The Gardian of the Omniverse Chapter 1: Prologue


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slowly drifted into awareness, finding myself floating in an endless void, surrounded by a sea of stars. It took a few moments for me to think back to what I was doing before ending up here, before remembering sitting at my computer and watching rwby for only the second time in my life, years after being horribly disappointed by the ending the first, and only, time I had played through it before.

There had been a thunder storm rolling through that evening, which wasn't unusual for the coastal town I was living in, and the lightning strikes had been getting closer as I watched through the invasion of grim in volume 2.

Oh, right, I had been hit by a bolt of lightning that had completely ignored the fact that I was sitting inside, on the ground floor of a three story building. I guess that means that--

"Yes, you're dead," I heard a woman's voice tell me, with an odd echo.

as I looked My eyes widen and a huge blush spread over my cheeks
the four original maidens

For a moment, I thought I was looking the four maidens in the rwby universe with a young Spring maiden standing to the left, a middle-aged fall maiden to the right, and an older winter maiden standing directly in front of me. In spite of their apparent ages, the shape of their faces, the strange colors of their skin

If I still had a body, my heart would have stopped in that moment, as I came to the sudden realization that I was standing in front the four original maidens from the rwby universe but that should be impossible

"H-how?" I managed to utter, even though I wasn't even quite sure myself what question I was asking, as there were so many running through my head at that very moment.

"Do you know how gods are born?" the Maiden asked me.

What? then my eyes widen in realization

oh "your not fall maidens your goddesses... uh one quick question why did you chose the form of the four maidens

"we chose the forms because we thought you would be the most comfortable with" spring maiden replied

I made a silent o as the fall maiden continued

"From that initial spark, a flame was born," the Spring Maiden told me, a brilliant smile on her youthful face.

"Its flames helping guide and protect our children, granting them warmth and comfort, even in the darkest of days," the winter maiden said, a soft, caring smile on her motherly face.

"But no matter how strong the flame, we are limited in so many ways," the fall maiden sighed, her figure slumped beneath the invisible weight of her many years of age.

the the summer maiden smiled "the night is upon us and doom is threatening the omniverse once more . life chose you. to protect it"

"but why me?"

spring maiden smiled

are age is limited so life chose you to be the new official gardian of the omniverse

winter maiden sighed the omniverse is unstable we need you to protect the omniverse from collapsing the one above all has infused you with nanotechnology making you capable to transform and shape shift as well as your strength speed and stamina has increased dramaticly you are also capable to do all types of magic

My eyes widen and an excited look appeared on my face

"awesome when do we start?"

"patience young one"

I pouted as the other goddesses giggled

"you will be reborn as jaune arc but your memories and power will be sealed until you awaken your aura"
My eyes widen before I sighed

"ok... I guess that's fair"

they smirked
before the spring maiden widen her own eyes

"wait I for got the time you spend in other worlds will be different then the one you will currently live in so 50 years could be a few seconds in this world "
*sigh "fine"
as they raised their hands up I disappeared in a flash of gold

"good luck My child" they said simultaneously before they too vanished in a flash of their own respected colors
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