The Great Conqueror Chapter 97: Enlightenment of the Strong


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Chapter 97

It was incomprehensible, and perhaps even the noble tribes of Ye Lu Samo would be unable to make sense of it. After the Engraving Masters Guild had counterattacked with an Engraving of their own, the temple had been suppressed right into the depths of a valley and in those dangerous times, it was not even certain whether the Head Priest involved would keep his position or not. Who would have imagined that in a single day, the journey would bring the situation back to that original mountain peak?

According to the rumors, that night, the Warriors Guild and Archers Guild presidents had run over to the residence of the Head Priest in order to curry favour, only to find out that the Head Priest was busy with official business. The two presidents waited for a whole two hours and the specifics of what they discussed weren’t clear; all that was known is that the two guilds had increased their periodic contributions over three fold.

The Pope was nominally the ruler of the Meng Jia Empire. With these events, the attitude of His Majesty The Pope was made very clear, and these two guild branch presidents must have really been tired of living to displease The Pope.

The one who suffered the most misfortune was the president of the Shadow Hunters Guild, Leinuo, as he had not thought that these two shameless old coots would just cast him aside like this. If it was just the Warriors Guild, then it would not be too bad as they did not have any real connections to this struggle, but Si Tanfu’s own son had been beaten and this was something that had started this event in the first place. Now, the Shadow Hunters Guild had become the sacrificial lamb.

Leinuo was beset with difficulties both inside and out. At that time, he had indeed incited his guild members to go to the Engraving Masters Guild to get Engravings, and now that there was a problem, he was also responsible. If this was not able to be settled, his position as president could be tossed out at any time. When he was helpless to even fend for himself, how could he care about the Engraving Masters Guild? He could no longer make it this night, as even if he did not rest, Tuo Ma Si would still sleep. As a result, Leinuo hadn’t slept for an entire night, and he waited outside Tuo Ma Si’s door before even the coming of dawn.

During this same time, Sa Mu Andun’s days were not easy, as the superiors were displeased with him as well. On one side, they had promoted an Engraving before it was proven, and it was fortunate the other cities had not started to make them on a large scale or he would have lost his job by now. On the other side, the Pope was the symbol of the Meng Jia Empire, and even a camel that was starving to death would still be larger than a horse. For even this small thing to be reported to the superiors, wasn’t it the same as slapping his own cheek?

To the Engraving Masters Guild, a state of equilibrium was the most perfect, as they were the financial leverage between the theocracy and monarchy and would aid whichever side was weaker. These years, the temple was no longer the same as during their prime, and for the Engraving Masters Guild to maintain the current status quo would be for the best.

If there was no reason to destroy this simple and good life, then they had better not cause any disturbances.

It had been a long time since Sa Mu Andun had been scolded, but no matter how the elder from the Holy Capital rebuked him, he would still have to endure it.

As soon as The Pope got angry, his power and influence were both clearly still there. At this moment, Sa La’s side was also not having an enjoyable time; these types of power struggles had rules, and even though it was fine for them to suppress the other party, wasn’t reporting some small bullshit just looking for trouble?

It could only be said that these years had passed by too comfortably and they had lost their sense of crisis. This world was one that still believed in the Beast God.

The arrival of Shaman Sibalu had indeed increased the glory of the temple’s Spring Festival, as this was an entity that administered over the province. Each and every person in Ye Lu Samo that had a head and face came to sing praises, as no one wanted to miss this opportunity to curry favour with the Lord Shaman.

Ten thousand people filled the alleys as Shaman Sibalu announced the event, followed quickly by the performance from the people th Rui Bo Te family had hired.

To these performance groups, the greater the number of people, the greater their earnings. Regardless of whether they were the sideshow or not, their plays thoroughly penetrated the crowd with emotion, and the public square was filled with thunderous applause with such a magnificent event.

Each occupational guild president respectfully followed behind, and President Leinuo was filled with smiles just like before, as though he had forgotten the embarrassing incident of being shut outside the door in the early hours of the morning. This is what people called political understanding.

