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*Author's Note: This is the information that will be use in the first city.*

Gears of Heart:
Gears planted on the center of human chest which connects to the heart. It converts certain level of radiation and turns it into energy to strengthen the human body. Human starts from "Iron Gear" as their body can't take higher gears and resulting to self-explosion.

Heart's Grade:
This determined the talent and potential of a person. The weakest is 0 Grade and the strongest is 5 Grade. As for 5 and above grade, they have only existed in legends and some are just rumors. The Heart's Grade determined the number "Gear Cogs" a person gear could have. Grade 0 = 0 cog, Grade 1 = 1 cog, Grade 2 = 2 cogs, Grade 3 = 4 cogs, Grade 4 = 6 cogs, Grade 5 = 8 cogs.

Gear Cogs:
Cogs in a person gear, more cogs more powerful. Having more cogs means the wider, purer, and faster, the conversion of radiation to energy. More cogs can also increase the capacity of energy the gear can hold.

The energy produce by the gears can be harness by cultivation techniques. The purity of the energy that can be harnessed depends on the level and quality of the cultivation technique. Cultivating is the most known way to increase one's strength and to further increase/upgrade gears.

Gear Knight's:
The most known name for a gear cultivator, and also the hardest and most expensive to breakthrough. As it needs materials, cultivation, money and most of all it also needs a Gear Smith.

<< Gear Knight's Realms >>

Palladium Gear *Note: A Mythical Gear, The highest known Gear Knights also known as "Paladins"*
Platinum Gear
Black Gold Gear
Gold Gear
Silver Gear
Bronze Gear *Note: Bronze-Platinum is the start of the ranking gears*
Titanium Gear (Can convert level 5 radiations)
Chromium Gear (Can convert level 4 radiations)
Steel Gear (Can convert level 3 radiations)
Alloy Gear (Can convert level 2 radiations)
Iron Gear (Can convert level 1 radiations)
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