The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 2033: The Ancestor Of The Undead 1


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At last, the top eight teams gathered in the compet.i.tion venue to draw lots.

The members of the Flaming Red Squad, as one of the top eight teams, stood orderly in the field. Their representative in drawing lots was Zhanye.

After getting their lot, Zhanye looked as if he had lost his soul, and his pair of eyes were looking around the venue.

Early this morning, when they set out, Yan Di had told them that she would come to watch the match in person. However, this mentor who did not like to play according to common sense, after dropping such a sentence, took the initiative to leave. And so, the Flaming Red Squad started looking for their mentor's figure incessantly after coming in the venue.


After looking around, they couldn't find where she was.

Instead, they noticed several particularly prominent figures in the audience area.

For example, Luoqiu was sitting in the front row with a fierce face and an incomparably ostentatious, handsome teenager.

That's right. At this moment, somewhere in the audience area, the spectators weren't paying any attention to the stage at all. They were more focused on the handsome young man who looked extremely coa.r.s.e and wild.

As far as the aesthetics of the undead were concerned, the young man's appearance was too outstanding, his handsome features were impeccable, and his drooping eyes were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with a sense of aggression.

But some handsome teenager didn't notice the burning gazes around him at all. He just kept his head down, staring at the big bag of food in his arms as he kept filling his mouth.

"Master, would you like to eat?" The wild and handsome teenager raised his head, holding a round steamed bun and handing it to the ordinary-looking teenager sitting next to him.

"Cough, don't call me that." The teenager, who simply had no sense of self, helplessly rolled her eyes as she pushed the steamed bun back.

These two undead youth with different styles were none other than the unscrupulous mentor who was unwilling to be found by her students, and her contractual magical beast.

After Shen Yanxiao learned that the Ancestor of the Undead would appear today, she decided to come and see the strongest existence among the undead. Vermillion Bird expressed great protest for Shen Yanxiao's practice, but was ignored selectively by Shen Yanxiao in the end.

Xiu and the Dragon G.o.d originally meant to come together, but the Ancestor of the Undead was not someone ordinary. According to Xiu, the strength of the Ancestor was comparable to that of the superior G.o.ds. The boundary of Xiu and the Dragon G.o.d could confuse all the undead, but it wasn't secure in front of the Ancestor of the Undead. For fear that they would be exposed, they could only stay in the inn.

The dark elements of Taotie were very similar to the death energy of the undead. As long as he slightly altered himself, he could completely pa.s.s as an undead. Even the Ancestor of the Undead could hardly find his existence among a large group. Therefore, the responsibility of protecting Shen Yanxiao fell on Taotie.

An undead child was too conspicuous, so Taotie could only change into his adult form. Although his appearance and aura had become that of the undead, his facial features hadn't changed much.

Such a handsome countenance in the midst of a group of gloomy-looking undead was like a s.h.i.+ning star. Just his appearance of gnawing at the food with his head lowered had already attracted the attention of a large wave of female undead. Countless female undead frequently cast flirtatious glances at some Holy Beast; such a pity that this beast only had eyes for food...