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The first combined server tournament


City H has many well-known famous restaurants that serve different authentic food from different countries. Right now the place that Peizhi Zhang has chosen is a Chinese restaurant known for its famous authentic Chongqing hot pot taste, which is spicy.

Around a large round table are people sitting while chatting with each other, they are discussing the conditions and doing some small talks.

Suddenly the double door of the room opens and there appear three people. Two beautiful women and a handsome young man enter the room.

Susan Tang wore a black knee-length skirt, a white shirt, and black high heel shoes. While Shi Anne Li wore a blue slim fit blazer and trousers with a white turtle neck shirt underneath. The two women look elegant and formal which compliments their beauty and grace.

Meanwhile the young man in the middle wore a blue shirt, and denim jeans. His casual look made him look like a young master of some sort escorted by two beauties.

"Thank you for inviting us to dinner, Mr. Zhang." Susan Tang said as she and Shi Anne Li was escorted by Shin Jiao and was politely presented their seats.

Shin Jiao's action of helping the women with their seats garnered the attention of the people in the table.

In everyone's thought is the question 'who is this young man?', but no one dared to voice it out as the dinner is about to start.

The food was served and the group enjoyed and shared the hot pot meal.

Not long later, Peizhi Zhang which has been keeping it in all this while could not hold it back anymore and asked while looking at Shin Jiao.

"I'm just curious as it is, but… who might this person be?" Peizhi Zhang asked with a smile.

Shi Anne Li smiled and said, with a polite smile.

"He is Shin Jiao, our technical expert and the one who is in charge of the company's technical operations…"

"Oh, I see… then if I guess it correctly, the three of you…"

"Yes, we started the company." Susan Tang replied.

"Anyway, we are about to do the first contest in the virtual world. We hope that you can watch the live broadcast and enjoy the game. That way you can understand more why the sales of our gadget have already skyrocketed ever since the launching of the game."

"Well, we actually haven't tried the game itself as you know we are too busy, maybe we can watch it on TV then." The middle-aged woman said.

"Yes, you'll see the difference when you do." Susan Tang replied.

Peizhi Zhang felt a bit disappointed at the result of the dinner, but he didn't want to give up that soon so he suddenly said.

"I'm interested in the game, but I'm more interested in Miss Tang's personal life… If I may be bold, can I ask you out sometime?"

When the people on the table heard this everyone was a bit speechless. But the two middle-aged people already expected as such because Peizhi Zhang is known for his straight forward personality and his ability to chase after beauties.

"Mr. Zhang's words are really a bit surprising but I must decline. I already have a boyfriend, so I don't want to cause misunderstanding between us." Susan Tang politely said.

"Oh, really? It's my bad then." Peizhi Zhang said but just showed a polite smile.

No one truly knows what he is thinking at this time as he just calmly sits and talks like usual until the dinner ended.

The days quickly passed by and the game's contest is about to start.

Shin Jiao had already gotten into level 30 and has met a lot of people in the game. He didn't use the jump gate to transfer to the Asian server but decided to join the contest.

He actually didn't know what Central and the two ladies talked about what to do about the contest, because he wanted to experience it himself. After he felt bored for a while as he didn't do anything new except for crafting some new artifacts and armors, he just spends his days playing the virtual game.

From there he has polished most of the fighting techniques in his mind and created skills inside the game. However, he didn't register his name as the skill creator.

It was already 5 pm and the contest is about to start after an hour.

Inside the NXT Element Company secret rooms, Shin Jiao is already lying in bed and put on his visor.

His visor changes and a large city are now in front of him. From the beginner village to the beginner's town, and now he reached Hollow city.

Hollow City entrance

Shin Jiao looks at his surroundings and noticed a large number of players excitedly walks towards the center where a large tall platform has been set up.

Above the platform are huge screens which showed a variety of places where the contest would be held.

When the people saw those places and the monsters that can be seen in there, they were all stunned and excited. Although the places look harsh and dangerous, and the monsters fierce, it would be a great adventure for the players and show what they can do and their skills in the game.

In the real world, there are many players who have already been considered as celebrities as they show off their skills and battle prowess.

One of those players is a well-known name, Ellen Yi.

She is a famous singer in real life and inside the game, she chose to be a swordswoman. She belongs to a guild called Valkyrie which is mostly composed of women who fight really well. It is said that their captain, 'Fiona', is an MMA fighter and is an expert fighter in real life. Hence every member of the guild are being taught in real life about fighting techniques that they use in the game.

From Samurai like fighters to range combatants, everyone seems to be an expert in this guild. But what surprises everyone is Ellen Yi, which goes by the name of 'White Reaper' in the game. She is just a singer and would sometimes dance in her concerts, but in-game she is like the goddess of swords. She would dance in the middle of a battle wielding her two swords and laying waste to her enemies.

Every time people would see Valkyrie guild's quest hunting videos they would always be awed by her and the rest of the players in that guild.

As the population of the people in the city center became dense, the figures of Ellen Yi and Fiona became a sudden attraction as the crowd suddenly parted to make way for them.

The Valkyrie guild is truly a spectacle in this crowded place as many of them are beautiful women and handsome men. Even a famous real-life actor is among them.

The crowd became exhilarated after seeing this scene and many began to take screenshots in excitement.

'White Reaper' or Ellen Yi wore a normal blue dress without armor or weapons. Her casual look made her appear like a beautiful young princess in medieval Europe. In contrast to her 'Fiona' wore a leather sleeveless vest showing her muscled arms, and leather pants. Although she looks bulky, she still looks gorgeous and attractive.

Then suddenly the crowd once again parted as another group enters the scene.

"Hey, that the Black Crown and the Crimson Crown guilds… those are two of the five strongest guilds along with the Valkyries."

"This tournament or contest or whatever it is, is going to be fun. I can't wait to see all the strongest guilds."

"Hey, will you register for this contest?"

"Are you crazy? I didn't even reach level 30 which is the minimum level, how can I join?"

"Haha… I will try my luck and maybe I can meet some fortuitous encounter and gain something."

"Yeah, me too. I heard that there are hidden items in the maps which a player can get if he is fortunate enough."

The crowd clamored as more and more guild enters the scene.

Shin Jiao on the other hand made his way to the front and followed behind a small guild as they proceed to the registration area for those who wanted to join the contest.

In his mind he truly marveled at Central and the two women's way of organizing the contest. He knew that in each city, town, or village the same scene is happening.

As he went up the platform he saw the Crimson Crown 12th team members looking at him. The player named 'Red Blade' suddenly whispered something from the man beside him while looking at Shin Jiao with a taunting gaze.

When the man heard 'Red Blade's' words he showed a surprised look on his face. Shin Jiao didn't what's happening, but it seems that the Crimson Crown guild is going to cause him some trouble. However, he didn't mind it as he just walks towards the registration spot.

There is a circular light on the ground where a player would just stand in the circle and then it would confirm one's registration.

After the name 'Shin' appears on the list, Shin Jiao walks towards the stair and wanted to return to the crowd, however a player stood before him.

The player was a member of the Crimson Crown Guild. It was Lance Brad or with an in-game named, 'Samurai'. He was the one which Shin Jiao disarmed in front of the town of Guntner's guild building.

'Samurai' sneered at Shin Jiao and said.

"Watch your back, out there… Hehe…"

Hearing this, Shin Jiao just shook his head and walks away.

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