If somebody was not thick-skinned, then how could they be a president?

Sibalu was very pleased. After passing through the unceasing number of turns, the prestige of the Ye Lu Samo Temple rapidly rose and had already obtained the dominant position. This was not seen very often in other cities, and it was obvious that The Pope’s intentions were to give Tuo Ma Si plenty of face throughout the process; he’d even hinted more than once that there was hope for the Red-Robed Head Priest position.

Tuo Ma Si himself was very deeply moved, as this was originally something that had been set in stone1, but suddenly there was hope. Not only that, Tuo Ma Si had left The Pope with a good impression, which was the most important fact.

Only a Head Priest that obtained face for the Vatican would be appreciated by His Majesty The Pope.

Other than each of the citizen tribes’ performances, the plaza’s Rui Bo Te also entered into the limelight, as this time’s Spring Festival was financially supported exclusively by the Rui Bo Te family and they had accepted the burden of all of the expenses. It was clear that these devout believers also left a good impression on the Lord Shaman, and in the days following, all of the Rui Bo Te family’s businesses in the province would be looked after by the temple.

In this era, firm believers were not many. In these crucial moments, the ones that had stood by the temple’s side had been the Rui Bo Te family, to which Lord Shaman also publicly expressed his enormous appreciation, which left all of the other families in Ye Lu Samo jealous.

The entire investment had actually not been too excessive; the Rui Bo Te family had only created a few frames, invited a group of people, and the Rui Bo Te’s specialised vending booth was full of people and any kind of junk would end up sold out. People, ah, they would just want to join in during the festivities, and some people had even spent some cash that had been stored up for a rainy day with nothing left.

It could be said that the Rui Bo Te gained both fame and fortune.

The first climax of the Spring Festival was a war dance.

As elites of the younger generation of Ye Lu Samo, Lan Di and Ke Te were without a doubt recognised by others. This was especially so for Lan Di, as his reputation was recently second to none and having the status of a noble tribe on top of that made him even more suitable for this kind of setting.

The most traditional Beast Tribe plans would include a war dance. Lan Di and Ke Te—both of their bodies equipped with armor—unleashed an exquisite dance in front of everyone, and Lan Di’s 2~6 little buckler stunned countless people even now. One could imagine that this would definitely make the people that drifted from place to place spread the news widely through each of the large provinces.

Sibalu was also seeing this with his own eyes for the first time and it shook his heart as well; it could not be said that The Pope was being biased, as Ye Lu Samo was indeed able to display its ability. It seemed that he would also have to adjust his tactics and mustn’t try to cool Tuo Ma Si’s heart or ambitions.

The war dance was delicate and fine, but it was undeniable that the 2~6 little buckler was the catalyst that stirred the beastfolks’ passion the greatest. Ai Wei Er observed from afar and was calmer compared to the liveliness around her, as too much had happened these days and one misstep would result in an unredeemable disaster that would last ten thousand years.

But thinking back on Ya Se’s own calm filled her heart with an unspeakable feeling. Honestly speaking, she had not been too optimistic of the situation, but she knew at that time if she did not support Ya Se, then there would truly be no one to support him.

In that calmness contained a male body with boundless strength and passion, and possessed technique outside of the ordinary while having no lack of personal accomplishment. To this day, Ai Wei Er had not yet seen anything that surpassed the lines of “The Prelude to the Water Melody”. That phrase, “People have their joys and sorrows, as the moon has its crescents” displayed so much helplessness, but the person that had written these words seemed to be someone that had never acknowledged defeat in their heart.

On the dance stage, Ke Te and Lan Di displayed their strength and passion as much as they wished. It brought honour to each of their families as well as strengthened the relationship they had with the temple, and the people in their household showed their appreciation more than once.

To be able to exhibit their techniques in front of Lord Shaman was a heaven-high glory.

But at the climax of the battle, the two’s movements suddenly stopped in place, and they maintained their battle positions as though stone sculptures.

Chapter 97 – Enlightenment of the Strong

板儿上钉钉的事儿 something already set on the board.
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