The Gamer of the Omniverse Chapter 1: Prologue


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My name is Derek Kane I am 5ft 7 black haired bwith onyx eyes I am 19 years old tanned skin. I am a man of many things but the thing that define myself the most, Is a lover of anime manga and fan-fiction. I got both the xbox 360, xbox one, ps3, and the ps4 games. However all that pales to comparison to who I really am.

I am the Gamer, and this is my story.


once I woke up

Ding * welcome gamer

Name: Derek kane

title/ the Mortal magic god

Level: Lv 1

HP:100/100 Regen: 1 per Hour

MP:100/100 Regen: 0.5 per second



AGI: 10







Bio you are derek kane 19 years old born April 2nd 1999 you are the son of Gia the goddess of the earth and the one above all as such you have been blessed with the ability of the gamer

Lvl: Level, a basic measure of experience and estimate of strength. When you get enough EXP you will level up and gain status points

HP: A representation of your life force and health, if your HP reaches zero you die

MP: a representation of your magic energy. Used to preform skills.

STR: Governs brute force. the higher your strength the higher your physical output will be., wether be attacks, movement or defense.

END: Governs Physical Endurance, the greater your endurance the greator your stanmina and defense will be.

AGI: Governs reflexes agility cordination, speed and accuracy. the higher it is, the higher your speed, critical rate, dodge rate ad accuracy will be.

INT: your intellect Govens the ability to store information

that is what I woke up too Thursday the second weak of September in Fall

* I blinked and started Rubbing my eyes

"is this a dream? this has to be a dream" I muttered shocked

*pinch "nope definitely not a dream huh either this is not a dream or some body put drugs in my drink hmm did my life become a game like that popular gamer manga that is out this is so cool"


you made a wise decision and a result your wisdom increased by 2

I stared

" well its good to know I can gain more stats other than leveling up. lets see if l can gain a few skills like the manga"

I started walking while looking around the room, trying to see if something will happen.


You Have gained a new skill through special action

[Observe]- active- Lvl 1/100 EXP: )% MP cost: 1

Description: A skill to observe objects and belongs that allowing the user to quickly gather information. the higher the skill, the greater the amount of knowledge and insight the user has, the more information displayed.

I squealed like a fangirl

"this is awesome it worked"

"alright lets test this skill out I looked to my blanket


[Blanket] - Rank F- Durability: 180/200

Description: its a blanket what did you think it was

"huh... so this system has a sense of humor"

I chose not to let that comment get to me

"lets see if I have any other skills"

"skill list!"

to my relief it worked

Skill List:

[Gamers mind] -Passive-

Description: Allows the user to calmly and logically think things through in most circumstances. Allows a peaceful state of mind immunity to psychological and mental status effects.

[Gamer's Body]

Description: Grants a body that allows for the user to live the real world like a game. Pain from damage does not last after a few seconds, sleeping restores HP,and MP and heals all temperary status effects.

Variants: mostly normal body, [ locked]

[ Fiction adaption] - passive

Description: this ability allows you adapt functional knowledge and skills to your life and use them as if they were "truths"

[Observe] -active- Lvl 1/100 -EXP:10%- MP cost: 1

Description: a skill to observe objects and beings that allowing the user to quickly gather information. The higher the skill the greater the data obtained. the greater the amount of knowledge and insight the user has the more information is displayed.

id create: Active Lvl 1/100 EXP 10% MP COST 1

description allows you to enter your personal dimension

id ecape:

description allows you to exit your personal dimension

"Ha!, I have fiction adaption too? this is to good to be true mom thanks dad even though Im mad at you for not telling me this makes up for it thank you "

Ding* I were sorry for not telling you we wanted to wait untill you were ready I love you son have fun I expect lots of grandkids

I blushed brightly before I shook it off and sighed with a smile

"mom will always be mom no matter human god demon or other ,now lets get this fiction adaption started"

I hurriedly walked over to my desk and saw a pile of games I picked up the first game I saw It wasnt a game it was a dvd whats a dvd doing here?I opened the case the second I picked up the disk got a notice

You have found a skill disk!

Would you like to learn fate/stay night aspect

yes/ no

I grinned as I instantly smashed the yes button

I grit my teeth as knowledge from the poured it was extremely painful

I fell on the ground and started rolling on the floor while cluching my head

10 seconds later everything was completed

once I was done I panted slightly

My face was beet red while my eyes were wide

"I-I didnt know they would actually show the sex scenes "

I stood their staring at the ceiling with a dazed expression before I grinned tiredly

this would be beneficial if I ever find someone but lets hold that thought I think I can do one more"

I picked up another random disk laying around

you have found a skills disk!

would you like to learn the aspect db xenoverse 2

Y/ N

the second I touched the Y button I passed out

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