The Great Thief Chapter 1327: Pampered


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Lu Li felt a bit embarrassed to fight him like this.

He was just bullying them!

But, this was the arena, and you weren't allowed to just sit down and chat.

Going all out was the greatest form of respect one could give. Lu Li had already helped Water Fairy by analysing some of her issues and now it was time to see if she could execute what she had learned. This was the perfect opportunity as there were no real consequences.

"If you can't get the attack in, then try something else."

Lu Li was being very gracious, but this depended on who he was talking to. Normally, he would only act like this to his sister, but he was making an exception today. He would usually give people advice, but he wouldn't care if they didn't want to listen.

"Try something else?"

Water Fairy had just psyched herself up for it, but when she heard this, all of it collapsed.

However, she did feel a strange feeling – it was the feeling of being pampered, as though a person was willing to give up anything for her. If you wanted it, then that person would do whatever they could to make it happen.

In the time that she was thinking about this, Master Boben was quickly dealt with.

After the arena, Lu Li began to explain to Water Fairy a few theories which he had read from forum posts in his previous life.

These theories were very important and were largely responsible for his achievement after his rebirth.

In the future, if Water Fairy abandoned him, then Lu Li would be left in the corner to cry and he would feel a deep resentment and injustice towards her forever.

However, for now, Lu Li was willing to share it with Water Fairy.

This was the kind of person he was. Once he had made a decision, it didn't matter what the consequences were. Lu Li believed that this knowledge would make her better, but he was still running, not walking, ahead. There was no one that could catch up with him.

This was also to give him some motivation. He didn't want to be overtaken by a woman one day, so he had to keep working harder.

"Tell me, what is this other way? I don't want to attack the eyeballs – it's gross," Water Fairy complained. She couldn't hear the entitled tone in her voice, and even a man of integrity like Lu Li faltered for a moment.

Unfortunately, then received an annoying System Prompt.

They had been moved into a new arena match. Regardless of whether their opponents were newbies or not, they still had to take them seriously.

"I will show you a few times. You can see if my Gouge is different from