The girl with the cross Chapter 2: The lost rabbit


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Vlad POV
Grabbing the little rabbits hand I wade through the snow with her looking confused behind me. Stopping in front of the Sargent I salute him and then say, to the tall weathered man.
" Sergeant Abram, permission to speak." I ask in my clearest voice. then Abram says
" Permission granter Corporal Vladimir Mikhailov."
"Could we find out is there was a Bokden…" turning I look at the girl and say, " What's his last name Zajka?" She smiles and almost as if she's very proud of herself says
"His name is Bokden Valkov." She stresses the V's and smiles a huge grin. The Sergeant smiles and then glances around, turning he leaned his huge frame down and said to the small girl in a questioning voice,
" Umm," I provide a name quickly " Mariana" he nods gratefully and continues, " Mariana. Where exactly is your parents?" now that he mentions it I wonder why a small girl is standing in the snow waiting for us to stop. I turn my head down and examine Zajka, She huddles in a small blanket and I can see blood staining the hemm, she wears surprisingly thread-bear dress and I see slippers on her feet. She must be freezing. The only nice thing she has on her is the silver cross that gleams in the snow light. I watch her head drop like a wilting leaf and gently pat her head.
"Mamushka said the I was useless and that I can only come home when brother Bokden comes home alive, and that it's my fault that he left and, and.." she breaks down into tears then. Both me and the Sargent share sad looks.
" Mariana, why don't you go with Corporal Vladimir and see if your Mamushka will take you back." the Sergeant stresses the word Mamushka like it was pulled from his mouth instead of sliding off his tongue. Then I realise what he said and nodded my agreement but Zajka looks scared.
" It's alright Little Zajka, i'll be right there the whole time." I say in as soothing voice as I can, but with me being who I am my voice doesn't do smooth so it sounds more like a soft bear grunt.
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