The Gamer of Young Justice Chapter 1: The Game's Never Over


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A young but veteran otaku was playing a game in his bedroom trying to break the world record, this my friends is Zeus Leonardo Duboe.

Zeus" Come on pikachu do your shit come on come on come on(Winner Music plays) yes pikachu you the one "

While dancing and jumping around the room he failed to notice his nose bleeding seemingly the hours he spent up late along with his already out of shape body all hit him all at once and before he even had a thought to call an ambulance he hit the ground hard (Bang).

Zeus"Ughhhhhhhhhhh what the hell happened" he had only woken up after 5 hours and what he awoke to was a white room ridiculously white room in fact .

He Look around the room and the first thought to come to his mind was { I'm 50% confident that i died back there hopefully this is the whole 3 wishes reincarnation deal }

The suddenly there was a blaring almost robotic voice.

Robotic Voice "Hello young Duboe you have died and because you have done nothing in your life of value nothing good nothing evil you are rewarded with 3 wishes in hopes that your next life you make something out of it ".

Zeus"YESSSS!!!!! OK so i want to know where will i be reincarnating to?"
[Robotic Voice =Rv]

RV"It is going to be the Dc Universe in the Young Justice World"

Zeus " Not bad Not bad i can work with that, and will i keep my memories of my past life ??"

Rv" Yes,NOW MAKE YOUR WISHES NOW!!" the voice shouted

Zeus" For my first wish i want the IQ of tony stark and Reed Richards together along with the knowledge of the Marvel Universe including Human and non-human ."

RV"Hmmmmmmmmm accepted"

Zeus " For my second wish i would like the Gamer ability"

RV " Accepted"

Zeus " For the third and final wish i would like all the Fate series Noble phantasm and weapons and the ability to store and call on them any time i want "

RV " Also Acceptable"

Zeus " Well goodbye i'll make sure this life is as fruitful as possible "

Then with a blinding light Zeus disappears.

RV" hahahahahahahaha talking in that robotic voice always gets me in a good mood i wonder if he realized i was playing with him."

suddenly out of now where he hears Zeus's voice

Zeus" Dude it was hella obvious i just didn't want to spoil your fun"

Robotic voice or otherwise know as Reincarnation God Sweated

Rv" Well that was the first time that happened ohhh well whatever "
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