The Great Thief Chapter 1328: Teaching Alone


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A Pinch of Love and Hate stopped messing around, and quickly jumped from the pillar.

When he saw the two Thieves, he paused for a moment before picking Lu Li as his target. Ordinarily, this was what most players would do. If there was a man and a woman in the arena, then it was the man who had brought the woman in to fight in the arena with them.

The skill that he used was the Druid's crowd-control skill, Tornado. This skill summoned a Tornado at the target's feet, blowing the player off the ground and preventing them from taking any further actions.

Lu Li didn't need to spend much to remove this crowd-control. The Druid's skills were Nature based, but they were still Magic skills. The Shadow Cloak could easily remove this kind of crowd-control.

Water Fairy continued attacking the Mage with her daggers, as instructed by Lu Li.

She was making use of human instinct. If someone was coming at your head with a knife, you would tilt your head back as far as possible to avoid the knife. At the very least, you would try to turn your head away to break line of sight with the knife.

Water Fairy's dagger didn't come down at a straight angle. Instead, she adjusted her dagger mid-swing.

This time, she managed to achieve a Skill Completion that was greater than 90%. This produced an effect that was definitely stronger than what could achieved on Automatic Mode. Water Fairy had never done this before, but luck was probably the most likely reason it had happened this time.

When Lu Li got out of the Tornado, he ran up and quickly got rid of the Druid.

Druid players, regardless of whether they were Beastmasters or Healers, usually liked to jump and move around like a flea. It was very annoying and Lu Li had long awaited the moment he could kill this jumpy Druid.

However, what surprised him was when the Mage, who was actually a decent player, saw that his Druid friend had been killed and actually quit the match.

"Hmm, I could have let you kill him. That might have worked better," Lu Li said after hesitating for a moment, but this made it sound like he was addicted to killing. Water Fairy wasn't sure if he had killed someone in real life.

"Oh. Why didn't I think of that?" Water Fairy mumbled.

Lu Li suddenly felt depressed. Recently, there had been people telling him about pursuing a girl and the considerations that one should take into account.

One of these considerations was that you should never PVP against a girl you were interested in!

If you won, then the girl would b