The God Of Summoning the Legend of the Unrivaled Emperor Chapter 4: chapter 3


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in the palace we find the emperor along with his wife and two teams of 5 standing in front of him

ozpin's team which included sanji and zorro Ezra scarlet and son goku

natsu's team included gray fullbuster ichigo kurosaki harry potter and jaune arc

"haha I got there first gray "

" it was a tie flame brain stop being such a idiot " gray replied

"what was that stripper"? natsu asked glaring at him

"you heard me flame breath" he said glaring back as he but heads with natsu

harry smacked his hand on his head while ichigo groaned

everyone else chuckled but stopped when they sensed two familar dark auras

they froze and turned around to see two dark auras around both ezra and the empress

"OI HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU NO FIGHTING IN THE PALACE " naruto yelled angrily as her hair split up to nine separate parts

natsu and gray started to hugg eachother fearing for there saftey as they said sorry repeatedly

I was sweating profoundly hiding behind the desk as they punched them in the head sending them unconscious

{scary} was the thought of everyone

5 minutes later both natsu and gray are awake and I am discussing there mission to them

"as you all know I am not from this universe I was transported here forcefully by an object I wants thought was a toy"

they nodded

"well naru~chan here developed a technique that will open a portal to my world"

their eyes widened in shock

none more so than ozpin

{multiversal travel}? he thought as he payed attention

"now this technique can only be used with the help of a phoenix"

"the reason I chose you four is because this is a very dangerous world "

"you guys have trained to be not only faster than the fastest bullet but trained hard enough to survive the strongest bomb with only a few injuries"

team ozpin is going to speak to the president about a possible alliance

team natsu is going to find my family and try to bring them over here without harm

tell them that james brown is alive and would like to see them

they nodded both excited and happy

excited that they get to go see another world and happy that the boss gets to be reunited with his family and friends from his old world

I left my shadow clones to the paperwork while we went out the front of the palace

naruto started going through handsigns and slammed her hand on the ground causing smoke to appear before a 20 ft tall golden pheonix appeared shocking the crowd nearby

/you called my lord/ he spoke in brittish accent

"we need to send them over now" she replied he nodded and began to glow

"and one last thing" he said as he got there attention once again

the emperor smirked evilly sending chills down there spines

"watch out for the fans"

they shuddered and the guards where chuckling about there misfortune

everyone in the empire has known about emperors home world due to the tales he told about in his books about how they were considered fiction in that universe and how insanely crazy the fans are they all shuddered in fear

well all except natsu and goku natsu didnt care while goku just looked confused

as a portal opened up and they disappeared leaving just me and naruto

"hey james kun do you think they would like me" she asked suddenly nervous

I pulled her in a hug

"they would like you as much as they like me that I know for sure" I stated as I petted her whisker marks she purred before grabbed my face and brought me into the kiss

once we broke we were left gasping for air

everyone was blushing even the guards as she send a flirtatious wink at me swaying her hips side to side before disappearing in a flash of red leaving me flustered before I sighed and shook my head

{how did end up getting a girl like her} I thought before I teleport-ed back into my palace to do some paperwork

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