The Great Thief Chapter 1329: Dodgy Behavior


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"Then how did you dodge it before?" Water Fairy couldn't wait to know.

She felt like after she had learned this, she would surpass most other Thief players. She would have no fear fighting players like Blood Dagger or Fearing Wood. However, she wouldn't fight Lu Li – after all, he was the one teaching her.

"If you want to master this technique, you have the practice more. Right after the first movement, you will need to start the second moment. There will be a very brief pause where the other caster will try to determine the range and force of their attack. What you need to do, is make a judgement and react accordingly…"

Lu Li tried it again as the attacker this time, but his Skill Completion was still quite high.

After trying a few times, Water Fairy's performance still couldn't satisfy Lu Li, but he had found the problem. He held Water Fairy's thin waist and said, "It's not your shoulders or your legs, but your waist. Your core is the issue, so do a twist and let me have a look…"

Then, when Lu Li saw Water Fairy staring at him with amazement, he realized where he had placed his hands. They were very close to her hips.

Although she didn't say anything, Water Fairy's complaints could be seen in her eyes. She was a proudly independent person that had been given elite education, but in in the end, she was still a girl and had never experienced something like this before.

"Hey, now you try doing it yourself," Lu Li said, pretending like nothing had happened.

Water Fairy wasn't mad. After all, Lu Li didn't seem to be looking at her in that way. Her

attention was soon redrawn by these new techniques.

Lu Li was trying his best to teach her, and all she lacked now was practice. As such, they continued to spar, and increase their speed.

Soon, there were people paying attention to them. After all, it was extremely rare for someone to be victorious hundreds of times in a row.

A dealer that offered bets was always on the lookout for players like this as they would use them to entice others to place bets. A well-selected target player could make millions for the dealer.

Of course, this was under the assumption that they didn't encounter any professional gambler hunters.

These gambler hunters were the bane of these dealers. They didn't even need to do anything. All they needed to do was look attractive so that the dealer would approach them. Once they had made a connection, they would wait until the dealer would make some money before running away with the