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"Sir, we have finally found her," a man said as he saluted. He was wearing a white suit, with a black X mark on his back.

"Good. What is her current location?" the other person replied with a low raspy voice.

"Goa Kingdom, on Dawn island. But, she has been seen with someone we haven't been able to recognize as of yet, so an immediate operation may not be a wise idea."

The other person frowned, but fixed his face into a calm look, and said "Take our best assassins and proceed. We might lose our chance if we hesitate now."

With a curt nod, the white suited person stated.

"Roger that."


"Hey, look where the hell you are going!" a man shouted, as someone bumped into him.

That 'someone' was Ashida, and he seemed to have Bonney walking beside him.

"Huh? Oh... I'm sorry. I didn't notice you," he replied as he looked above his head, and saw that he was only a level 3.

With a cocky look, the man angrily said "Uh? You are 'sorry'?? Don't you know who I am?! I am a relative of the royale family, and I could kill you both right this moment!"

Bonney let out a chuckle hearing that, which angered the man. So he pulled out his gun, and loudly told them both to bow before him, or they would die.

"Excuse us. We did not mean to disrespect you in any way," Ashida said as he bowed. Bonney didn't understand the reason he did it, but she followed him anyway.

"Hahaha, you better be! Now go away before I blow your heads off!"

"Thank you for your forgiveness," Ashida finished, then he and Bonney walked away.

"Why did you obey him? He is just some rich guy acting all tough," Bonney wondered.

"Huh, I don't know... Shanks told me to try and avoid conflicts around the kingdom, so I did."

All of a sudden, a silent swish in the air was heard by Ashida, and he noticed darts flying towards them.

He blocked the ones aimed at them with his staff that was straped to his back, but the royal man was hit, and dropped to the floor a moment later.

"Tranquilizer darts... Did you see where they came from?" he asked Bonney. Oddly, he didn't get a reply.

He turned around, and saw that she wasn't there.


`A distraction?!` he mused with a frown `So they actually aimed to abduct Bonney!`

He immediately jumped up, and landed on top of a building.

He scouted the area, and suddenly saw a mysterious figure quickly jumping around from building to building while holding the unconscious Bonney.

Swiftly, Ashida appeared infront of the figure, and tried kicking its neck.

His attack was blocked, and he was slammed down through the whole building by another figure that appeared behind him.

With a strange voice, the figure holding Bonney said "Mission accomplished. Returning to base in five seconds."

In the ruins of the building, Ashida slowly stood up, thinking `These dudes are strong, but I can't let them take Bonney away...!!`

He took his staff out and infused it with Busoshoku, then quickly jumped up and swung at the figure that kicked him.

The attack didn't connect as a strong, red light shone, and both of the figures disappeared, along with Bonney.

~About a week earlier~

*Slam* Bonney struck Ashida's head with a bat, and told him to wake up.

"Okay!! I'm up! Why do you guys always have to hit me??" Ashida said as he held his head in pain.

"We're almost at the island! Go get ready!" Bonney replied, and Ashida settled with a sigh.

A little while later, they finally reached the island.

The place they docked at was called 'Foosha Village', and it was on the Eastern side of the island.

As the crew began to unload the ship, Shanks stood at the middle of it and called for everyone.

"Listen up men!"

"This place is going to be our base for a decent while, so get comfortable!" he stated, and they all cheered.

Shanks suddenly noticed Ashida, so he quickly went to pat his back, and asked "Say, are you excited??"

Ashida nodded while saying "Hm, yeah. I heard that many famous people in the world were born here, so it sounds interesting."

"Alright, I'm glad then," Shanks said with a smile, and suddenly remembered something else. "Oh yeah, by the way. I forgot to mention, you are not going to stay in the village with us."

Ashida took a step back, and asked "What do you mean??"

"Well, you see these mountains? They have some very dangerous forests on them, and that's where you are going to live, survive, and train. Basically survival training."

`Too bad... Guess I won't meet Luffy then,` Ashida thought as a tear dropped down from his eye.

"Huh, okay," he then replied. "But what about Bonney? I don't want to just leave her like that."

Shanks scratched the back of his head as he answered "Hmm... You can simply ask her to join you. But I have to warn you; these mountains really are dangerous, especially for a little girl like her."

"Alright, thanks for the warning," Ashida said with a smile, "I better get going then."

"Wait! There's another thing. Please, if you ever get across the Kingdom area, try to keep a low profile and avoid fighting or something."

`Keep a low profile?`

Shanks smiled, and finished as he walked away "Anyway, good luck!"

Ashida raised his eyebrows in thought, and shook his head to the sides, then went to ask Bonney if she wanted to join him, and she happily agreed, because she also wanted to get stronger.

Then they packed their things, said their goodbyes to the crew members, and headed to the forest together.

A couple of minutes after entering the forest, Ashida noticed something large looking at them from among the woods.

`Already?? We just reached this place...`

The thing suddenly dashed towards them, so Ashida warned "Watch out!" to Bonney, and used Kami-E to dodge it.

Then, when he looked at it, he couldn't stop himself from laughing.

It was a huge Rhino, but something about it was wrong.

It had the head of a human being, including the face and everything.

"Hm? Pffftttt, what's wrong with this thing?? Hahahahaha!" Ashida laughed mockingly.

"Should we cook it?? I bet it tastes soooooo good...' Bonney suddenly said, and drooled at the thought of it.

The rhino looked at them in wonder, and Ashida replied that it was a good idea.

He checked for its level, and saw that it was 14.

He understood that if it had the body of a rhino, then its skin should match a rhino's, which is extremely tough.

He took his staff, held it in one hand, and said "Bonney... On my count to 'three', strike that thing's balls."

"Uh... okay?"

The rhino began stomping the ground as it prepared to charge at Ashida again.




Ashida kicked the ground, and dashed at the rhino as he finally yelled "Three!!!"

Bonney heard the signal, she kicked the rhino's balls as hard as she could. During that, Ashida stuck his staff into its right eye, while kicking the other eye.

The animal groaned in pain from the attacks, and especially from the kick to the balls. So Ashida gave Bonney the honor of killing it.

She took out the knife she got from Beckman, jumped up, then quickly slammed down, and stabbed the rhino straight into its ear, hitting its brain and killing it.

Ashida smiled in pride as he said "Damn, not bad!"

"There's no time for talking, let's cook it right away!!" Bonney replied, and drooled even more than earlier.

"Ah, we first need to start a fire. First, I'll go get some wood," Ashida said.

"Hm... Okay! But do it quick!"

As he was picking wood, he asked "Hey, Goda! Is there a fire kit I can buy?"


Of course, it costs 500 Trading Points.

You currently have 94,400, would you like to make this purchase?

`Woah, this shop has literally everything... I should look into it again when I can.`

"Yeah, I'll take it."


Purchase successful. You can find the item in your inventory.

Remaining Trading Points: 93,900

As Ashida finished collecting wood, he brought the stack to where Bonney was, and saw that she has already made them a shelter.
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