The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 2034: The Ancestor Of The Undead 2


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No matter how scorching the eyes cast at him were, Taotie completely ignored them all.

The hearts of a group of undead girls were crushed to pieces under the indifference of some foodie. They grieved as they bit their handkerchiefs, wis.h.i.+ng they could pounce on a certain foodie and force him to acknowledge them.

Getting all the attention of the womenfolk directly aroused the envy and jealousy of the male undead. Numerous pairs of eyes containing resentment swept over Taotie like a sharp blade.


"The food here is not as delicious as those dishes made by Yan Yu..." While constantly stuffing food into his mouth, Taotie reminisced about the craftsmans.h.i.+p of a certain great chef, and he simply did not notice the oppressive, burning gazes directed at him.

But Shen Yanxiao, who had been sitting beside Taotie, was about to be shot through by these scorching eyes that missed the target.

"Wait till we get back, then ask Yan Yu to cook for you." Shen Yanxiao looked at Taotie with a smile. A handsome man who looked insanely cool and wild, but was like a child complaining about the quality of the food. How come this picture look so strange?

"Master... eh, I want to go home." The more Taotie ate, the more sorrowful he felt. This foodie used to only think about filling his stomach. But after eating the delicious food of the human society, the horizons of his tastebuds had been broadened. Every night, he hoped that he could go back to the Radiance Continent as early as possible and get back to chef Yan Yu's side as soon as possible, so that he could eat delicious meals again.

Shen Yanxiao looked ahead with a trace of nostalgia in her eyes.

Go home... how could she not want to?

She also missed her group of unscrupulous companions in Phantom, and the companions who had shared her burdens in The Rising Sun City.

Xiu had delivered Tang Nazhi's letter to her yesterday. As she read between the words and the lines, Shen Yanxiao felt pain as though a knife were being twisted in her heart.

Eventually, the several Phantom members were scattered across the different continents, and they had to embark on journeys to improve themselves for the coming war.

Even Yang Xi would soon be separated from Shen Yanxiao.

She knew very well that she would not be able to stay in the Hidden Dragon Continent for too long. Merfolk, dwarves... She still had other allies to contact.

"I hope the time will pa.s.s quickly." Shen Yanxiao sighed softly.

Taotie looked at Shen Yanxiao and seemed to notice that he had said something wrong, so he lowered his head and kept silent.

He missed Yan Yu's craftsmans.h.i.+p, but what Shen Yanxiao missed were the people she remembered in her heart.

Just as Shen Yanxiao was immersed in the feeling of longing, the noisy compet.i.tion venue suddenly became silent.

She quickly raised her head, only to see that above the venue, eight bone dragons were floating in the air. These bone dragons were pulling a carriage on top of their heads!

An unprecedentedly powerful death energy shrouded the entire venue in an instant.

Shen Yanxiao held her breath. Such death energy; it was a hundred times stronger than that of any other undead she had ever met before.

Even Kehr and Sal could not compete with this force at all.

The cries of the eight bone dragons sounded throughout the compet.i.tion venue, and a voice coming from the sky shocked the soul of every undead.

A tall figure slowly drifted down from the carriage; there seemed to be an invisible staircase in the air as his figure slowly walked down.

The black cloak on his body made noises as it fluttered in the wind, and that gray fur served as a foil to the two shoulders of this undead who was almost as tall as the Dragon G.o.d.

Suddenly, all the undead in the venue stood up and bowed respectfully to the man who slowly came down from above.