The Great Thief Chapter 280: A Compromise


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Chapter 280: A Compromise

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“We ran into one of Seventh Heaven’s teams and were beaten,” Zhou Huan Huan said casually. However, she was unable to hide the depressed look on her face.

“Seventh Heaven.”

Lu Li shook his head sympathetically.

This was the nature of the competition. Strength was essential, but luck was still important.

The three landladies had above average strength; they were quite strong compared to the ordinary players. If they were lucky, advancing through the tournament wouldn’t have been that difficult, but they would be hard-pressed against a top-level team. Against a team from one of the biggest guilds, there was naturally nothing that they could do.

“It doesn’t matter – we didn’t really expect to get anything. The three of us are more like casual players,” Dou Jing Jing said, trying to comfort herself.

Reality had taught them the difficulties of entrepreneurship – their initial plan of setting up a gaming studio had long been abandoned.

Dawn had already broken the record for that most-played online game and was now worthy of being called the universal game. There was actually a lot do to within it.

For example, setting up a shop…

“I want to open a Potion Shop. I’ll have a banner that says ‘Xin Xin Mercenary Group’s Potion Shop’…” Liu Yi Yi joked.


Potions didn’t even have that much potential, and she even wanted to affiliate the shop.

“Xin Xin had already promised to be the store salesperson,” Dou Jing Jing said as she put her arms around Lu Xin then continued, “As long as Xin Xin is there by the counter, lots of people will come in to buy things.”

“No,” Lu Li subconsciously refused after thinking about that scene.

“Why not?”

Surprisingly, this question had come from Lu Xin herself. Although she was shy, she struggled to look brave, trying not to show any weakness in front of her brother.

“It’s hard work.” Lu Li lowered his voice and spoke gently.

“I’m not scared; I want to make money too. I can’t make big bro do it all.” Lu Xin began to choke up as she spoke.

She had joined the game and seen her brother PVPing with other players. While other players looked at Lu Li in awe, she only felt sorrow and grief.

The Lu Li in the competition felt so unfamiliar that she was afraid.

She didn’t know that her brother had been putting so much effort into the game. This was something she didn’t normall