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"Woah, good job!" Ashida said as he put the pile of wood on the ground and looked at the shelter that Bonney made.

"Let me guess, your father taught you how to do that?" he then asked.

"Actually, no. I learned it by myself," Bonney replied while standing a proud pose. "I used to live in these kinds of shelters on Tanaka island. It was pretty fun."

"I see... Well, that's one thing set then. We should cook that rhino now," Ashida stated, and they did.

A few hours later, they were both eating, and Ashida got some rewards for claiming the rhino's body.

All of a sudden, Bonney stopped eating, and hesitated. "Ashida..." she said.


"I... Have something to tell you," she then continued, unable to have eye contact with him.

Ashida lifted an eyebrow as he listened.

"Remember how I told you my mom killed my dad, and was sent to jail?"

"Of course I do... What about it?" Ashida asked with a frown.

"Well... I lied," Bonney replied, hesitating again. "The one that died... Was actually my mother."

"What do you mean?" Ashida asked, and Bonney started.

"Well, what really happened was that my father wanted me to marry a noble of another kingdom, so he could strengthen his bonds with them, and maybe even merge the two kingdoms."

"But my mother... She opposed my father as she wanted to protect me from being forced to get married, so he sent his soldiers to kill her."

"He then looked for me, so I ran away... I stole a boat, and learned a bit of navigation by myself, then I reached Tanaka island, where I had to survive on my own."

"Bonney..." Ashida tried saying, but was cut off immediately.

"For some reason, I always made myself believe that my dad was the one that died on that day, and that my mom was still alive..."

Ashida's tone became serious as he once again said "Bonney."

Bonney stopped him again. "The reality... is that I was just a tool, used by my father to fulfil his interests... I'm sorry I lied to you," she said.

"Bonney!" Ashida finally exclaimed, and the girl looked at him in wonder.

"Do you seriously think the reason I care for you is because of your past?"

"I don't give a damn fuck about it! You are who you are!! All of that shit doesn't even matter!" he yelled.

"Your father can go fuck himself! I'll protect you from everything and anything! Even if it means that I will have to put my own life on the line!"

Hearing that, Bonney hugged Ashida and bursted out crying.

"I don't need you to protect me... T-the only thing I want you to so is promise me that you won't leave me alone like my mom, b-because it r-really sucks!


"I promise!"


When they finished eating, Ashida stood up and asked "Oi, Bonney. How about you join my training?"

Bonney's eyes shone as she replied "Really?? Okay! But... How do you train?"

Ashida scratched the back of his head, saying "Huh, I think it's better to just show you."

He then attempted to create an empty ID, and let Bonney enter.

"Why is it so silent??" Bonney asked as she looked around.

"Hm... Well, I don't really know how to explain it, but I kinda put us in an alternate world."

Bonney frowned, saying "Alternate world? I don't get it."

"Ah. Just think about it as our normal world, but with only the two of us in it, and the time here works slower than the real world," Ashida explained.

"For example, when three hours pass here, only one hour passes in the real world, so it's pretty useful when training," he finished.

Bonney's eyes sparkled as she excitedly said "Woahhhhh!! That is sooooo cooollll!!! Your magic tricks are nice after all!"

Ashida chuckled, and said "Yup... They sure are."

He shook his head to the sides as he added "Anyway, what I usually do first is meditate for a while in order to can clean my head a bit. So we should start with that."

"Okayy!! Let's do it!" Bonney declared with a smile.

Ashida then taught her how to meditate, and explained a bit more about his abilities.

"Oh, I also have this thing called 'Inventory'... I can put about anything in it, which is how I always made the animals we've killed to disappear, then reappear out of nowhere."

"Hmmm... But how is it possible?" Bonney asked in wonder.

"I don't really know how. When I woke up on Tanaka island, I was suddenly able to do it, but I had to hid it since it's a pretty strange thing."

"It doesn't seem that strange to me... It's actually pretty awesome!" Bonney exclaimed happily.

Ashida smiled, then they began meditating.

A while later, they finished, and Ashida told Bonney to get ready, then switched to an ID with Zombies in it.


