The Greatest, Immortal and Unbeatable Hero? Chapter 3: It's my birthday?


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( " for talking out loud
' for saying in mind)

Last time on______(too long of a title), Alex Pratt is starting his journey in a familiar world! But no so familiar? He has gained the ability to absorb powers and use them for himself! Stay tuned to find out what happens next!

A portal opens up in an alley. This wasn't just any portal it was the portal Alex had jumped into to get to the hero-verse.

Alex fell out of the portal just a split second after the portal showed up.

"OWW!" Alex fell on his *ss.

'He should have told me to walk into the portal, instead of jumping into it. I wouldn't have fallen onto my booty'

Alex had looked around and saw a man by the alley entrance with a nice suit on.

'I should walk over and ask what today's date is. Wait?' Alex had saw the man turn around and finally he could see the mans face. 'Nathan Petrelli? Wait!' Alex looked up and so did Nathan as the saw Peter, Nathans brother, fall. When suddenly Nathan flew up and caught his brother and the weight of his brother brought them down like a wingless bird. But Nathan flying up stopped Peter's momentum enough to break his originally sure death fall.

Both Brothers on the ground Peter unconscious and Nathan is on the ground groaning because the wind was just knocked out of him.

Alex ran toward them to help. 'That was as epic as in the TV series. But in the TV series, Nathan only grabbed Peter's hand and Peter slipped out of Nathans' hand?'

'OK, I have to lay Peter flat on his back and Nathan until the ambulances arrive. Wait! I need a phone!' As he thinks his he slowly turns peter over to his back and straightens Peter body. (Peter was face down spread out like a fricken snow angel.) Alex ripped Peters shirt and wrapped Peters head, which was hit on the ground when he fell.

'Now onto Nathan.' Alex quickly goes to Nathan side and pushes him onto the ground. Why?

"You can't get up yet, you were just injured. Wait until I call an ambulance." Alex told Nathan who was struggling to get up but stopped after Alex told him to stay still.

"Fine." Nathan said. Alex then when over to Peter again and ripped more of his shirt to wrap Nathans scrapped arm.

"Don't want to tear your fancy suit, lol." Alex said because Nathan had a face that asked why?

"OK, I'm gonna flagged down some on the road to call an ambulance now"

Alex walked over to the road and noticed why no one noticed Nathan flying in the TV series. There was a St. Patrick's Day parade going on on the road.

"It's my birthday?" Alex said aloud because he was born March, 17th.
Alex then quickly ask some people to call an ambulance because two men were injured. Then walked back to the Alley to find them both gone.

'What the f*ck. Nathan must have flown both him and Peter to the hospital.'

"I guess, I'll walk there," Alex says while walking away from the direction of the parade.

literally One hour later

'Finally, found the damn place' Alex was stubborn and only asked for direction after 10 minutes of walking. Turned out was heading toward the entirely opposite direction. (had to ask for direction 7 times and 3 out of the 7 Alex had been going the wrong way.) Alex had realized…

'I f*ckin suck at following directions.'

Alex had walked up to the desk clerk and asked for Peters room.

Outside Peters room, I Knocked and waited for someone to open the door.

P.S. Today is actually my birthday.
P.S.S Happy St. Patrick's Day.
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