boom! The successor's attack moved with unimaginable speed, slicing through space in the blink of an eye and almost instantaneously striking the Tiger Immortal.

Kaboom! The Sword Qi sent the Tiger Immortal flying straight into the wall behind him in an explosion of dust. The destructive impact gouged out a massive hole in the wall, and rocks crashed down from above.


Cries of alarm came from the ground, the men in black utterly dumbfounded. Even the Goat Immortal and Deer Immortal had noticed something strange, and as they turned to look, their faces froze in stupefaction.

The Tiger Immortal was far stronger than the two of them, the strongest member taking part in this operation. If not even the Tiger Immortal was a match for the first-generation successor, no one was.

"How could this be? How could the successor be this strong?!"

"What's going on here? Wasn't the first-generation successor already dead? When we came in, even his soul had completely vanished. Why can he still fight?!"

The two still had the upper hand in their own fights, but they couldn't but feel extremely uneasy at this moment.

If even the Goat Immortal and Deer Immortal were uneasy, one could imagine how greatly unsettled their subordinates were.

"Now is the moment!"

Unlike anyone else, Wang Chong had no intention of backing down, as the aftershocks from the battle between these two awe-inspiring figures posed little threat to him. His eyes flashed as he locked onto the Goat Immortal and Deer Immortal.

Wang Chong might not have been strong enough to take on the Tiger Immortal, but he was more than enough to deal with the Goat and Deer Immortals.


Wang Chong shot toward the Goat Immortal like a lightning bolt, leaving behind a long trail in the air.

As he charged, Wang Chong felt a heat on his palm, and then violet energy surged from the Origin Immortal Sword into his body.

This immense energy caused Wang Chong's strength to swell and his mind to be energized.

"Not good! It's that kid!"

The Goat Immortal had very sharp senses. He had been using the Subtle realm energy to rampage over Song Yuanyi and the Black Yin Ancestor when he suddenly sensed Wang Chong's aura approaching.

Even now, he was still rather shaken by the power of the attack unleashed by that puny human.


With no time to think, the Goat Immortal pushed back Song Yuanyi and the Black Yin Ancestor with a jolt of Stellar Energy and then turned to thrust a palm at Wang Chong.

"Goat Immortal Flying Stomp!"

As the Goat Immortal roared, a giant golden goat hoof blazing with golden flames and wrapped in destructive energy began to stomp down at Wang Chong.

Before this hoof had even landed, a second and third hoof appeared, all of them moving with astonishing speed.

The concept of the Goat Immortal Flying Stomp was that of a stampede of goats. In the Goat Immortal's hands, this technique was enough to crush any martial artist beneath the Subtle realm to dust.

But the Goat Immortal had underestimated Wang Chong's strength.


With a heaven-sundering explosion, the number one sword art of the Central Plains, the most offensively oriented of the ten great arts, once more revealed its might.

Bzzzzz! Wang Chong's attack tore through the air, crossing several dozen meters and cleaving its way toward the Goat Immortal. Those numerous giant hoofs vanished like smoke just as quickly as they had appeared.


The Goat Immortal held his chest as he flew backward. Crimson blood tinged with gold gushed out from his chest, a blood completely different from the blood of ordinary people.

"You… you, you dared to injure my immortal body? Kid, I'll kill you!"

The Goat Immortal's golden mask had fallen off and his pitch-black hair was loose and disheveled. His face was twisted in hatred as he murderously glared at Wang Chong.

At that moment, the Goat Immortal's eyes turned red in insanity.