[Quest Recieved: Help Bonney reach level 15 (Current level: 8)

Rewards: 8,000 EXP, 50,000 Belly, 10,000 Trading Points, 'Mentor' Skill Book

Will you accept? Yes | No]

`A quest... It's been a long time since I last got one! I'll obviously accept it.`

"What's up with these guys??" Bonney asked as she looked around.

"Shhh, be quiet. They usually react to sound," Ashida replied with a finger on his mouth. "Each one of these things is pretty strong, so you will have to give it everything you've got if you want to beat them all!" he explained.

He took his staff out, and held it in front of him as he said "I will keep the rest at bay, so you wouldn't have to worry about them until later."

Bonney put up a fighting stance, and happily answered "Got it!" as she taunted one of the zombies.

"What's that smell?? Oh, sorry. It's just you. Can't you take a shower every once in a while?" she said.

The zombie turned around as it grumbled, and the other zombies noticed it.

Ashida then walked towards the rest of the zombies, and warned "Move away, fuckers. It's her one on one fight, so stay out of it."

They all gulped down their saliva, as they knew Ashida was the one who took down their "boss".

Bonney punched the zombie in the face, but it groaned and tried hitting back.

She dashed backwards and avoided it, then pulled out her knife and attempted to stab the zombie.

The knife tore its way through the zombie's chest, making it groan in pain, and punch Bonney away.

The zombie sent her flying, but she quickly stood up as she panted.

"Are you alright?" Ashida asked.

Bonney looked at him, took a deep breath, and replied "I'm fine, don't worry. I got this."

Ashida smiled, and Bonney jumped up to the air, and sent down a kick to the zombie's head, who was still in pain from the knife in its chest.

Bonney slammed it down to the floor, and landed on its head again.

She jumped back, and waited for the zombie to stand up. When it did, she dashed at it again.

The zombie pulled out the knife that was stuck in its chest, and threw it away, then groaned heavily at the girl.

Bonney formed a small smile as she thought `Okay... Now's my chance!`

She faked an attack to the zombie's stomach, then went for her knife, and quickly kicked the floor to fly at the monster.

The zombie could barely react to anything, and the last thing it could feel, was a knife entering its head.

From the side, Ashida was shocked to see how well Bonney took care of it.

The latter then pulled out the knife from the zombie's head with a little struggle, and smiled at Ashida.

A few hours later, Bonney already took out multiple zombies, and was progressing quite well.

`Since she doesn't have my abilities, her leveling works differently, and is only a rough measure of her capabilities. Still, it does seem to work well,` Ashida mused.

"Alright, time to rest! I bet you're hungry," he then said.

"I sure am!! You better get me some meat, or I'll die of hunger," Bonney replied in excitement.

Ashida let them both out of the ID, and told Bonney to prepare a fire while he was going to hunt something to eat.

As he began walking into the forest, Ashida started wondering in his thoughts.

`I always found it weird... the whole transfering to this world thing. Like, it wasn't hard to figure out that the time I reached was about 11 years before the begining of the series.`

`But it's pretty weird that I was tranferred to this time, instead of the original one,` he thought. `Well... Maybe I was just destined to meet Shanks and Bonney.`

As that thought went through his mind, he suddenly heard a sound of hissing coming from in front.

He tried to look closer, but abruptly saw a huge snake dashing at him, trying to swallow him whole.

`It's fast, but, not something I can't take care of,` he thought as he pulled out his staff, and tried coating his legs with Busoshoku.

It failed, giving him a cooldown of five seconds.

`Reminder to self; Work on increasing the chance of activating Busoshoku...`

He smiled a shady smile as he looked at the snake, and said "Well, I will have to do this the normal way then!"

He swung his staff straight to the snake's throat, and stopped it form trying to swallow him, then proceeded to attack it.

After a few minutes of fighting, Ashida managed to break the skull of the animal, then carried it over to the shelter.

"Hey, Ashida! Something weird happened while you were gone," he heard someone saying as he walked closer to the place.

"Who is it??" he then asked, as he couldn't see the person standing behind the huge bonfire.

"I found this weird fruit, so I thought, maybe I should eat it until you are back."

