The God Of Summoning the Legend of the Unrivaled Emperor Chapter 1: the beginning


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uh.. hello

I am the leader of the western emperor

Im married to my foxy wife

and I have to kids with her Ryu and hikari

cool names right?

ok so I know what your thinking

what the hell is going on right?

well to get to the point

I accidentally got sucked in to the narutoverse

apparently i was in a different universe were were everything was fucked up

kinda like those fanfictions

thank god I read those or I would of been lost


why don't I just tell you my story


"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" I screamed while Im falling from the sky

my name is james brown

and i'm 5 ft 6 inches tall


I uh.. I love yugioh

yeah... I love yugioh and I love to read naruto fanfictions

i'm also a bit of a geek

yeah im a geek..


so any way the point of this story is I bought a millennium puzzle and the full deck of duel monster cards from from the store

and I solved the puzzle in like minutes

but the strangest think started to happen

it started to glow gold.

you can't possibly imagine the shock that was going through my head once I saw a golden portal form above it

now where was I oh yes... screaming

AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"I yelled before I suddenly stopped

once I looked down I saw my duel cards falling out of my pocket

"no no nonoo" I panicked as I tried to grab the cards and put them back in my pocket

my hands passed through them they started to glow and spin around me before they fazed into my body when my millennium puzzle was absorbed in my body

my body started to change to 6 ft and I started to gain a muscle mass that's equal to goku

the pain was unfathomable and I blacked out before I hit the ground

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