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Ashida didn't know what to say, he knew that even if he tried to explain his abilities to Bonney, she wouldn't understand. At least not yet.

He hesitated for a moment, then replied "Huh... Myself?"

"Yourself?" Bonney said as she lifted one eyebrow. "That Sea King really screwed up with your brain."

"Yeah, I tend to think outloud when I'm alone," Ashida answered while scratching the back of his head.

"What are you doing here, anyway?"

Bonney shook her head to the sides, and told him that Shanks said they were going to reach the island in two days.

Ashida was surprised to hear that. "Already?" he said in wonder, then hesitated for a second. "Huh, anyway... I'm really tired, so I better go take a rest now," he finished.

Bonney frowned, "Ahhh, okay. I'll see you later?" she replied with a worrying look, then left the room as Ashida nodded.

Outside, Bonney saw Lucky Roo eating her food, so she yelled at him.

A while later, they were doing their daily food contest, and while quickly chewing down the food, Bonney asked "Hey, Fatty *munch*, do you know what's up with *swallow*, Ashida lately?"

Roo stopped eating as he heard that, gulped down his food, and frowned.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

Bonney also stopped eating. "Well, I barely see him around, and when I do, he is acting so weirdly... I'm worried about him," she said in a slightly sad tone.

"Hmmm... Maybe it's just because he is training so hard? Captain really gives him a hard time with it" Roo replied.

Bonney's frown changed into a slight smile, and she said "Uh, you're probably right. I hope that he will have more time when we reach that island."


After Bonney left his room, Ashida looked at his already opened inventory, and read through it.

Item Quantity Beli: 251,500
Glasses of Charisma (+5) [UNBREAKABLE] 1 Take out of inventory
Black Coat of Strength (+6) 1 Take out of inventory
Gloves of Dexterity (+6) 1 Take out of inventory
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`Too bad I can't use all of that equipment for now because of the crew,` Ashida mused.

"G, can you open my status?"


Name: Mieko D. Ashida Title: The Gamer Level: 20 Experience: 6%
Health: 2550/2550 Energy: 3100/3100 Stamina: 3340/3340 Will: 5
STR: 39 CON: 32 AGI: 46 (+5) INT: 37 (+2)
CHA: 28 (+2) DEX: 41 SP (Stat Points): 82 TP (Trading Points): 94,400

As Ashida read through it, he said "Hm. From what I could see by now, I assume a normal person's attributes are an average of 7 to 10."

"That means that I am about four or five times stronger, when talking about stats," he added.

Ashida looked at the screen in wonder, and a few moments later, he daid "Uh... G, can I ask you for an advice?"


[Sure, what do you need?]

"I don't know what it is, but I have this weird feeling that just keeps increasing all the time. It's hard to explain, but it is like I am capping myself off with my abilites somehow."

"I mean, the only real fights I had were against opponents with big drawbacks, like the Sea King only able to fight with his mouth."

"But even then, I could barely take them on without something to help me..."


[Huh, watching from the side, I understand what you mean.

You have to remember that you are still in the One Piece world, and while your abilities let you use them to gain power in a different way, you are still able to use other ways.

Also, the quicker you get stronger, the quicker you will get capped off by your abilities. Eventually, leveling up will be a lot slower.

Relying only on high stats and skill levels is not going to work. The way you fight and handle each opponent with what you have availiable, is the most important thing.

My advice for you would be to use your abilities in a smarter, more efficient way. Remember what this world has to offer, and adept.]

"Oh, I didn't think you would go this far," Ashida said, "And it does make sense when I think about it," he added.

His frowned face calmed, and he happily said "Thanks, I feel better now."


[No problem! :D]

Ashida smiled, saying "Anyway, I'm going to take a break from training today, I feel like I should re-think about everything."

"Better go grab something to eat for now," he said as he started walked out of his room, and finished "I'm starting to get excited!"


The next morning, in the Marine headquarters, a special secretary rushed into the room at the top of the Headquarters building.

