The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, And The Genius Chapter 7: Bet Lost


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A year has passed since Shen Tiancai has been in another world or rather, Prince Wallace.

When he met Formefius, he comprehended the situation and didn't ask to many questions. When he was asked about the wish, he simply answered, "Give me a good profile."

"That's all? You don't want any type of powers or like hacks. Cheat codes? A glitch?"

"It's not like I'm playing a game. Having a good profile and background is way more practical in real life. Imagine if someone founded out about my hacks and killed me to try and take it."

"That's reasonable."

And that was how Wallace became the prince of one of the strongest kingdoms in this other world.

Wallace looked at his servants, maids, and his little sister. "Why do I feel like I was meant to be here?"

He sat down on his throne right next to his parents. Listening to what his dad was saying, he knew that there was a decline in food productions but Wallace had his own thoughts on the matter.

"There's not a decline in food productions. There's just a decline in faithful and loyal farmers."

King Luther looked at his son who has gave him a lot of advices in the past year and shushed everyone with his finger. "Tell me more son."

"It all started 3 year ago am I correct? This food production decline?"

The minister of agriculture nodded.

"What major change in our agriculture laws and customs did we change that year?"

Everyone had the same answer. "The change of the collection dates."

"But what does this has anything to do with the decline? After all it's just a week difference than the original."

Wallace wanted to laugh at their stupidity. "Tell me. Why did we change the dates in the first place?"

"We changed them so that the slower farmers who took longer to collect their crops would have more time to do so. This would stop the soldiers who collects the crops from having to do extra trips than necessary."

"Who proposed this?"

"I did." The minister of agriculture answered.

"And after that change in laws, the decline in food production started occurring. It's not hard to see the culprit is it?"

The minister of agriculture jumped off of his seat. "You can't go and falsely accuse someone even if you are the prince..."

He didn't finish his sentence as the king smacked his staff onto the ground.

"Keep explaining son. He's right, you can't falsely accuse someone without evidence."

"Who says I don't have any evidence?

I started suspecting things when I thought to myself, why change the rules we always had just because of 2 or 3 slow farmers? That's the average amount of farmers who didn't make it on time for the food collection.

So I dug into it a little bit and after a while I've gathered 3 pieces of evidence.

Number 1. The minister of agriculture is spending money he doesn't have. A few weeks ago I went and talked to the minister of money. I asked him to give me the papers for the minister of agriculture's state of his bank per day and his amount of money spent per day.

On average he's using over 100,000 gold coins per month and yet his bank only changes by 50,000 per month.

That may not seem like a lot but 100,000 times 12 is 1,200,000 and multiple that by 2 and that's, 2,400,000 gold coins spent while his bank only decreased by 1,200,000 gold coins in total.

Some of you might think that he was using gold coins he had in his mansion, safes, and even money made from other businesses. But that's not true because in the end of the day, we have control over the flow of every single piece of coin in this kingdom.

The minister of agriculture makes 85,000 gold coins per month and using the formula we had, he has used over 360,000 gold coins more than he makes. But that's not all.

Number 2. This one is more of a valid evidence than than first as he could just have been using more than he makes since he has so much anyway. The first was just to help out my case. Number 2. Number 2. Ha... haha."

Everyone in the room looked at him without blinking.

"Now number 2 and 3 works together. As I said before, we know every single piece of coin that's flowing in the city even the coins people throw away and ends up in the trash. We know it. Now this past year, our kingdom has made 132,750,000 gold coins. So we should know that these coins will go around the city since people purchases things and we will lose ownership of some coins since we trade with other kingdoms.

However, there was a mistake in the flow. Normally a kingdom will have it's money flowing through it going from one person to another or going to another kingdom never changing unless traded, however there has been random amount of coins that has entered the system every single month.

Guess the amount per month?"

The king was the first to reply. "50,000?"

"Correct. 50,000 coins enters the system randomly and messes up the flow. It's unaccounted for. This 50,000 didn't come from trades so how? How did it end up here without anyone noticing until now?"

"Guards." The guards immediately changed the directions they were facing. "Arrest this fool."

The guards bowed and started walking towards the minister. The minister didn't bother running because the punishment for running away from the king's orders would be death. And 500 years in prison sounded better than death.

"Before I get taken away. What's the third evidence?"

"If we take the amount of money we made off of crops the year before the decline and after, the difference is a small amount of 50,000 every time."

"Hmph. And I thought I was being smart by taking a little only."

"You were. Good plan too. Just had bad luck having me on board."

After the minister of agriculture was taken away everyone began clapping. King Luther began laughing while saying in a loud and cheerful voice, "Thats my son alright."

When everything calmed down and everyone left the table of discussion, Wallace went to play with his little sister. He was 16 this year and his little sister was only 3 so he felt the impulse to protect and love her.

"Do you want to train with brother?"

His sister, Elizabeth nodded and began hitting the tree before rolling to the floor clutching on her hands.

"Hahaha. I never said to hit the tree like me. I just wanted you to imitate me."