"It tasted pretty nasty, and it gave me this strange feeling ever since I ate it," the voice said, and Ashida could only hold up a shocked face when he saw who it was.

"Bonney??" he loudly asked, surprised to see that it was indeed her.

As he realized what happened, he almost screamed in his mind `Don't tell me!`

He fixed his look, and finally said "Ahhh, Bonney... Did you look at your yourself?"

"What? Is something wrong??" she asked as she didn't understand what he meant.

She quickly walked over to a pile of water close by, noticing that she suddenly became taller.

She looked at her reflection, only to jump back in surprise from what she saw.

"I-I'm an adult...!! B-but how?? What was that fruit?!" she then yelled.

"Calm down. You simply ate a thing called a Devil Fruit," Ashida explained.

Bonney looked at him with a frown, asking "a Devil Fruit...?"

"Yeah. They are fruits that grant the consumer of them some kind of a special ability, depending on the fruit of course," he replied.

"So what about me? Which abilities did I get? Randomally becoming older??" Bonney loudly asked, and all of a sudden, turned to her normal age again.

Seeing this, Ashida was finally certain about the fruit she ate.

`Out of all of the Devil Fruits out there, she actually ate this one... That's what I call destiny,` he mused, and quickly proceeded to reply.

"Hm... Well, it seems like your fruit gives you the ability to manipulate your age. I assume you are also able to do it to other people."

Bonney held up a frown, as she was trying to find any logic behind it.

Ashida grabbed the body of the snake that he killed, put it to the side, then informed Bonney about Devil Fruits.

"Anyway, there are a few, very important things about Devil Fruits you need to know. These are; Once you eat a fruit, you cannot eat another one. Well, unless you want to explode."

"The second and most important thing, is that it makes you unable to ever swim again. If you attempt to do so, you will simply drown."

Bonney fixed her expression, and smiled as she said "Okay, since I already ate it, I guess I will just have to learn how to control these powers and bear with it."

Ashida nodded and smiled in agreement, then cooked the snake and proceeded to help Bonney control her Devil Fruit.


A couple of days later.

"Awesome! You got the hang of it so quickly," Ashida happily said, as Bonney managed to become an adult again.

"It's not that hard, actually. The only thing I'm upset about is not being able to swim or interact with that Seastone stuff," Bonney replied as she switched to her kid form again.

"Your abilities are pretty awesome... I bet that if you'll be creative with them, they will come very useful in the future," Ashida then said.

"By the way, I always wondered... Where was the kingdom you were coming from?" he suddenly asked.

"Oh? It's in the South Blue. The army forces of my country are really good as well, and it's quite famous because of that..."

"It's actually counted as one of the most strongest countries in the world," Bonney responded.

Ashida frowned. "Wait, if it's in the South Blue, how did you manage to cross all the way to the East Blue then? From what Beckman told me, traveling from a Blue to another Blue is quite the task," he said.

Scratching the back of her head, Bonney replied "Huh... Well, it wasn't that hard for me. That ship I stole was actually pretty good."

`Hm, it was probably coated with Seastone so it could pass the Calm Belt,` Ashida mused as he heard that.

"I see... Cool," he responded, and told Bonney that he was actually going to do some weight lifting, so she'll keep training on her Devil Fruit in the meanwhile.

Ever since his talk with Goda, Ashida slowly managed to figure out his abilities better.

The first thing he did, was to put some Stat Points into his Strength and Constitution, so he could handle the weight lifting better, as he said.

He then tried figuring out how he could get the rest of the Rokushiki techniques without having to obtain their skill books. And the only way he could find, was to simply understand how they all work, and train until their destined skills unlock.

As he went to weight lift, he also remembered that he wanted to increase his Busoshoku Mastery skill, so he did a simple thing;

With every other weighed punch to the air, he would attempt to use Busoshoku on a certain body part, and thus slowly increase the skill level, without having to really do anything, and also keep his Stamina on point.

As he's got his plan set, Ashida began training, helping Bonney level up until she reached level 15, and also help her control her Devil Fruit.

At least that's how it was, until they decided to go on a walk in the kingdom area.
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