The room was that of the Fleet Admiral 'Sengoku', of course.

"Sir! The East Blue fleet has finally returned with some news!" the young Marine nervously said, and hesitated for a moment.

"What are you waiting for, then? Continue!" Sengoku loudly replied.

Still hesitating a little, the secretary answered. "A-a defeat! The Red Hair Pirates overwhelmed the fleet, and many soldiers were killed!"

Sengoku did not reply.

"B-but, we have also recieved a very interesting piece of information!"

In a second, Sengoku's expression changed to a curious frown.

"There seems to be a new member in their crew, and the latter even defeated and killed Captain Daigin!"

"We already have a portrait of him drawn, take a look," the secretary finished as he handed the portrait to the Fleet Admiral.

After looking at it, Sengoku closed his eyes, and said "Alright. Following what he has done, and the fact he is in that crew, we will give this mystery man a bounty of-"

"40 Million???" Shanks happily said to Roo with a huge smile on his face, as he held the new bounty poster of Ashida.

"We have to show this to him, he will be so happy," he added, and rushed towards Ashida's room.

The latter was a sleep, so Shanks hit him in the head, yelling "Wake up!"

Ashida raged at him, but calmed down as he saw the bounty poster in front of his face.

"You finally got a bounty, Ashida! And 40 million at that!" Shanks said.

Ashida was incredibly delighted to hear that. Having a bounty meant he was finally recognized in the World Government, and people would start knowing about him.

As Bonney heard the news, she went to congratulate Ashida, and gave him a big piece of meat she planned on eating.

Then, as always, Shanks called for a banquet to celebrate Ashida's bounty.


The banquet was done a while later, and Ashida entered his room.

He wanted to try and meditate while training for Kenbunshoku, without all of the surprise attacks by the crew.

Ashida put on his blindfold, and a set of earplugs, to completely disable his main senses.

Taking deep breaths, Ashida tried to feel the world around him.

The air, the ship, the sea, the people... Everything had some sort of a feeling that could be felt with Kenbunshoku.

A few hours have passed, and Ashida noticed that Kenbunshoku was a lot harder to awaken than Busoshoku, but he still increasingly got the hang of it.

As he took off the blindfold and earplugs, Ashida went to take a rest.

In the evening, he sat on his bed, and started talking to Goda about his current thoughts.

"This world... I seriously forgot how it worked."

He leaned against the wall as he proceeded. "When I thought about what you said, I realized how stupid I am."



"I didn't realize that this is my life now, and I recieved a gift that could make my dreams come true, but I didn't even care."

"In my previous life... I barely had anything."

"Both of my parents died, and I had to stay alone because there was no one that would take me. So I just managed to forget everything when I transferred here, because I always wanted for it to happen."

"All I ever hoped for was to be aknowledged, and have people with me. Now I recieved this opportunity, and this is why I wanted to become strong."

Ashida sighed, and finally said "But, I didn't think about it all the way through... This is a world of its own, and if I will not be careful, I will be dead. I mean ACTUALLY dead."


[So, what's your plan?]

Scratching the back of his head, Ashida replied. "Well, I realized that what I really need to do is to think about a certain power-set that would fit me, then focus everything on it."

"I find the Rokushiki a very important thing to have, so that's gonna be a part of it for sure."

"There are also my current things, like my Staff skill and such, which I find very useful, and I should probably keep going with them."

"But, there are obviously a few things I didn't use correctly."

"For instance, stacking Stat Points might've been a very smart move if I had these abilities in my previous life, but in this world, the limit of increasing attributes by normal training is too high for me to reach."

"An example for a different way to use it would be to increase my STR and CON so it would allow me to lift heavier weights, and for a longer time; thus making my weight training quicker."


"That's pretty much it for now," Ashida exclaimed.


[Oh, cool. I'm looking forward to see how you're going to do it :)]

Ashida smiled and thanked Goda. He then looked out of the window in his room, and mused `Dawn island... I wonder how it's going to be.`
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