"Why you no tell me first? Brother's a bully."

She saw their dad walking over to them and ran into his arms to cry. "Brother's bullying you again?"

"Yes." As she dug her face into father's clothes. King Luther was a ruthless king but a gentle father.

"I will beat up brother for you? Would you like that?"

Elizabeth shook her head while still crying. "Than what do you want daddy to do?"

"I want you to train me so I can beat him myself."

"Oh you would like that?"

Wallace jumped at his sister, grabbed her arms and as if he was fighting with her he pulled her fists towards his face while making sound effects and acted as if he was hurt and fell to the ground.

Elizabeth began laughing and repeatedly saying "Brother's stupid and weak." while running around the castle repeating it, all the way to her mother.

"Ahaha. She's just like your mom. Fierce and not afraid to hurt... my... Forget that. Let's talk later after we spar."

"Just wait a little dad. I'm almost to your level."

"To my level. Pff."

Wallace charged in without warning and attacked with full strength. His fists was speaking for him.

King Luther on the other hand was casually walking towards and sometimes away from him. He would block Wallace's attack with only his fingers while causally talking.

"To my level? You must be joking. You sneaked attacked me and I still haven't felt any pain on my body yet. You must have been a girl your past life or something."

Wallace was fiercely attacking when he slowed down. He took a deep breath and gathered his ki into his right fist and his left palm.

King Luther stood still and waited for the attack.

Wallace charged in again. Using his left palm, he pushed his father's arms causing them to fly towards the back and using his fist, he sent all of his ki from his fist and turned it into explosive power and released it into his dad's chest.

His dad didn't fly away into the sky or anything but after a second, he fell to the ground without his pupil showing.

Wallace freaked out and rushed towards his dad as fast as he could and caught him before he fell to the ground.

He looked at his dad, checked his pulse, his breathing before confirming that he wasn't dead. He was about to yell for the doctor to come in and check his dad out when his neck wasn't put into a chokehold.

"Did you think dad would fall that easily."

Wallace pushed his dad away. "You tricked me. To think that I was worried about you. See you st dinner." He rolled his eyes as he left.

King Luther just smiled and waited until Wallace was gone until crying. "Ow... ow... ow ow ow. Ah! It hurts so much. My chest."

He lifted his shirt and stared at the fist mark made on his chest. "To think that my son was able to not only hit me but also shock my ki into going frenzy causing me to force myself to faint faint. Good thing I could change the outlet for the frenzy or else I might have accidentally destroyed the castle.

In less than a year, my son went from being a baby who needed my help everyday to being a little kid who can walk on his own. Dad still has more to teach you though.... ow."

Wallace was in his room with his fiancée. As a male who has dated quite a few people in his past life when he was bored, he knew how to care for his fiancée unlike other light novel mc who just focused on their cultivation.

"Do you think that I'll ever surpass dad?"

"Surpass uncle? Maybe after you surpass my dad?" His blonde hair girlfriend was Daisy Hariott. She was cute, smart, knew how to fight, had a dad that killed over a hundred knights when he lost control over the demon he kept in his body.

Daisy was also not only a girl who was very fancy and disciplined who had manners and all of the packet but she also knew how to become a different person during night.

Wallace knew of mc who would date multiple girls after becoming a king but Wallace felt that this girl was deserving of everything he had. He just hoped that it was the same for him.

"I want to have a kid. A son to play with and a daughter to cuddle with." Wallace didn't want to end up like his past life leaving nothing other than a degree. He wanted to have a kid because he felt that it was time but also because he wanted a kid to care for.

Most adults would avoid it but Wallace was the opposite. He embraced the idea a lot.

His brother's question before the wedding hit him a little too hard.

"Hmm.." Daisy kissed Wallace who was laying down on her thighs. "I do too... but we have to follow the procedures. Marriage first."

"I don't want to wait. Maybe I should just break the rules and attack you right now."

Daisy smack Wallace on the head causing him to rub his forehead in agony. "Then I would have to carry you off into the sunset running away from dad and uncle."

"That's my line."

Daisy smiled and played around with Wallace's hair. "After the marriage."

"Okay." Wallace smiled as he closed his eyes in peace. His memories of his last 2 days on earth was still fresh. They replayed in his head over and over like a song being reminded and resumed over and over and over and over.

"I hope you guys are okay brothers. I wish I could have made up for things I've done in the past even if you guys didn't know about it. Sister-in-law, I hope you meet big brother again. You guys are the couple that inspired me to find true love and now I have.

Eldest brother. Sorry for not telling you the truth about a lot of things. Third brother, you still remember that promise about who would be the last to marry, guess I lose. Do you still want the 1 dollar?"

He was thinking while cuddling up with his fiancée.

"I love you."

"I love you too."

This is the genius. A person who was considered the smartest, strongest, and happiest in his family. Secretly making the dumbest decisions, losing to his demons, and crying himself to sleep once in a while.

That was the genius rather. This is him now.
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