The God Of Summoning the Legend of the Unrivaled Emperor Chapter 5: meeting the family


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mr and mrs brown had been in a mess

this was the anniversary of the day that their son went missing

they were having a family meeting

my little sister sky my auntie joan uncle scott my cousin ben and Aaron my uncle james when a huge portal appeared spitting out ten people with a fire bird

everyones eyes widened

{holy crap thats a pheonix} ben thought shocked

"OH MY GOD" Aaron yelled "thats GOKU THE GOKU" he shouted shouted

his brother ben nodded speechless he blushed when he spotted ezra though ezra ignored him

"what are you doing here"

"your not real you have to be cosplayers get out before I call the cops" james father shouted enraged

ozpin looked at harry and ezra they nodded harry did a levitation spell from his wand and their table started to float shocking the group ben fainted

"SEE I KNEW THEY WERE REAL THIS IS SO AWESOME" james little sister sky shouted like she was high and clinged on to jaune like he was a teddy bear who looked at her with wide eyes before looking to others for help they just smirked at him and shook their heads causing him to sigh and drop his head in defeat

"ahem" uncle scott coughed in his hand gaining everyones attention

why are you here I know you haven't come here without reason so what is your purpose

he asked as everyone else looked confused at them ozpin stepped up

after hearing a squeal from auntie joan he chuckled before taking a sip of his tea and spoke " your son is still alive" he spoke getting wide eyed from everyone and tears forming in the parents eyes

"yes infact he was transported to our world and became one of the greatest heroes you should be proud of your son" the rest of the group nodded there heads in agreement

everyone is shocked "are you sure this is james were talking about"

"the wimp could barely do ten push ups how could he be that strong" ben stated angrily before being smacked in the head by his mother and was frowned at by the rest of the group

"w-what where is he take us to him now"- james mother shouted as she got on her knees he begged him

"thats what team natsu is here for while we speak to the president for an alliance "

ezra spoke up her voice soft "your son has accomplished a lot mr and mrs brown he is not the same little boy you knew he has been in wars

" he as created peace to a land that has been in centuries in battle"

"he has bought everyone together and he became emperor he is even married and has his own children"

everyone was speechless james parents were proud of their son while the sister yelling about how my brother is the best brother in the universe bringing chuckles to everyone

"wait a second" she spoke gaining everyone's attention

"how had he accomplish so much in only a short amount of time it was only to years here"

making everyone's eyes widen

zorro spoke up finally after being silent for so long "maybe the time in our universe is different then this one"

"peter did you here that we have grandbabies" james mother shouted

"what am I going to do Im to young to be a grandmother"

james was also shocked but was wondering who he was married to and hoped she treated him right

"ben woke up and only to faint again after hearing everything that his "weak" cousin accomplished

now natsu export them back to the empire he and his family should be waiting"

he nodded and looked to the pheonix gave it a thumbs up before disappearing through the portal with james family following behind him

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