The Greatest, Immortal and Unbeatable Hero? Chapter 1: "I'm Dead?" CH.1


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I'm was in my room. The Lights were off. I was on my tablet binge-watching a TV series called Heroes. The reason I'm binge watching it? It's because Netflix is taking Heroes off Netflix. It was one of my favorite TV series. It's at the top along with Lost. (Did they die or was that purgatory?) Like any binge, watcher would know. Binge enough and you get tired. So… The tablet fell onto my chest. (ZZzzz) I was out cold. While Heroes continued to play for three more episodes. (Don't you hate that.)

"Welcome, Alex Pratt!" Said someone waking Alex from his coma that was induced by binge-watching Heroes.

"Leave me alone Mom I don't have to work today!" Alex screams into his pillow! Thinking he was in his bed at home.

"Cough...Cough… Alex?" The voice coughed embarrassingly and called for Alex again. Trying to get his attention.

Alex suddenly opened his eyes wide and stood up on top of the bed. He was standing up in a weird Chinese fighting stance. (Look like a dragon ball fighting stance but with ZERO coordination) "Who are you and why are YOU in my room?"

"Your room? Look around you?" The man in a white cloak and white mask said while opening his hand like he was presenting off the room.

The room had Alex's bed in the middle of the room. The room was mostly marble. They were in a perfectly cubic room. On the 4 walls, there were hallways of marble that had statue running along the walls. The statues were of different humans and different non-humans?

The marble room wasn't the weirdest thing. Alex's bed was the weirdest. His bed had charred marks that spread out like a spider web of electricity. Alex had a sudden realization and looked down at himself and noticed that if he laid down on his bed the center of the charred marks would be his heart.

Alex paused for a few seconds and seemed to notice the harsh realization, "I'm Dead?"

The White masked man looked awkward. He scratched his masks cheek. He said, "Ahhh… Yup.

"Where am I?" Alex said quietly while taking off his shirt and looking at the scar that ripples from his chest to his entire body like a cool Tattoo. Strangle his face was scar free. Alex had checked his face with his hand. The only scar by his face was 2 scars perfectly symmetrically going from his collar bones to behind his ears and stopping. (Use your imagination)

"Well, for you? The between-lands. A place between worlds/Death/Everything. Me? Work!" He said proudly for an unknown reason.

"OK? The statues then?"

"The statues are of great gods, Demigods, heroes, and some exceptions"

Alex was inspecting his scars with interest while the white cloaked man was explaining so He said to Alex "You want me to remove the scars and know how you got them?"

"I DON'T want the scars removed! Their fricken a thousand times cooler than The Archer's scars!"
Alex said excitedly and he strangely sounded proud too.

"OK, chill. Well, their from a strangle lighting bolt that hit a piece of technology that was on your chest while you were sleeping. The Lighting was not ordinary lightning! It was cosmic lightning that found its way to your planet by DSN (Deep Space Network) radio waves which came from a man-made robotic probe which was going interstellar (occurring or situated between stars) until the cosmic lightning destroyed it. Then the Lightning then followed the DSN waves to your planet than to you."

The entire time the white masked man explained he kept on making hand gestures to follow the story. It didn't help Alex at all. Like NONE!

"That… IS so Fricken cool!" Alex says while bro-fisting the air.
Alex still talking…
"Will I become like the FLASH! Or Superman. Or like Zeus. Or..." Alex was cut off.

"No", that was all Alex got from the masked man.

"But you will put into a world with Peter Petrelli's power if you promise me ONE thing!" The white masked man says while he lifted up his pointing finger to indicate One.

"OK, what?"

"Promise me you will be a hero!"

"That's Easy! I promise to be a hero!"

"GOOD! Now I'll tell you, I'm gonna now send you to a world that is filled with heroes, villains and the Supernatural!" As he said this the White masked man opened a portal to the right of Alex….
"Now, Go" Alex nodded his Head at the man then jumped into the portal to his right.

"WAHOOOO!" Alex said while jumping in.

The Masked man then shook his head at Alex's childishness.

The man then teleported to a statue that was in a room by itself. It was bigger and different than the statues that were in the hallways. It depicted a man of heroic Aura. The statue had the name Alex Pratt engraved on it. The statue had a birth date but strangely no death date.

Alex never died, he was the first mortal man to survive and beat fate and cosmic forces. Alex got struck by Cosmic Lightning, which would even kill lower tier gods and survived…

The masked man then when to the podium under the statue and picked up a book that on the front cover said 'The Alex Prats Heroic Achievements'. But the freaky part was under the book title was 'book one'. On every wall of the room were bookshelves reaching towards the roof. These bookshelves were all filled with books similar to the book found on the podium. These bookshelves were full. But the scary part is that when you looked up the bookshelves seemed to go on forever. You literately couldn't see the end of the books filled with Alex Pratt's Achievements.

(PS the between-lands is a place where the concept of time doesn't exist as time doesn't exist there.)
Tell me what superheroes to add into this world. What villains. What supernatural beings, etc.
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